February 1, 2023

Sertraline update after one month on 200mg.

Hi everybody hope everybody’s well keeping safe enjoying the sunshine maybe in the uk i’ve no idea what the weather’s like in america or something like i don’t know anyway i just thought i’d do a quick update on the search raeleen 200 milligram i’ve been on 200 milligram for more or less a month now yeah it’s fine absolutely fine especially since lowering the dose

Of quetiapine down to 25 milligram from 75 i’ve noticed a big difference in that i just after 25 milligram a night now with the meters are ping but no the sertraline it seems to whether it had a really positive effect there are side effects you know there are side effects i mean it’s just a case of i think working through the side effects it can be nauseating

The can be a nuisance especially if you need to you know you need to stay active or or have to go to work or you know you live on your own so you have to do things yourself the side effects can be a bit of a bore like really but i thought what i noticed with the sertraline i’ve tried all the antidepressants in the past other ssris and snris and the vaccine in

Christ they venlafaxine side effects was brutal maybe if i’d have persisted or something you know they may may have made that drug might have you know it’s also what sertraline i’ve found the side effects a little bit more tolerable than some of the other antidepressants out there you know the other ssris however like i’ve said in previous videos i i might my

Search willings taken in combination with bitters have been 45 monogramming now quetiapine 25 milligram and it’s adding it’s working really well at the moment i’m certainly a lot better than it was i mean i had to come out of uni at the end of last year october i was in my third year at university there to come out of university because of mental health i have a

Diagnosis of borderline personality disorder however that was diagnosed in 2013 whether i still have that remains to be i don’t know of no idea really i mean an almost symptoms a lot better than they were but i can honestly say since having the search wing which was the most recent addition of the psychiatric meds or the mental-health meds it’s definitely made an

Inch a difference i mean i’m doing a lot more a lot more things now i’m getting back out there again i’m about to go on well i’ve just done a workshop for the in in the uk we have something called the new enterprise allowance scheme and that’s done through your local job centre because i’ve been on sickness benefit for a short while so am i they’re going to go back

To uni in september if all being well or i will maybe go on the new enterprise allowance scheme and do something around e-commerce on ebay or something or etsy and i’ve been doing it on the quiet now you know on and off so now like a saying comparison to last well october november and now nuts since i started their search really that was around now last october

Or november can’t quite remember now so i was on the 50 milligram led hundred then hundred and fifty and i’ve been on 200 milligram for the last month last four weeks i’m a bucket gp tomorrow’ll so it’ll be a case of carry on as i am really but now since the addition of the search we mean it’s sertraline it certainly lifted me out of a black hole because it was

In the right state before the christmas time before christmas 2017 and so now i’m looking forward now to getting back on track get back out there i also like to train a little bit as well work out and always find working out it is quite beneficial certainly ollie’s all round even if you feel a bit low one day you know working out you know it’s proven and i find

That in conjunction with my own medication as well he’s having a really positive effects i mean i’ve trained on and off him but quite a few years really that was quite a big chap at one point but anyway that’s another story but now if anybody’s out there he’s being you know us to take mental health medication antidepressants or even on psychotics really i mean my

Psychiatrist said i’m psychotic trans iot of quite temporary tend to believe that but anyway if you know if people have been you know us to take some form of antidepressants and the are scary i mean especially if you either side of it you know the leaflet but the are scary ins you know the the intel we start working it can say you mean it says a four to six weeks

It could be anything from i believe just my opinion could be it could be two to three months really before you get the full benefit from them it’s a case of trying tolerated trying i mean if the side effects a horrible lie down if you can if you’re in a position to me to do that like see if you’re at work or something it would be deadly you know i could imagine

It’s really difficult but it’s a case of trying hang in there if you can if you’ve got time to be able to let them work sometimes it might be worth worth sticking with it i mean it and also your diet or so maybe you know get more fruits and veggies and get more vitamins into your system stay hydrated i found that through the early’s you know i like to be hydrated

Anyway book founds especially when you get there likely maybe the tired symptoms or the like dry mouth symptoms i found staying hydrated or 7up what rewards with you you know getting you two liters a day or whatever you know whatever you feel comfortable whatever you need i find that’s a big help get fruit down birches down when you can eat because i think if you

