June 1, 2023

What is Sertraline ? It is one of the Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) indicated for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD) and anxiety disorders.

Hi everyone in this video let us discuss cetraline citraline is one of the antidepressant which is classified as ssri select to serotonin reuptake inhibitor we have so many types of drugs which are classified as ssris among this citraline is one of the well-known drug which is acting as antidepressant and within the name we can identify the prefix cell which

Indicates this like is acting on serotonin levels so this drug inhibits a reuptake of serotonin which increase the serotonin levels within the synaptic cleft and the suffix trial indicates this drug is having the structure tetraline is simply a tetrahydroderivative of naphthalene so cetraline is a tetraline derivative acting by inhibition of serotonin reuptake

So this is indicated for the treatment of major depressive disorder which is associated with specificism lack of concentration apathy guiltiness all these conditions can be controlled by centraline as this drug acts as ssri similarly this can also be used for fear of the anxiety disorders it can be indicated for obsessive compulsive disorder where anxiety is

Generated because of any obsessions or compulsions again in such conditions centraline can be used and this drug is also indicated for treatment of social anxiety disorder the anxiety generated due to social interaction and post traumatic stress disorder where the recall of past stressful events can produce some anxiety all these conditions can be controlled by

Centraline so this drug is indicated as antidepressant as well as it also used for treatment of anxiety disorders so this drug is also indicated for generalized anxiety disorder which is not associated with any proper reason again in such conditions centraline can be used now let us the chemical nature of this type so this is the structure of central aluminum here

We can identify this tetralyn ring which is nothing but tetrahydronephthylene ring to this naphtha lettering at the first portion amine group is present so we can write the suffix as 1 2 3 4 naphthalene 1mi and on the nitrogen methyl group is present so n methyl and at the fourth portion you design the phenyl ring which is attached with the two chlorine groups

At third and fourth position so we can write this as 4-3-4 dichlorophenyl that is the complete name of citraline now let us see how this deck acts citrulline mainly acts by inhibition of phi st reuptake so these are the pre-synaptic neurons storing serotonin and these are the post-synaptic neurons expressed with serotonin receptors such as phi ht2 now when action

Potential reaches the presynaptic neurons calcium can enter to produce exocytosis so that first can be released and it can act on post-synaptic receptors this produce post-synaptic activation but the action of released fast is controlled by reuptake transporters such as scrt serotonin reuptake transporter this transporter is having the two sides this is the primary

Site and is the allosteric site both of these sites are required for reuptake of ist now feisty which is released by exocytosis can be taken into the neural terminal through this scrt now cetraline is one of the drug which inhibits this reuptake it can bind to both primary as well as secondary site so that it can inhibit the reuptake of ist in this way fast is not

Going into the new terminal which results in increased post synaptic activation so this drug increased the first levels within the synaptic cleft thereby it increase the serotonin transmission this improves the symptoms in the depressive patients now it is the precautions of cetraline one of the important precaution of this drug is that it can increase the risk

Of bleeding within the patients so this i can produce some vasodilation as well as leakiness resulting in the increased risk of bleeding this is more important when this drug is combined with other drugs such as anasites for instance aspirin is one of the enerside which acts as anti-platelet agent so it can increase the risk of bleeding when it is combined with

Citraline similarly if you have the anticoagulant such as warfarin all these drugs can increase the risk of bleeding produced by citrine for instance it can result in the increased bleeding from the nasal blood vessels resulting in the ap strategies or clotting of blood resulting in the hematoma and some gastrointestinal bleeding cannot be observed so all these

Should be closely monitored when this drug is prescribed for very longer periods similarly this duck can increase the angle closure glaucoma so the patients with any narrow angles this drug may increase the intraocular pressure which should be closely monitored similarly this drug can prescribe the serotonin syndrome just like the other ssris this drug is going

To increase the 5st levels which can produce serotonin syndrome resulting in few other symptoms such as anxiety agitation and it can stimulate the heart resulting in tachycardia and patients may feel fear of the psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations tremor sweating all these symptoms can be observed with serotonin syndrome so this drug should be carefully

Given along with other drugs which increase the five steel levels similarly this drug can increase the risk of suicidal initiation particularly in the children with is 12 to 20 years this risk is more pronounced and this recon also precipitate hyponatremia this is because of inhibition of antibiotic hormone action resulting in the decreased sodium levels the

Sodium levels may fall less than 110 millimoles per liter so this decreased sodium may result in headache confusion and loss of memory so when our sodium levels are reduced less than 110 millimoles per liter then this drug should be carefully used similarly on sudden withdrawal this duck can prescribe few of the symptoms such as anxiety agitation some dizziness

Somnolence and hypomania all these symptoms can be produced on sudden withdrawal so this drug should not be stopped suddenly the dose should be slowly tempered in order to avoid withdrawal effects and this drug can also increase the risk of seizures in the patients so already if patient is having any history of seizures this drug should be carefully given now

That is the side effects of centraline this drug mainly produces fewer side effects such as some knowledge which produce some sleepiness in the patients and agitation confusion headache dizziness fatigue nausea and you can produce either constipation or diarrhea so it can produce some gi disturbances dry mouth visual impairments and some perpetrations can be

Observed and in the males it can produce some erectile dysfunction resulting in the failure of ejaculation how it is given this truck is available as tablet at different strengths such as 25 mg 50 mg and 100 mg the initial dose of the drug is started at low dose and it depends on the type of clinical indication since this drug is used as antirepresent as well as

To treat the anxiety disorders the starting dose may be variable from 25 to 50 mg and the dose can be increased such that the maximum dose is variable from 100 to 200 mg so that’s about the structure trialline which is a select two serotonin reuptake inhibitor this drug can be used for the treatment of major depressive disorder as well as for treatment of anxiety

Disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder post-traumatic stress disorder social anxiety disorder abscessive compulsive disorder in all these conditions this drug can be used but this drug can also present serotonin syndrome so care should be taken and when this drug is suddenly withdrawn it can increase the anxiety as well as agitation within the patients

And this centraline is a tetralin derivative acting on serotonin reuptake so that’s about the strike centraline that’s for today hope you have enjoyed this video if you like this video please subscribe to our channel share this video with your friends post your comments in the comment box thank you for watching this video

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