November 29, 2022

A quick update on my progression with sertraline and how my ebay venture is going with a link to my page.

Hello everybody hope everybody is keeping well keeping safe and start to do a quick video update everything so far with these search league and 200 milligram quetiapine 50 milligram and participating 45 milligram and so far so good things seem to have settled it quite quite well at the moment i think i don’t know i think i’ve been on search elite until noon milligram

For about three months almost now so yeah seem to be doing really fine i’ve not been on making any videos for a while are being quite busy with my ebay business really being quite busy sourcing god’s car boots thrift shops second under shops johnny finds trying to find goods you know to resell on ebay so i will leave a link down below to you know in case i don’t

You know if you want so i’ll look at have a look on there please feel free and you never know you might see something you like i’m always updating goods so they will change most most you know most days i shall add you know i add more items but no or you know i can’t really complain as far as the mental health and the sertraline is going he’s been quite a good drug

To add to them which is appealing boots ap and he still you know it’s worked quite well and well he’s worked very well not quite well it’s worked you know very well indeed so yeah it’s i’m really happy with with how that’s going you know so i seem to be able to function a lot better than i did i get little bits of anxiety but it’s nothing major it’s anxiety that

I seem to be able to control which is you know which is you know you know it’s brilliance i mean ideally we could we would shift it all together would our dominic’s that’s possible anyway i’m not going down the diazepam routes the sun daily car we wander with that so no i’m quiet at the moment you know i’m able to hold conversations with people in public and not

You know get a panic attack or anything like that you know and i’m like i say i’ve been quite busy with my ebay i’m hoping to expand that at a later date but no i will leave a link and like i said before and please please have a look or leave me a message to see you know ask me to see what i can get older for you and you know i can add it to their page maybe bay

Page but now i thought to give a quick updates i’m doing alright i’m doing well i’m feeling well all quite happy and content at the moment yeah and just knock it really from constantly listing items on some a page it takes longer than actual you know you realize especially in you’re buying items from car boots and second-hand shops and they’re not you know if you

Need to find out what the item is for example batman cars i’ve got i’ve just listed some batman cars and we see finding out what the are ins ebay asks you you know lots of questions around it you know and things like lego one’s got no anything you know he’s you need to describe items as you know the best you can so therefore people you know can get an understanding

Of what it is you’re selling per hour and obviously you need to take pictures you’re allowed twelve free pictures so and each item you know you try and take 12 pictures again that’s er the rigmarole taking different pictures at different angles but it is good fun is keeping that’s the other thing it is keeping me busy it’s getting me out the house engaging with

People in shops unable to barter and which i would never been able to do until i really totally sertraline and i’m very good at the bartering as well and you know it’s get goods fairly cheap so yeah all’s well at the moment i hope everybody else is keeping well and like i say if you’re new to take in search really maybe give it a chance and like i say i do take

In combination with meteors appear in court iep but nevertheless it’s the certainty search early and it’s made a massive difference so yeah hit subscribe other comments ask me anything you like and check out my ebay thanks very much and thanks for the snow i’ll make another video shortly thank you

Transcribed from video
Sertraline 200mg update and ebay. By Secureharbour