March 24, 2023

Hi All! Here’s a small update after 2 weeks of Sertraline / Zoloft, just upped the dose and here’s my starting experience! Keeping those crossed 🤞🏻

I guys just thought i would do a quick update uh regarding my journey with um search running so i’ve been on searching for about just over two weeks now i was started off with 25 mils moving on to 50 mils a couple of days ago after after two weeks um so after but within the first week my i started feeling a bit better i was i was able to go out for a few more

Walks um dizziness was bearable but after a week the the symptoms increased horribly so my head felt really heavy to the point where i was like i felt like i was gonna like fall over and yeah it was awful um the nausea came um but it was bearable bearing in mind i mean i’ve seen people even my gp did sort of say to me that things might will probably get worse

Before they get better most anti-depressants do um so i was sort of prepared for it um but yeah the the symptoms i’m living with at the moment so the dizziness the unbalanced feeling um and the anxiety was horrific um so it was like ten times you know my baseline but um you know i started feeling a little bit better but uh yeah now i’ve sort of increased to 50

Mils um today i’ve got sort of a migraine and yeah my the dizziness and i’m you know completely unbalanced so i can’t really walk very well because my head feels like it’s all over the place um but yes i’m on i’m on this also it’s also known as zoloft in um i think in the usa they call it zoloft or is um i was prescribed this after seeing many many specialists

I mean i yes i was diagnosed with triple pd uh possibly long covered this is my part of long covered um i’ve seen so many specialists and had so many tests done um most of most of the the feelings i’m having you know we put it down to anxiety um the chemical is just being the cortisol was being mass produced in my body um and it’s possibly creating you know

Creating this dizziness creating this you know from the stress as well um so yeah i did see some progress with the 25 mil but um i guess and now i’ve sort of boosted up i’m gonna have increasing symptoms again um i’m seeing my doctor tomorrow so we’ll have this discussion i guess about how i’m feeling and how it’s going i know it takes a good while to get into

Your system uh but i’ve had success stories um i spoke to a guy on on a facebook group that i’m on who had a similar thing had the dizziness had the anxiety that was way out of control um he said that yeah he was up and down like a yo-yo while his body adjusted to the more uh serotonin from from the searchling uh but after a while everything subsided and yeah his

Dizziness went and his anxiety was under control and and um yeah so hopefully i’m going the same way yeah so i’m two and a half weeks in on the circling so far um i’m you know i’m hoping as i edge towards the six weeks i’m hoping for a miracle um i’m hoping yeah it was all anxiety-based and the chemicals will balance itself out in my body and hopefully i can get

Back to life because it’s been tough it’s been tough really tough um not being able to work i’m enjoying my job not you know i don’t hate my job i actually enjoy the people there and i enjoy the job as a whole i like being busy and active and it’s part of what i am uh other people know me i i’ve got a um a paranormal investigation team that we do investigating

So if you want to check out on youtube uk ghost hunting i’m on there i’ve been lucky enough you know doing research um in the parrot into the paranormal i was on a uk show called um paranormal captured um which i think was on pick tv uh i think it’s been broadcast on on really in america which was was was great fun to do there’s only a little clip of one of our

Investigations but yeah so i’d love to get back to that and you know go back out with the team um but as for for now you know i’m sort of residing in the fact that i’m still doing my meditations i’m still doing my relaxation breathing techniques um whilst taking the circulating hoping my body builds up serotonin attacks the cortisol and you know but lets my

Brain ease and and uh i’m hoping i can get back to where i was but um i’ll give you another update possibly another week or so um i’m guessing over this next week it’s gonna be a bit tough um with more symptoms you know increasing while i get used to the new dose but fingers crossed guys um hopefully there’s some light in the tunnel but yeah i’ll speak to you

All soon and as always you know subscribe um i’ll do my best to update you and on uh on this um sri sorry um and see how it goes but yeah see you later guys

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Sertraline Update PPPD & Long Covid By Steves Long-Covid Journey