March 24, 2023

Many people are too scared to start antidepressants once they have been prescribed. If you are worried about the side effects I hope you find support in this video and across my Channel; I have been in your shoes and remember being scared to start antidepressants when my GP asked me to start taking Sertraline. Has the road been easy? No. Has it been worth it? For me, absolutely. The main thing when starting antidepressants is to feel informed and safe. If you are worried about taking antidepressants then speak to your GP and allow them to talk you through the risks/rewards more carefully.

So you’ve been prescribed your antidepressants and you’re just too scared it’s videos for you one of the most common comments i read in my videos surrounds people that have been prescribed antidepressants and are too afraid to start so they’ve read about the side effects or they watch one of my videos and are a little bit worried about getting started and so they’ve

Just got this packet staring at them and lots of things can happen with that and i wanted to make a video to address that specifically so firstly if you are too afraid to start don’t feel guilty don’t feel alone it’s pretty normal there’s lots of things to weigh out when you start in any medication and antidepressants are certainly not something to be taken lightly

You really do need to feel confident going into it in forms going into it and i would say that there are lots of people probably who have this packet at home and not taken there’s a lot of guilt associated with that and actually that can make some of the symptoms of depression or anxiety or any a mental health issue that you should learn with amplify so i can’t

Talk from my perspective but i can see the positive impact that they had on me i’ve talked already about the side effects and if you haven’t watched that video already i will put a link at the end of this one but it was really important i suppose that i went into that new medication feeling informed about what was about to happen to me so consequently i went on

Youtube and i read blogs and you start finding all of this stuff out about this side-effects and the journey i suppose that happens when you start taking an antidepressant and not all of it is positive i think that’s really important to just recognize and own that there might be things that happen there are difficult to deal with what challenging to deal with so i

Just wanted to kind of pitch something to you that if the doctor has made a decision to prescribe an antidepressant to you or to someone that you love perhaps you’re supporting them by watching this video that’s a decision that isn’t made lightly because those lots of other therapies that can be offered to you and probably will have been offered to you prior to the

Prescription of antidepressants if a doctor has made the decision to write a prescription for search raeleen for example that’s because they genuinely believe that that is the thing that is going to make the most impact the most positive impact for you right now so if you’re really struggling you’ve gone to the pharmacy and you’ve collected the pills and they’re

Just sat in a drawer at home and you don’t really want to recognize that you’ve got them and there might be shame associated with that or just to kind of like i say a fear of the side-effects don’t be afraid of talking to your pharmacist or don’t be afraid of talking to your doctor again and when you speak to your doctor just explain that you’re feeling scared

You feeling worried about it they will have come across this before okay and it’s important that they understand your concerns they might have prescribed antidepressants at a point where maybe you’ve gone to them and you’re feeling particularly vulnerable so the information that maybe they’ve given you about the antidepressants probably wouldn’t have sunk in and

Actually going back to see them take the pill same way for you and just say look you prescribed me these i just want some clarification about what they do to my body and can be really empowering and i think if you understand that you can move forward if the side effects that you suffer are monumental and you read they put you in a worse position go and see your

Doctor not everyone reacts the same way to the range of antidepressants out there so you doctor will have prescribed you one it doesn’t mean that another antidepressants won’t have a more positive effect on you or there might be less negative effects associated with it so you’ve done the hard thing which is to seek professional help now maintain that dialogue talk

To your doctor again if you’re unhappy with the side effects or you need support with the side effects chances are there’s going to be something that they can do to support you what happens on the internet a lot is people talk about negative experiences quite often more than positive experiences and we can be a bit cynical when someone shares a positive experience

So when we look at side effects of an antidepressant what we quite often come across is a bias towards the negative so when people have had bad reactions to asserts an antidepressant and that can be really scary because you’re taking an antidepressant probably the most vulnerable time of your life and if you’re like me quite obsessive about certain things you’ll

Google your comic cross forums where people have had haribol reactions people will talk about suicidal thoughts creeping in that’s probably a minority and you need to make the decision about whether or not you take them the majority probably are silent the majority probably see the benefits and you’ve struggle in that minority area where the side effects are so

Significant profound profoundly negative toward to your doctor about alternatives and and that is the message that’s the the recommendation i would say also is read the comments on my side effects videos so you’ll see that i’m actually quite positive about the side effects the s are a bit annoying at the start the place they took me to was much better if you read

The comments there’s loads of comments below the video that’s why i love so much is when people kind of engage and leave comments but if you read the comments below the video you’ll see how many people are talking about the positive side effects that life-changing effects one person was talking about how their wife has almost like become human again they think they

Were they were terrified that they’d lost them to depression if you’re too terrified to start go and talk to your gp they’ll be able to have a conversation with you explain perhaps now that you’re in a a more receptive mood the specific side effects and the most common side effects upset stomach etc and perhaps support your thinking if you’ve read lots about kind of

Like deep dives into despair and support your thinking around that it’s not an easy thing to take what the majority of people find their way out let me know where you’re at you know the point of this channel is to empower people to have conversations about their their mental health there’s always going to be dips from time to time and but let me know where you’re

At leave comments tell me tell me how you are doing remember there’s lots of people that read those comments and be inspired by what you say i did say the side effects video would be a really good place to start if you haven’t already and by all means check that out now there’ll be a link on the screen ba-bam as if by magic and it’d be fabulous to see you again

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Scared to Start Sertraline? (Zoloft) By Alex Robb