Give your cell for nutrition into your system into your body i certainly think it will help with the side effects in the long term and i mean there’s another thing as well there is which i’m going to try at some points is the addition of vitamin d3 omega-3 apparently i meant to enhance the efficiency of antidepressants so my give that ago certainly in the uk anyway

We can be quite low on vitamin d3 because we tend to miss out on sunshine although the last week as well has been pretty good but even when we get sunshine after time accord or poor we may be in work or something apparently this plenty of study you will as researching out there to see vitamin d3 and omega-3 do enhance the efficiency of unser depressants so that

You may get something extra from there and the vitamin d3 is worth up in anyway but it’s the best way to find out if you’re low on it is you need to see a gp on that one and ask them for their advice really but i’m going to give it a little girl my fantasy i’m gonna go on up and see what happens but now i’m looking forward to starting another chapter it see if i

Can set myself up self-employed maybe do gym products or something on ebay or amazon and if that goes tits up well i’ll probably go on i may go back to uni then in september to finish my degree i mean oh boy i don t yeah somebody got to foundation degree from it but we’ll see how it goes but it you know i’m quite happy with it at the moment with how things going

Of sky taking on new hobbies i’ve got some plants fish we have kept fish on and off most of my life but i’ve got myself another time canaan already thinking of now upgrading to a bigger time so i’ve got a lot more interesting things and again i think it’s all well down to myself and the addition of sertraline so i can say if anybody’s out there they are scary

Things to take i’m as much support that get as much support around you as possible keep in touch with the gp yeah mental health team if you’re involved with those those people and trying in there because sometimes they do where they don’t work for everybody and you don’t and the i mean the worry i have is if they stop working then what do we do that it’s a case if

Weeding off and style or but lets us know you know i’m open it doesn’t happen my plan is really is to stay on them for a bit longer yet dis sertraline and try and wean off meds altogether what mercy that’s what that’s another day but again if like i say if anybody is out there they are it is a scary thought but if you know if you can get enough people around you

Or get enough support around you depending on your situation really i mean it is difficult if you have to you know you’re holding down a job as well the side effects can be a pain in the ass sometimes it can be unbearable it may be a case of adjusting your medication or trying a different metal it is difficult but like i say based on the addition of sertraline for

Myself it’s been so far being eggs been really good i think of waffled on it off now and build it like i say people out there either give them a go give them time to work if he you know if you that’s possible plenty of water plenty of nutrition if possible you know way when you eat nutritious food helps with the side effects the side effects become unbearable if

You’re in a position to lie down or something you know trying to sleep them off stay in touch with your mental team gp’s medical team whoever you’re involved with and just give it a go like i say the old they do not work for everybody some work some don’t i guess for different people i’m only going off my own story and my own experience with these things like i say

I don’t have sertraline on excel when i have it combined with participating forty five milligram and quetiapine 25 milligram now that that’s recently come down from 75 and obviously i now have to search win 200 milligram i’ve had no problems with the serotonin syndrome or any any incline that was going to happen like a saintil side effects on and off well yeah i

Think the combination at the moments really working really well so anyway like i said before that’s enough waffling from me i think so anybody out there you know keep save keep trying hang in there you know they’ll be away somewhere to get through whatever you you know you may be going through stay strong keep in touch with you ever you need to keep in touch with

And hang in there anyway please feel free to leave any comment you like i will get back to you please subscribe i’m trying the best for this youtube carry on 50 year old now so it’s a bit of a funny thing for me to read it you know it’s all quite new for me i’m afraid but i’m trying the best and so now i will upload more videos i do need to maybe talk about something

Else you may be us ask me some us in the comments what i could talk about or something you know and i’ll do that we could be around mental health alcoholism therapy i’ve just studied two years university counseling a song in there a bit so maybe i could shed some light on math the benefits about and now to get the best from it right well thank you for listening if

He got this far and didn’t click off and so yeah goodbye for now and thank you for watching and anybody at subscribed thank you very much for that and if you caught maybe subscribe i’m sure these videos will get better ones ago practice makes perfect they say anyway goodbye for now keep safe

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