May 29, 2023

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Hey guys hello welcome back to my channel my name is melissa blevins and i blog at perfection hangover where i share the sober truth about money blogging and business part of money aspect of that tagline is ways to save money and ways to become healthy and fit and also to just feel comfortable in your own skin without blowing your budget so i know that you probably

Can’t see this in most of my videos but i actually have a cystic acne problem i’m 36 years old soon to be 37 and i’ve always had acne my entire life and it’s just always been an issue when i was a kid growing up the other kids who were able to go in and do that heavy heavy acne treatments the accutane and you know the facials and the microdermabrasion treatments

Things like that i was never fortunate enough to be able to do any of that and so as i grew into an adult i really didn’t venture out and and do this myself i guess i sort of felt a little bit guilty about going to a dermatologist and actually spending money on doing something like this for myself when i have three kids and all the money really goes to him for

The most part so i found an online dermatologist and it’s called ‘ and i was doing research on cystic acne and really on retin-a because when i was a kid i did try retin-a i went to see my real er gynecologist told him that i was having agni issues and of course they put me on birth control because you cannot get pregnant when you’re on retin-a and i took the

Retin-a and it really made a huge difference in my skin when i was a kid that being said i didn’t continue the regimen and so i remembered this and thought you know i should really look into trying to find retin-a now if you’ve seen some of my previous videos we are members of christian healthcare ministries so we don’t have traditional health insurance that

Would pay for a dermatologist so if we were to go to the dermatologist we’d have to out of pocket everything now christian healthcare is so much better than traditional health insurance at least for my family because i shared this in one of my previous videos but my son had sixty thousand dollars worth of hospital bills in the past twelve months from breaking

Bones and having to have surgeries and christian health care covered all but about two thousand dollars of that so that’s all we had to pay and our premiums are 175 a month and it’s just insane how much money that we save by being members of christian health care ministries but again that’s for another video i’ll share that link down below if you’re interested in

More information on that versus traditional health insurance if i were to go to a dermatologist it would cost me 100 percent out of pocket and they’re not exactly cheap they’re considered specialists and a lot of providers are not providing discounts for self-pay patients anymore with that being said i found ‘ and you pay $75 upfront and as long as you match the

Criteria that will give you a prescription for trenton owen which is retin-a but it’s trut know and mixed with another drug that’s supposed to help lighten the side effects lighten the dry flaky peeling all of that stuff that comes along with trenton owen and it also includes a free consultation with a dermatologist out of overland park kansas so the consultation

You take photos side photos profile frontal and then any other issues of acne you may have i also have back acne from working out and things like that and sweating i mean i shower i bathe i clean up but for whatever reason my skin hates it so i’m thinking it’s a lot of it is hormonal so i did the consultation i literally did this at about 4 o’clock p.m. yesterday

I did the consultation i took the photos i submitted it the doctor got back with me you have to answer several questions if you’re on trenton owen you cannot get pregnant now my tubes have been tied i’ve had three children my last one was a c-section so i have my tubes tied so i don’t have a chance of getting pregnant so that’s not an issue for me but if you are

Interested in taking this drug you definitely can not get pregnant you would have to be on birth control they will not prescribe it unless you were on birth control if you are of childbearing age within an hour and a half i had the email back from the doctor and she had reviewed my case and she did prescribed me the treta knowin cream and she also prescribed me

A prescription for spironolactone which is actually a diuretic and has been used for hypertension but it also has anti-androgen properties which is something that is hormonal and can help block the hormonal acne so i am prescribed 100 milligrams per day of the spironolactone and with these two drugs look i know that my skin is going to get far worse than it is

Right now i’m just gonna walk up to the camera so you can see like i’m wearing makeup right now but i do have acne issues i do a pretty good job of covering my acne and i will put links to the exact makeup and the products that i use to cover my acne but i feel like i have to do that for my youtube channel and again this is perfection hangover that perfectionism

Has gotten the best of me and so i’m putting this out there as a forewarning my skin is gonna look like crap going forward for the next several months well it’s really just purging and getting rid of all the toxins in my body so wish me luck if you are interested i’m not an affiliate as of yet for this product because i haven’t tried it yet but i may end up becoming

An affiliate for ‘ and just i’ll let you know i’ll keep you guys posted on everything on the drug how the side effects are and my results and how it all works out for me so i hope you have an awesome weekend today is gator football day so go gators and you guys have a great day don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more videos on the sober truth about money

Blogging and business see you next time you

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Seeing an Online Dermatologist for Acne – Spironolactone and Tretinoin By Melissa Blevins