June 4, 2023

A follow up video following my sertraline/Zoloft experience

Hey so i wanted to do a follow-up video from my sexually inexperienced it’s been a while so there’s been loads of things that happened i sorry i’m super gt and i made some really big decisions i am i have a bad day and i’m a birthday i kind of had a bit of a midlife crisis and i was like why am i wasting all my energy and time on things that don’t make me happy

Anymore or say i ended up quitting a job that i absolutely hated and it was it was just horrible and that really affected me i then broke up with my boyfriend that i’d been with for 10 years just because i hadn’t been working for a long time and then as a result of that i had to do the whole move back home to my parents house which i’m so grateful for i’m really

Grateful and they’ve been really amazing helping me and stuff and so with all of that kind of happening there was sorry if you can hear weird noises it’s because it’s super super windy outside and the my ipad is right next to the window sauce and so i have heard a bit of a crazy few wants to be honest i feel that this actually definitely helped me move on and like

Be able to focus and function and just do the normal things and it kind of like kept me at bay and while i was making all of these big decisions and yeah yeah i don’t really have much else to say about that but it they it did help me so then in august i was kind of like okay i feel like i’m in such a much better place i want to start coming off them so as per my

Other video and pretty a previous time i tried to stop my settling was because late i went cold turkey which was the worst thing i have ever done in my entire life like it literally took me and brazil like free me right back and it was horrendous and so this time i decided to speak to my doctor and they suggested that i did 25 milligrams every three days so i’ve

Been doing that a while i was doing that for like where are we now november say august september october november i wanted to make sure that i was in like a really good place i was more settled i was in a job like a steady full-time job i wanted to make sure that my head was okay and and i feel like i finally got to the point where that’s how i feel now which is

Amazing it’s taking like i’ve had such an emotional battering here that i feel like so proud that i’ve finally been able to be like to know what no at the time so i am now one week totally off meds and the first day that i was completely well the day that i was meant to be on like take my next dosage or whatever i would have would have been taking it i was kind

Of like this is a bit weird like can i actually do there so am i gonna go really weird do i really need the medication and i felt bit panicked sport it was okay but i think part of the reason that it pushed me to come off my meds was i think over like the past month or so i don’t know what this is or what it could relate to but every time it was meds day i would

Take i would take the meds sorry the man my medication can’t speak and i would take my medication it would completely make me feel so anxious in horrible in panicky and disgusting and then the second day i would feel completely numb wouldn’t feel anything and then third day i would feel normal or my normal so it’s kind of like i don’t want to feel like this anymore

This is i would rather have gnorm day and feeling like myself rather than having to take this and feel like this every time so i decided it’s decided this week well last week i was gonna stop and see what happens and it’s been okay like i have had a few wobbly days but i think it’s just going from like one at one scale like end to the other because i’ve been used

To not feeling anything for the past there enough year now to actually starting to feel things and it’s been quite challenging because i’ve had like i am a very emotional person every anyway but when i was weaned and off them i just felt quite overwhelmed i didn’t really know how to deal with certain situations and i didn’t like like thoughts wise like i just it’s

Been quite difficult to be calm about at all but and i forgot to say that during my weaning off period as well have been going through cbt which has been good and oh okay glitch i am not a professional at all and so i’ve been doing cbt counselling which to be honest it was quite good it it was group therapy which was a bit intense i didn’t really feel comfortable

Doing like speaking about my problems in front of people but they don’t he didn’t have – bah bah bah and bought that kind of helps and helped me identify different thought processes i that i had like that start rage it was triggered err sorry triggering my anxiety and knowing what those triggers are and how to manage them better so that was really helpful to do

And i i feel i feel okay so i have had a few wobbly days and during this week where i’ve been coming off them i have experienced heart palpitations quite badly every single day and i’ve had trouble sleeping a lot but as well and headaches and dizziness but an a that it’s not a for everything it’s just temporary so yeah i just wanted to update you all and just wanted

To say thank you again for reaching out to me it’s really nice knowing that i’m not the only person that is doing this or going through their say and yeah thank you so much bigger love to you all and i will probably do an update maybe next week or the third week maybe but yeah it was really cool to see all your comments and get messages for you so if you ever wanna

Speak and reach out just just send me a message or comment below thank you for staying by

Transcribed from video
Sertraline update- 1 Week No Meds Vlog 🤘🏻 By Samantha Richards