March 21, 2023

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Good afternoon everyone this is sarah against your clinical pharmacist welcome to episode number 61 of pharmacists education corner today i’ll be discussing another medication in the market recently approved it’s a combination medication the name of the medication is rosette or ezetima plus or substating it was from alpera pharma if they have program announced

On march 31st 2021 i’ve included a level of picture of the label of the rosette over here with those things um available and i’ll get into dosing in a second it’s a combination of rosso starting a hmga coil reductase inhibitor plus azima which is a dietary cholesterol absorption inhibitor indicated for adults in adjunct to in a diet in patients with primary

Non-familiar hyperlipidemia to reduce ldl also alone or adjunct to other lower elder lowering agents in patients with homozygous familiar hypercholesterolemia to reduce ldl the way it works uh on the roster of starting side it’s a as i mentioned the inhibitor of hmg coil reductase uh the rest emitting enzyme that converts the three hydroxy3 methyl gluteal

Enzyme a tumeric which is their precursor for cholesterol synthesis on the azetema part the molecular target of azitimab is the steroid transporter which is the involved in the intestinal uptake of cholesterol and phytosterols and this is how the mechanism action of a rosette works uh it comes in a tablet format in 510 1010 2010 and 4010 dosing as you see

Over here in the image as far as administration goes and the patients are um should swallow the tablet hold not to crash dissolve or chew the medication dosage range is five to ten five ten to four ten once daily and um it’s recommended to administer rosette at least two hours before administering any um aluminium or magnesium hydroxide combination antacids

So this is important for the patients to know most common side effects uh seen from this drug in the clinical trials included headache nauseam algae dizziness abdominal pain myalgia influenza extremity pain extremities and fatigue it’s important for these patients to know about the side effects and if they experience any of the side effects to refer to back to

Their health care provider in double blind control uh placebo or active control clinical trials of resulting about more than five thousand patients where with primary hyperlipidemia were treated for a duration of up to 12 weeks and address reactions reported in more than two percent of patients impossible controlled clinical studies and at a rate greater than

Placebo in double blind placebo controlled trials with mean treatment duration of about 1.7 years about 980 patients uh were treated with dorsal standing 40 or placebo the most common adverse reactions uh reported where as i mentioned emma fatigue influenza back pain diarrhea arthralgia and a few other side effects as you see over here uh so rosetta and again

It was approved on march 31st 2021 it’s a combination of ezetimab and russell statin um which is the hmga reductase inhibitor statin on the reserve statin site and ezetima which is a dietary cholesterol absorption inhibitor this is a summary information but rosette for more detailed information please refer to the package insert available from the manufacturer’s

Website i hope you enjoyed this video as always stay safe and take your medications

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Roszet (rosuvastatin and ezetimibe)- LDL lowering- by Saro Arakelians, PharmD- Episode #61 By Pharmacist Education Corner- by Saro Arakelians