March 22, 2023

Trust me, I’m a Pharmacist.

Hi everyone welcome to my channel so today’s episode we are going to talk about a new bar now aspirin i show it for arzo param hey oh well no but assa meaning acetylsalicylic acid comparison pooh-bah aspirin alumni panamera mingle meet the hospital param eco be similar in a gamut as analgesic param it’s a new socket no in even kenya charge tina diksha 46 hours

Free de barro as needed lucia kappa gamma the delegate eco in a gamete benito as antipyretic param oli young love not este let me shine on those now analgesic for it to six hours pretty ice needed in a gamut pancetta’s antiplatelet paramo alive in a buildup of all suppose paramaatma loose ow oh ma liu ma a blood clot or a boo-boo on to go small blood vessels

Not pin addiction not more than 325 milligrams per day the lower the dose of aspirin the higher its antiplatelet activity cap ignominy medicine do some aspirin in agra midnight ensure as anti-inflammatory but i’m a boy param abbas anupama maganda gaia-now pha mama gone on to hold appa comas mabon dos antiplatelet sha but mess meta is the dose anti-inflammatory

Sha / epicness amidala antipyretic and analgesic gaylen pubertina tegel a speedy allowing me lemon and shine but in in among aspirin parama it was an epoxy sake moonshine animal poo young side effects of aspirin my adding seema – qian mo you feeling the parana hyper a silica kung fu nyan ready being microrna meeting saladna qian mo at and said induce ulceration

In short answer by the green maharani’s now but he rubs a pagina the hell the lamina even in the dial across eight or nine bronchospasm or you but the tighten the muscles at air with nothing you feeling that in hubble at in pulmonary pugna overdose on are spinning kappa overdose canal as prema erica mahara anna’s now tinnitus or you married him into setting mo

Pedido medulla say oh but koala now abandoning that didn’t get no mental again he makes a long ride tomorrow worst case in our you coma or death minimal okay now aspirin kappa gamma cop amelia pond and overdose now aspirin began you push i got activated charcoal copic less than an hour in a palanquin in ingestion aspirin pero que la no so good agatha hospital

Para mccarran fashion on better healthcare my momma tao give me the bottom in omaha spleen it a matta on my peptic ulcer my severe reading would be sublime they make out please consult your doctor if you have any underlying conditions like hypertension or kidney diseases etc etc and thunder i knew in the bowel possibly an hour aspirin at al kabeer bleeding so

You and i hope you learned a few facts about aspirin many guys please don’t self-medicate caetna over the house very long on specific nagar mode always ask your pharmacist about that drug especially if my mom went asians panama are immigrants amongst it kageyama an infanta young label baja 1000 mele belka melba kajal ciao aspirin a living proof omaha a commensal

Ibelin maple gatlinburg masala boonen maharloka i hope you learned a lot from aspirin if you have other questions regarding this medicine feel free to comment it down below and if you have suggestions on which drug you want to talk about next feel free to comment it down please share this video to inform your family and friends about this drug it’s a potent in

Your link with the pharmacist lysa divine hangang hallucinate nagamma chart bye

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RPh Talks 01: Para saan ang Aspirin? || Hugot sa Aspirin By Laisa Divine Montano