March 28, 2023

Yeah hello everybody and nobody’s keeping safe and keeping well i have not made a video for quite a few weeks well something like three or four weeks or something like that and basically it’s it’s i’ve been doing work at my flat and getting into fishkeeping and plants and things like i’m just making the flat really a bit more a little bit more soothing a guts flatten

Ii put new furniture in throughout it’s not a big flat but it’s you know paul need furniture throughout so basically you know i’ve made my living environments you know i’m a little a little bit nicer i mean it it prior to christmas and you know at the end of 2017 it was in a bit of a bad way hence i was given search for wings so basically this video of the purpose

Of video to be fun honesty’s is to update my search rly chocolate milligram and also to tell you about the addition of vitamin d3 and the benefits of that and cold showers i mean the verse will start with the research rly i’m still on 200 milligram i think it’s my second month now on 200 milligram yes things seem to be going okay at the moment i’m on still on 45

Milligram municipal 50 milligram quetiapine i was on 75 milligram at one point quetiapine reduced it to 50 milligram and sometimes they even reduced up to 25 milligram depending really it’s generally i’m on 50 milligram of it but sometimes i feel like it’s too much so maybe the native the day after hour only are 25 milligram but then but to say 50 the day after

The only very low doses so you come i feel it can play play back with him a little bit anyway me gp knows this and she she’s quite happy she kind of lets me go along with our feel on the court iep but know this citrulline so far so far so good really i guess and feel quite a lot better thing you know things are progressing i’m i’m about to go on a then what’s in

The uk anyways what’s cool that he went to prise allowance scheme and i think i’m gonna try and set something up and work for myself it’s difficult so worried it’d be not one workshop there are pitfalls to it but also a lot of advantages to that and certainly i think with my mental health or history of it in the past maybe i mean it could trigger the eat maybe but

At the same time so i was working for employers so anyway we’ll see how that goes but now so let’s say 45 milligram participe 50 milligram put iep so i can say 200 milligram or surgery and i think this is more second ones now that’s sertraline has been introduced the end of 2017 50 milligram hundred milligram 150 now unless it’s not have been about how long that

Lasts i don’t know do it where if i get used to i don’t know time will tell and the other thing it was going to talk about is that i found really beneficial at the moment as well is the addition of vitamin d3 apparently according to research it’s out there vitamin d3 enhances the efficiency of antidepressants i did speak with my gp about this vitamin d3 vitamin d

Is something a lot of people are lucky well certainly in the uk due to the fact you don’t get as much sunshine and when we do have sunshine sometimes claflin will cover up it’s the best way to synthesize vitamin d3 your 420s through sunlight on your skin the more skin on she’ll the better if you only if you call it off you don’t get the same effects however like i

Say supplementing vitamin d3 it’s better with the d3 than the d2 i have noticed a difference they do improve they do seem to improve the efficiency of your antidepressants when you take vitamin d3 so much so the first time actually talks on vitamin d3 thought was overdose he did enhance my sertraline quite considerably too much i think it was taking too much of it

And he felt like a result i was gonna get serotonin syndrome or something anyway i spoke with my gps and lower the dose are between deviations quite happy with me to use vitamin d so now other stuff what i think it’s 400 iu is your maintenance kind of dose of vitamin d at the moment i’m i am about to 200 are you because i don’t want to affect since the crescents g

To watch good i have noticed a difference i feel more awake for war alive more energy but again that is something that would speak to you gp about i think the reason i’m fighting getting benefits from from the bitumen days the facts have been on sertraline for quite a few months now well i don’t know never six months or something certainly if you is just starting

On sertraline or any other antidepressant it may be a good idea to maybe leave it some in deal you know along for a while so the body gets used to the sertraline but again before you do anyway take any kind of supplements vici gp or pharmacist or any other health care professional who you involved with book two now for me anyway a bit some indeed he’s kind of i

Think is improving the efficiency of my own city press once there is research out there to suggest this scientific research and that as well and the other thing is is you started doing all the last couple of weeks he’s cold showers i think they call it cryotherapy where you expose yourself to the cold it has numerous health benefits improved immune system he

Improve ask euler does wonders for your skin brilliant clea her wakes you up makes you more alert gives you more energy apparently it releases dopamine and serotonin and new york within and whatever it’s called it’s it’s really i noticed a difference since taking cold showers ten minutes in the morning ten minutes at night take somebody getting news to you know

It’s the best thing to do the best thing to do is bit gradual going to show up warm lower it to to gradually lower to its tip colder it is a bit of a shock to the system at first but i can guarantee if you can keep train it and keep giving it a go you feel awesome you are you feel absolutely awesome only ten minutes like i say ten minutes in the day ten minutes

Sun in in the morning and evenings yeah it’s brilliant the feeling you get after it is fantastic breathing exercises also a good person to look up maybe if you if you are talking to car the exposure to the cold he’s a guy called wim hof which wim hof is a dutch guy and calling the iceman i mean he takes this dx street the xtreme i’m not intending on doing that

At all thing and they try the ice baths at some point however like i say cold showers i’ve give it a go if you can really like i say persevere with it it is a bit of a shock to the system but it’s once you get used to it and get used to the cold when you’ve come out the shower it’s awesome honestly because absolutely awesome i can’t wait for the next one a bit

Later on tonight it’s brilliant do some breathing exercises prior but the apparently the health benefits of quite phenomenal like i say look it up online youtube when a guy caught wind off fantastic anyway that’s all for now and i shall make some more videos in due course but i could say apologize for not making any videos of late like i say i’ve been busy with

My flats new aquarium which is in the background they’re very soothing at night i’ve got lots of plants also we should enjoy so like i say it was a bit of me time i guess but no jobs are good in at the moment i’m also well at the moments and quite happy with how things are going like i say if you are new to take antidepressants maybe give them a chance all i can

Say is research willing it’s really good it’s been good so far like i said do you rabbit with marissa peeing and put a piece i’m a bit up you know makes me experience a little bit different and just taking it on its own but now so yeah things are going quite well at the moment so hope to sweet to all soon off everybody’s keeping safe magazine with any supplements

Or vitamin d check nephew g please check with your care providers like i say i family really good then the cold showers do some research but i cannot honestly issue you those cold showers are awesome if you can if you can just abide you you know just keep persevere with it because once you’re in the water for any length of time with the cold you actually start

Getting used to it so it doesn’t become as cold obviously does at the beginning that’s the idea you condition what it does it helps you condition your body and kiss condition your mind so you’ve been uncomfortable to be honest with you that’s one of the things i struggle with is been inning in uncomfortable situations and so as well as the health benefits can train

My mind to deal with things that are uncomfortable hence the showers and i’ve got used to doing that now and they quite look forward to doing them walls but what i can say is with the showers you feel absolutely bang-on once you’ve come out of the shower it’s awesome anyway that’s all for now and i’ll i’ll speak soon so anyway thanks drop me drop me a message in

The comments hit like subscribe and keep safe you know keep saying keep talking speak cool if you struggling like i say drop me a comment drop me a like subscribe that i speak to all soon thank you very much for listening

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Sertraline 200mg update. Vitamin D3 and Cold Showers benefits. By Secureharbour