December 8, 2022

Hey guys what’s up let’s talk here today i just kind of wanted to give an update on where i’ve kind of just been at mentally physically whatever so to give you a recap i’ve been taking search raeleen since december so about six or seven months and you know honestly best probably one of my like favorite years so far right like january through what july super happy

Like little-to-no anxiety and you know this is coming from a guy that was having panic panic attacks like almost every day he didn’t want to get out of bed who was shaking every day in class and stuff so that that’s really pretty incredible to me um but lately i kind of i don’t know what it is maybe i’m depressed or a little anxious i don’t really know what it is

Like i just kind of find myself stuck in my head a lot sometimes and you know it’s kind of weird because i guess i thought that kind of simple taken sertraline or zoloft that it was the end-all or cure-all like it was the antidote i guess not i mean you know everyone has their downs and like in lows and their ups and highs in life so uh you know i’m not really too

Worried i know this is gonna pass eventually like but you know it’s it does kind of stink that you know it’s happening um i’m trying to think of like what what it’s coming from i think that definitely the anxiety is coming from thinking of the future right because i just moved into a smaller apartment no a/c you know i’m trying to study japanese and you know i’m

Definitely learning but at the same time it’s like i could totally be learning more it’s like and then also it’s kind of annoying that like they keep giving me these really weird words to learn like for instance i know how to say brad pitt in japanese but i don’t know how to say stop sign you know what i mean like it’s just kind of giving me some random where’s

I don’t know i would probably never use like a smoking car what the hell is that you know i mean like so that’s kind of annoying it’s like i kind of feel like i’m going nowhere with that book and then i’m just thinking about the future i’ve totally been in like an existential crisis lately i’m just thinking like kind of i mean okay first of all just want to give

Like give you like a clear there’s nothing i’m not like suicidal or anything even remotely close to that bad okay it’s just you know sometimes it gets stuck in my head a lot and this is just what i’m thinking right i’m just kind of thinking like what is the point of life like i always thought you know maybe it’s to help people to help as many people as you can

And then this in my mind is saying this how can you help the most amount of people in your life what can you do i’m thinking okay i want to be a teacher right alright well that’s that’s good but is that are you selling out is that really like you could definitely be a teacher and that could be an easy life but at the same time are you gonna reach the most amount

Of people that like i you know i don’t want to like overhype myself but like i definitely could do something in the theatre work so i have a lot of theatre experience and i also love doing theatre so i definitely i mean i’m not gonna say i’m the next brad pitt i’m not gonna say i’m gonna be a famous actor but i you know i won’t know if i unless i don’t you know

If i don’t try so so i’ve definitely been thinking about that like if i’m gonna actor i could touch so many more lives and it’s like why am i not an actor you know why am i not doing that instead of teaching what’s like oh i want to do i want to teach you though and totally going back and forth in my head and at the same time i’m like you know i also want to be a

Buddhist monk because if i become a buddhist monk i won’t have these problems i mean you know every everyone has problems now and then but it’s like my problems will be severely less because i will know how to deal with them and how to live in the present moment you know that’s probably the main key is that i’m always looking for the future i’m always looking for

The what’s next you know what’s next that’s that’s the problem for me i mean that’s why i’m also really scared cuz i just hope i don’t get like really depressed like teaching and stuff like i hope i’m happy i’m satisfied but uh because i always uh you know every job i get i love for like a few months and i’m like alright what’s next like how can i increase this

To a better position or how is just gonna help me throughout life so i’m always thinking what’s next and that’s you know it’s not really good mindset to be in it cuz cause you’re never gonna be satisfied you know i always i was jumped about like falling in love getting married or whatever like having kids and i mean i still do but like you know i’ve had i’ve had

A few girlfriends and i’m always like i’m in love with them and then like be picturing right now love i’m just thinking like lovey dovey flowers and you know frolicking through the bleep the flowers and stuff but once i’m in a relationship i’m just like wow this was not this did not fulfil my expectations whatsoever and then that that’s also kind of depressed so i

Don’t know you know maybe you guys can help me out with this um i’m i guess i’m a search early newbie i’ve really only been on it for six months or you know everyone gets down that’s probably what this is but you know i’m just wondering what you guys think how do you deal with stress how do you deal with depression i am really curious what you think i would love

To hear what you guys think about this and yeah they should listen to me rant it also could be that sir children’s wearing off on me because i’ve been taking it for six months so i’m not sure if i have to up my dose but if that’s my solution for everything i’m gonna be taking like a thousand milligrams you know every time i’m down so i don’t want that to be the

Case so whatever it is guys i really really appreciate you guys letting me know okay alright

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