March 22, 2023

Hello uh this is a week update i believe for sertraline i’ve been saying it wrong sertraline and also my birth control it’s gonna be two weeks for both it’s going to be two weeks for the birth control tomorrow and it’s going to be two weeks for the circulating or zoloft in three days thursday it’s gonna be thursday uh that’s gonna be my two weeks for that i’ve

Been taking half a pill recommended by my doctor to get used to you know the side effects and all that stuff and just kind of get adjusted to it and i feel now that i am fully adjusted to the 25 milligrams which is the half of the 50 milligram tablet so i think tonight i’m going to start taking the full medication just the whole tablet and we’ll see how that

Goes hopefully i don’t start to get side effects again as far as things that i’ve noticed is uh it’s obviously not a magic pill it’s you’re not everyone is different and depending on the level of anxiety and depression that you have not everybody is going to have the same results i know for me obviously i’m at home i’m not working i still have the stress of my car

Payments and my phone bill that i still can’t really pay um so i definitely still have stress i don’t have a job right so the only thing that has changed is the medication that’s been added to my daily life i do find myself feeling i don’t feel hopeless anymore i don’t feel um like i don’t feel like i’m never gonna what’s what’s the word i just don’t feel sad

But i don’t feel extremely happy and i love the world and everything and especially with the things that are going on right now it’s hard to feel that way um so yeah i do feel less worthless i do feel less sad um and like i mentioned before i don’t hold on to things anymore um as far as thinking about it 200 years after something happened if i had an argument

With my boyfriend or um some sort of interaction with somebody else before i would definitely think about it for days uh just pretend like it’s not bothering me but it’s totally bothering me and now it’s more like okay it happened time to move on to the next thing or you know if you’re gonna fix the problem let’s try to fix the problem so definitely less worry

Less in my head of course i’ve mentioned this before i have noticed it is hot i live in california it’s very hot right now but i have noticed increased sweating i’m already like a big sweater i sweat a lot and i think that it’s due to my anxiety and you know i’m always like this and you know that’s why i always have shoulder pain but um it’s definitely more than

Uh i’m used to it’s it’s a lot like sometimes i’ll just be hanging out in the ac and i’ll feel like drops of sweat and it’s just mainly my armpits but yeah i have noticed increased sweating i did have i was clenching my jaw but i’m trying to be very conscious of that still um what else that’s i mean i have gotten aches here and there this hand my dominant hand

My left hand has been bothering me a lot um i don’t know if it’s from the birth control or from the medication that’s kind of what sucks about starting two things at once is that you don’t know what the culprit is for all these things i know that birth control can cause anxiety depression weight gain um you know tenseness stiff joints and stuff like that but so

Can the medication that i’m taking so right now it’s just kind of trying to just trying to adjust to two things at once right now which um hasn’t been too difficult but i feel like after tonight when i take the full cap uh i’m hoping that you know it’s not back to like the first day where my head was foggy and all this stuff i just hope it’s a smooth transition

To the 50 milligrams and that it’s all good and yeah i’m gonna leave it there uh that’s kind of been the check-in for this sorry for the eyes and um’s again i need to learn how to talk i’m not sure anybody is watching these but that’s fine because as mentioned before this is just kind of to self-document and just look back on this later and just see where i was

Who knows you know i’ll look at this a year from now and see i was just starting this and you know how my journey was and yeah you know i’m still looking around for work as always and you know we’ll see how that goes um i hope to find something soon um

Transcribed from video
Sertraline update By thunderwave