February 1, 2023

Mental Health Journey Episode 20

Howdy folks well quarantine is now in full swing in this mental health story i’ve been telling so 11 april 2020 ran out of gabapentin va doc changed how it’s filled and i missed catching the change i remember right she changed it from 90-day fill to 60-day fill or something that i just missed catching please allow seven days for delivery you know from calling the

Va uh pharmacy heck i’ll be done with my withdrawal symptoms by then prayers please trying to get some sooner from the family doc and then 17 april 2020 dear anxiety go step on a lego signed me quarantine has been hard on me my circle is thoughtfully small but not zero i’ve been checking on have you been checking on those vulnerable around you better pause

Now and go do it i have stopped taking gabapentin not going back is the plan it’s a long story but this road seems more sustainable i’m grateful for the couple years of mental work the medication allowed me to do the work is not over before this i didn’t even know i had panic anxiety disorder the road forward will never be easy but the struggle is the meaning so

Yeah if y’all ever see anxiety coming down the street you know what to do i’m still on my depression meds i’m serious about checking on your vulnerable friends and if you’re feeling a little bit depressed or alone try to let someone know again quarantine was just clamping down really kind of hit me hard it is important that we talk about this so yeah like i said

What the story would happen is i got swapped from a contract va dock out of california to a local va dock down here in topeka um and completely different person style of treatment uh not better and the start of my troubles with her was this gabapentin fill instead of filling it for 90 days she filled it for 60 i think and i just missed in the like seven bottles

I normally get i got five or something like that and i just missed that it was i was missing 30 days and i ran out and then i went to look in the back of the cupboard and there’s nothing there um but it it got me thinking about the long-term practicality of prescription medications um because one of the things i noticed about gabapentin was it felt a lot like

Just having a beer and i said that to my doc at the time down in california and she was she said well it takes the same pathways so i can understand why it would feel like that i understand prescription meds and self-medicating with alcohol two different ballparks but i was not impressed with the the prescription wall you know not having access to something i

Needed for my mental health except if i went through a doc during business hours and allowed seven days for the stuff to show up in the mail so um i i thought about my options and that you know getting off of it really wasn’t going to be easy going without it wasn’t going to be easy but that’s the path i chose and that was in conversation with my family my kids

And my wife um it has been okay it’s not been great um but it’s been okay now i understand brain meds are a struggle um at that time i was still on ssris um and i understand that some people are on them for a long time some people are on them indefinitely uh it takes a long time sometimes to get the balance exactly right for what works for you and i’m not

Speaking bad about any of that process i know it’s difficult i’m just sharing this is what i went through it and the meds allow us to do good work they allow us to get beyond our disease and actually make progress sometimes progress it would never be made otherwise so tell me about your story with meds folks i still struggle with medications for brain work um

And i don’t claim to have all the answers so yeah tell me what you what you do about meds remember folks hope is a choice

Transcribed from video
Rx Troubles – Gabapentin By brainwerc