November 29, 2022

I’ve been taking Sertraline for a few months now and share my ongoing experience. The side effects in month 2 and 3 are generally less severe. Thank you for following along with my journey, the last few weeks have been somewhat difficult and a few side effects from my early experiences of sertraline have reappeared; I think this is down to a change in routine during the current Coronavirus ‘shutdown’.

Welcome back to a happy change it’s been a while since we’ve caught up but i thought it would be a good time to drop in and talk through my two to three-month experience with sertraline let you know how i’m doing and hopefully find out how you guys are doing as well so right now we’re in the middle of this bizarre coronavirus kovat 19 lockdown experience so different

Countries are facing it in different ways in the uk at the moment the schools are closed generally people are working from home and there’s a rule in place not to leave the house more than an hour a day for exercise however the experience of some going through are probably quite typical and regardless of whether or not you’re in a global pandemic and hopefully when

You’re watching this you’re not so like usual in this video what i’m gonna do is talk about some of the good things and some of the bad things and hopefully that will allow you to gain some insight into what’s on the road for you if you’ve just started taking sertraline or perhaps just not feel alone just to flag if you haven’t already there is a private member’s

Group for subscribers on facebook do look us up and as always please please please share your comments share your experiences ask questions there’s a great community of people that will respond and join in the conversation so don’t feel alone don’t feel like your experience is just something that you’re going through there’ll be someone out there who’s experienced

It who’s come through the other side and will be able to advise you so talking about the good things in general my mood is much improved so i haven’t had many real moments of like slump where i’m struggling with despair i would say that the last few weeks have been unusual because of the pandemic and i’ll talk about that in a moment but generally speaking from where

I was a few months ago to where i am now i am calmer i’m more rational i’m more positive about things i’m positive about myself i’m positive about relationships and my experiences and i just feel that in a in a more empowered place right now i suppose i’m more in charge of when i feel good and when i feel bad if that makes sense so yes i still feel down from time

To time but i’m more in charge of removing myself in that situation and i think that’s really important to know that if you’re in that first month of taking the medication it can still feel horrible in fact it can feel horrible after that but the majority of people move past that and get to a place that i’m in now where you realize you have more control it doesn’t

Kind of hit you like a ton of bricks you don’t suddenly kind of like jump out of bed one day and think yes everything’s fixed but you’ll notice that you’re not kind of falling into that pit of despair anymore depression isn’t kind of like just suddenly like weighing on your shoulders you feel more able to respond to the way that your body is feeling to the emotions

That you’re experiencing and and navigate them so you can meet decisions that kind of lead you forward or to explore that negative emotion or you feel better place to pull yourself out of that negative emotion i think because of that i feel more open i feel more able to communicate the way that i’m feeling i feel able to have more challenging conversations with

People and whilst i’m not 100% there yet it’s still a thing that i need to work on i do think that the mindset i’m in now has put me in a stronger position i feel more productive at work i feel more productive in my kind of hobbies etc so it just put me in a place where because i haven’t got this kind of weight pressing on my shoulders and fog in my my mind up there

I’m more able to engage with people and i’m more able to kind of engage with opportunities it’s worth saying though this isn’t like everything’s fixed i did say before you don’t just wake up one day jump out of bed like high-five the cat and go everything’s great now let’s move on with life like there are still things that the cause challenge so whilst i am more

Rational and more calm the last couple of weeks i’ve been really quiet on the channel and that’s because whilst i’ve not been in a depression i’ve found the change in routine something really hard to deal with so my like all of us at the moment in this pandemic my routine has gone out of the window completely unrecovered from that hasn’t been as like instinctive as

I wanted it to be i found it really difficult to get a good sleep routine down and like many of us i suppose i’ve probably slipped into some unhealthy habits regarding eating and i would just say that i found the last week the last two weeks perhaps and since the kind of like real lockdown that happened in the uk quite difficult like i’ve had a couple of panics

In that last two weeks but it’s a really unusual situation and one thing i would say as well sty had those panics and they would they weren’t as they weren’t as long-lasting as previously so if i’d had like a real panicky situation or had been like hit by anxiety it might take me kind of days to recover from that anxiety before i could even start thinking about

Feeling better whereas the anxieties kind of like hit me and it’s been shocking still because i might uh i thought i’d got rid of this feeling but because of the situation we’re in i’m able to really like rationalize it i’m able to think well look i can’t control this pandemic right now other than doing the things to keep myself and my loved ones safe because

I’ve got that space to think rationally about the situation even though it’s causing me panic and anxiety i’m able to kind of park that panic i’m able to park that anxiety at a much faster rate so it’s still there it still happens from time to time but that’s part of the way that humans are designed if we didn’t feel panic if we weren’t anxious about things we

