May 29, 2023

Ooh day 26 search lane 150 milligrams and we’re on a sunday lovely day wendy dry and it’s a little bit cold but it’s not that bad it’s a bit warmer than yesterday i would look at my tongue not quite sure how to get rid of the white stuff yeah i’ll get that yeah so far so good the only time i had a panic attack is once um really call it a panic attack it’s more

Like me overthinking because i thought i felt my heart beat funny again so i started thinking about it but then i stopped thinking about it because i took my headphones off because i see any time i could hear it and that i just switched to a game or whatever basically just to switch my mind which helps i wasn’t picking my nose i was just scratching yeah 100 see

How small the 50s huh timings ah that’s good see my windows tinted the other ones a lot darker i’ve ordered some limo tin as well but windows still not tinted as you can tell got some carbon fiber which i’ve been doing a lot of things in the car one being this the lights on the top that’s gavin five and out it’s weird and then i’ve done sorry about the mess did

My gear knob door handles obviously but i might just remove those ones and put this other carbon fiber on it because it takes a hell of a lot better for some reason i’m not too sure what the heck it is but there is something we already got here and i don’t know how they got heard of it and it’s nasty and yes it’s sore but that’s the least of my worries right now

Yeah other than that just keeping myself busy doing things i think i enjoy – i did like wow i did really enjoy doing the gardening but right now social distancing well technically i can do it but she’s too risky too risky to have a panic attack somewhere else quite far away or whatever even if it’s just down the road i just have a panic attack i still want to be

At my house not at someone else’s house and the therapist isn’t really helping because you’ve just given me more things to read and finding out what the triggers are i don’t know what the triggers are it could be anything how can you possibly write down all the triggers what can he possibly do to help he’s not really much help so i don’t know what to do just carry

On popping the pills and hope for the best and when it’s all over how the does my life go back to normal excuse the language there’s still how does it go back to normal anyways i’ll sit for me again not really much else to say hi rose yeah that’s 150 milligrams day 26 not bad going 26 days still tied at propranolol every single night evening even which calms me

Down puts minutes late make sure that i don’t get a panic attack during the sleep yeah i feel fine sometimes i do get the thoughts she doesn’t really help but then you just switch your mind interesting yeah back to reality yep that’s it for me

Transcribed from video
Sertraline 150mg Day 26 By Jonathan Clegg