March 28, 2023

Hi everybody hope everybody’s keeping well keeping safe looking after themselves if i’ll just do a quick quick update on my sertraline 200 milligram it’s pretty much as it was from the last video it seems pretty things are going they’re going okay you know it’s i don’t seem to be having any issues with their search will in at all anymore and what i did after was

Minor anyway thought to how you know they’re circling with 40 family room 45 milligram emitters of pe nuns and 50 milligram of quetiapine sometimes 25 if i feel the 50 milligram of quetiapine sometimes gets a bit much for me i can drop it to 25 we saw we’ve being such low dose as any rolled and there’s not much in it to be honest but now up to now or as well i’ve

Never felt as well as i have to live late certainly last couple of months have been brilliant i’ve been doing a lot of you know a lot of things around the home i’ve been getting out and about without any kind of fear going to see me grandchildren and the children a lot more than it did and yeah things are great i can’t really say anymore but i can say i am taking

Sertraline with matt is open for milligram 445 sorry milligram and quetiapine 50 milligram now you know whether that has a some kind of bearing on how how i’m dealing with you know the the medication itself i don’t know i’m sure it must have some kind of influence really taking two different types of antidepressants because my experience in the past years gone

By with the start of ssris or snr eyes has been pretty pretty horrendous to be fair but this time around it’s being pretty you know it things are being fairly straightforward with a good dessert raeleen you know even with the very beginning on the 50 milligram and the 100 milligram hundred and fifty milligram do yes there were some minor side effects here in there

But not too horrendous you know there’s still you know quite manageable so no there’s nothing you know so far so god really with the with with weed with sertraline i’m quite happy with the drug it’s now whether it lasts you know who knows spoke with my gp actually at the beginning of the week and she said well we discussed anyway she tends to do p tends to leave

A lot a lot down to myself really what i feel when to casinos my research medication she knows and fairly experienced in taking medication over the years but we did discuss if this search really does poop out on me or stop stop working that we may try and snri are the jocks a teen or then laugh ak scene however fairly reluctant because certainly develop vaccine

Because i have actually tried that in the past and you know it was i think it was a bit too strong at a time but anyway we’ll stick with the sertraline for now and there’s no point changing any finish nothing’s broken leave it and then see see what i can see our can see work and take my life from here you know it’s a possibility of me going in a government scheme to

Maybe set up my own business um online or go back to study again in september finish my degree so i’ve got a couple of options there all go back into work i don’t know what’ll save us up to now sertraline great you know if anybody’s out there who’s being you know it’s been suggested to to use search relating i mean we’re all different everybody’s different you’ll

Probably see other videos and people probably say it’s horrible well i can say mines in conjunction or combination with matassa penal code iep i found sertraline it’s certainly certain as far as depressions concerned i don’t have any depression even if there’s a few mishaps through you know maybe i say say i get a bill through the door and you know pisses me off

A bit but don’t get down over it or anything i just think i need to sort it out anxiety wise i still get photos of anxiety and maybe there’s still a few side effects lingering maybe not i don’t know but the anxieties nothing like what it was the depression and anxieties nothing like it was prior to me being given sertraline so know if anybody’s out there and you

Know the healthcare provider or gp psychiatrist mental health team suggests early based on my own experience you know i’d recommend it but like you say it’s generally down to each person really but for me so far great so i thought just a you know a quick update and please leave a comment there i’m asked any questions like subscribe maybe leave a comment and us me

What you’d like me to make a video i’ll talk about i’ve gotta know i’ve got an addiction background alcohol addiction been sober just over 11 well 11 and a half years they’re about to be 12 years this year in november we’ll ask anything about my mental health about mental health emotional life i think the only anxiety haven’t the minute is my beloved liverpool in

The champions league final on saturday against real madrid i’m crying which is about that already i know what that is so i’m not too worried about it either you know it’s tough to some sounds we’ll go like say leave a comments mask any questions like dislike whatever subscribe and maybe leave a comment on us asked me to make a video on whatever you know and i’ll

Try my best and so yeah thanks for listening and then i speak soon thank you

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