January 26, 2023

Important information that every patient should know about taking Crestor (rosuvastatin)!

You are watching the pharmacy minute i am your host registered pharmacist jim ayers with important information about the medicines you take in today’s episode of the pharmacy minute we’ll be talking about resuva statin pursuit statin is also known by the brand name crestor here in the united states versus statin is used to lower high levels of blood cholesterol

And or high triglycerides it also helps to improve the balance between good and bad cholesterol in our blood versus satin works by reducing our body’s own production of cholesterol in our liver suvastatin is available as a tablet intended to be taken by mouth once per day it doesn’t matter what time of the day you take your resume statin dose but it’s important that

You take it at the same time every day so pick a time of day that you can remember whether that’s when you brush your teeth in the morning when you have dinner or right at bedtime what happens if you miss a dose if it’s been less than 12 hours since you’ve missed that dose go ahead and take your missed dose if it’s been more than 12 hours skip that dose and begin

To take your next dose the next day at the regular time versus statin may be taken with or without food meaning you could take it on an empty stomach or you can take it with a meal or a snack if you find that resuvastatin upset your stomach after you take it go ahead and take it with food and that will often help you want to avoid taking any antacids containing

Magnesium or aluminum within two hours of taking reservostatin because the minerals in those products will bind the resustant and prevent it from entering your bloodstream and finally don’t stop taking your resume statin without your doctor’s advice versus statin treats high cholesterol which is a lifetime condition and it’s important to stay on your high cholesterol

Medications for as long as your doctor tells you to be sure to fill your refills and return to your doctor for regular checkups what are some of the more common side effects people report with receivastatin most frequent side effect would be a sensation of nausea or upset stomach after taking a dose if this happens to you try taking it with a meal or with a snack

But remember don’t take it within two hours of taking a magnesium or aluminum containing antacid some less common but possibly serious adverse events that could be related to your resume statin therapy include unexplained muscle pain or weakness especially with a fever which could indicate a condition called a myopathy upper belly pain excessive fatigue dark urine

And yellow eyes could indicate liver damage associated with using rosuvastatin if either of these conditions occur to you contact your doctor as soon as possible if while we’re taking resume statin you become pregnant or are thinking about becoming pregnant it is important that you let your doctor know that you’re taking a receivastatin your doctor may want to

Switch you to a different cholesterol lowering medication one of the more frequent questions we get as pharmacists is can i drink alcohol with my medication with resuvastatin in most cases drinking alcohol in moderation meaning two or fewer glasses of alcohol per day is generally okay unless you have a pre-existing liver condition drug-to-drug interactions can

Occur between recevistatin and other drugs that you are taking examples would include phenotype rates like gem fibrozole medicines to treat hiv and medicines to treat hepatitis c these medications can raise your blood levels of resivostatin to unhealthy levels there are other drug interactions that exist between resuvested and other medications so it’s important

That your doctors and your pharmacist know all of the drugs that you are taking which include other prescription medications over-the-counter medications natural products and herbal remedies so that your doctor and your pharmacist can screen for potential drug drug interactions that could be harmful to you if you found this episode of the pharmacy minute to be

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Rosuvastatin (Crestor) – What you need to know! By The Pharmacy Minute