March 28, 2023

Have you been experiencing stress and panic disorder or have you been experiencing depressive disorder for people who have major depression bipolar disorder excessive compulsive disorder panic disorder bulimia nervosa or premenstrual dysphoric disorder sertraline can help hi i’m dr prescribe a lot and i was just coming to check in and ask how you’re feeling i

Feel really depressed um i don’t know why i don’t want to hang out with any of my friends i’m not being socially interactive i feel very sad all the time well have you ever been um prescribed a ssri before no what is that so an ssri is a drug that works on the neurotransmitters in inside your central nervous system which basically means that it’ll start to

Change your mood over time so i was thinking of potentially prescribing you surgery are you interested in this yes i would love to know more about it okay well search hilling is a drug that you can either have in a oral solution or as a tablet and we start you off at 2550 milligrams a day you’d take it once daily and weekly we’d probably be increasing the doses

Till we find what’s optimal for you and we would max at 200 milligrams a day but it would probably stop someone before then all right if you’re interested i can have a nurse come in a little bit and tell you about the side effects and adverse reactions yes that would work all right hi i’m marina i’m going to be your nurse so you’re taking stretchy lean and

You want it to know about the side effects okay so the most common ones are headache tremor insomnia agitation nervousness you may have nausea diarrhea and weight gain there’s also a risk for sexual dysfunction and an increased risk for depression or risk of suicide so for suicidal ideation so if you’re feeling any of that you can report that to your doctor

You can also call your doctor if you become pregnant definitely we will definitely want to know how i’ve taken this medication if you’re taking any over-the-counter medications definitely call us first to let your doctor know just in case there’s um some interactions especially with nsaids if you have a development of like fever confusion if you have increased

Heart rate or you’re feeling increase in blood pressure that could be a sign of neuroleptic malignant syndrome so definitely call us if you’re feeling any of that okay i have to call my nurse hello hi this is raya i’ve been taking search reading for one week straight i’ve been taking it every night i don’t think this is working and i can’t even sleep hi there

Thank you so much for calling so i hear that you’re experiencing some insomnia and what i’m going to suggest is that you take that medication in the morning time and that should help with that also therapeutic effects can take between three and four weeks so if you are still feeling signs of depression at that point please call us and we can talk to the doctor

About adjusting your dosage isaac is a great example of someone who has benefited from switzerland administration considerations to consider are monitoring children adolescent and young adult clients for the increase in suicidal ideation during the first few months of treatment combination with tryptons maois or st john’s works can cause serotonin syndrome other

Administration considerations include decreasing the glucose control in patients with diabetes so they may need insulin dosage readjustment also use caution if clients have existing cardiac disease history of suicidal tendencies or hyponatremia surgery increases risk of bleeding especially with these with nsaids anti-platelet drugs anticoagulants and aspirin

It’s important to speak with your provider about any of these considerations virtually it makes you happy

Transcribed from video
Sertraline Medication Commercial By Isaac Darrah