Wouldn’t really be human so that’s a normal emotion to feel and lots of people feel anxious and panicky right now i would say the other thing that’s becoming more and more clear as the months have gone by is that the medication is really helping with one aspect so it’s helping with like my recovery from down times and anxiety but they’re kind of like triggers if

You like the things that have caused this the things that under under in everything that’s go and gone wrong in my brain they still exist but they’re still things that i face they’re still things that you know cause me stress if you like and the big thing the big piece of the puzzle is a talking therapy so if you haven’t got a counsellor if you’re not attending

Like a cbt session or something i would say start thinking about investigate in that now because it’s gonna be a point at this stage where your mind is a little bit clearer where you’re gonna start to unpick all of those things that have led you to this place and the medication can only do so much like it’s really clear to me now and even though i had like a real

Reluctance to speak to a counselor and and you know my girlfriend like absolutely draw them that i had to to the point that i did just as lockdown happened and then i wasn’t able to attend anymore but it’s it really hit me in the last even in the last couple of weeks i would say that someone who i can speak to someone professional that i can speak to about the way

That i’m feeling and the experience i’ve had that’s led me to depression and led me to anxiety or triggered anxiety and depression it’s really really important so we’re not if you’re watching this at the moment in april 2020 we’re not probably in the position to go and find a therapist but i would say that if you’re watching this at any other point start seeking

Out a talking therapy if you are in lockdown at the moment so you’re watching this like in the context that were her in there are online things like better help it’s quite expensive there are telephone counseling and sessions that you can do as well and i would say that if you haven’t or you’ve been scared bear in mind these people are professional they deal with

This stuff all the time and i really can’t describe how powerful it is just to talk about yourself and your feelings for a minute and i have like a real profound experience with my counsellor just before lockdown where they really traced me back to things that had happened in my childhood and it was like this light bulb that went off in my head and i was kind of

Like you know what i’ve never considered that could be the reason that i’m in this place and i was lucky that that session happened just before we went into shutdown because it meant that i could just spend some time thinking about that and on picking that i still need to carry on that conversation which is why it’s unfortunate but it’s just we’re saying that i’ve

Reached this point where recognized medication can do so much now i need to start taking some action as well and uncovering on picking the things that have led me to this point in my life another thing that’s happened in the last two weeks is because my routine has been totally thrown out the window i’ve had like a recurrence of some of the physical side effects

So it felt like i’d stripped back to the first couple of weeks i’ve had quite an upset stomach particularly in the morning even though i’m taking my medication in the evening i’ve had like really bizarre dreams i’ve had like night sweats all of this sort of stuff that i think is from like the heightened anxiety of the situation so i guess it’s worth saying that i

Know a lot of people say like when will these things end and generally speak in like the side effects i mean the side effects do taper off within like the first four weeks but it seems to me that when anxiety is high and remember anxiety is normal they can creep back in i’m just better equipped to deal with them now so i can be careful about you know what i eat

I can think about you know the sleeping situation and bedtime routines to make sure that i’m calm i can think about maybe moving my dough slightly earlier just try and let it right cycle through my system a bit more before i go to bed so all of these things i feel more in control of whereas if i’d gone back to say full-on side effects in say week six i probably

Wouldn’t have been as equipped and i would have started panicking a little bit so just to say like don’t be a little bit surprised if it was the side effects creep back in temporarily i feel confident that by next week things will have leveled out i will be a bit more familiar with my routine and more able to kind of like wave them goodbye again and get on with my

Life and and also to reiterate a few people have mentioned about going up dosages like starting at 25 go into 50 or being on 50 go into 100 it’s it’s probably quite normal that when you go up a dose because your brain is suddenly getting used to all of these thing all these chemical changes again you gonna hit reset on some of those side effects so yes it’s worth

Increasing your dose if that’s what your doctor says but actually just be prepared for you know and probably another week of maybe an upset stomach coming back or you know headaches dry mouth those sorts of things that’s expected i guess like maybe that’s something to bear in mind that if you’re having a conversation with your doctor before you start the medication

And you really insist on going on like 25 milligram rather than like a standard 50 milligram dose that’s just something to be aware of but you your body will need to get used to it twice so you really do kind of be cautious and clear about whether it’s better to start on 50 or better to start on 25 i suppose so i really do hope that you’re all well i hope that the

Coronavirus hasn’t affected you or your loved ones i’m really aware of how scary it is at the moment and so i would just like join in the comment section i’ll put a link to the facebook group in the description as well if you haven’t already subscribed but you find in these videos useful man it makes such a difference to me i like i’ve crap has 2,000 subscribers

Which is kind of blowing my mind since lockdown and i should just say bye thanks very much for watching that was a loud fire slap right there

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Sertraline Side Effects – Month 2 and 3 of Zoloft By Alex Robb