December 8, 2022

Now I have been taking Sertraline for over a month I can give you an informed review of my experience. I take 50mg daily and have seen a steady improvement in mood and anxiety whilst the side effects have decreased significantly.

Welcome back to a happy change we are finally one entire month into our search lien zoloft experience airhorn hopefully i can find an air horn noise otherwise i will just look silly so how are you all doing hopefully you’ve not missed these updates too much it’s been quite busy i’ve been busy with work busy with my daughter and just having a pretty decent time

Actually but i realized that it was really important for me to update so i’m just slightly over a month in terms of taking it but this is a good opportunity to check in with people that are on the journey perhaps a month in and see where they are at i want to break this video down into a couple of stages so firstly i want to talk about the side effects i want

To talk about the mood and i also want to talk about next steps as well and hopefully encourage you to engage with the conversation as well remember these videos are my experience whilst i do try and read and respond to all the comments and use some of them in future videos actually what i’m talking about with authority is my own experience if you have a different

Experience please do share it please do comment because it does mean a lot i’m super duper ooper close to 1000 subscribers if we could get there before my birthday in a couple of weeks that would be mega and that would be a boss birthday present for me cos i’m approaching 40 i’m actual middle-aged now so i just realized i had some food and my tea for self apologies

If that was visible in the first couple of minutes of this video so where are my side effects let’s start there if you’ve watched the previous videos you’ll know that there’s been a bit of a roller coaster in terms of side effects right now i’m in a fairly good place regarding side effects but i just want to highlight a couple of things but the first surprise for

Me is that i’ve had like this resurgence of the quite vivid dreams the first couple of weeks every single night i was having vivid dreams they started to peter out a little bit with sort of occasional recollections of weird dreams when i wake up i would say in the last couple of weeks the last week or so actually the the dreams of heightens again and i’m having

Some like odd experiences in the night like i’m waking up thinking things have happened that haven’t actually i’m still lucky enough that they’re not necessarily bad dreams although i’ve had probably to lie quite significant like nightmares i suppose you would call them in the last two weeks which took me by surprise but the rest of the time it’s generally quite

Positive stuff the other side effect that seemed to have read its heads a little bit again is just a bit of a nausea feeling a bit of an upset stomach and that might be various things as loads of books going around at the moment and i had to kind of go on anti-inflammatories for a sprained neck so there’s all of these things that influence it as well but i suppose

That’s worth talking about that i had to go to the doctor about something else but because of the search raeleen you start creating this cocktail in your body so it is really worth talking to your doctor when you do take a new medication just to see what the interactions will be so for example my gp gave me the anti-inflammatories and also preserve prescribed me

Anti nausea tablets as well so i have had a little bit of an upset stomach this last week been a bit annoying nothing i couldn’t handle but just kind of i suppose it felt like a little bit of a reset in terms of that side effect and that’s it as far as side effects are concerned i think the big one to talk about really is mood i’m at that stage four or five weeks

In where i should start to see the change happening in terms of my mood we talks about that kind of artificial change that can happen when you get the ball rolling now it’s the time for the chemical change to start i’m at that stage i would say that i can feel it i would say that in things that would normally trigger my anxiety or leave me on a bit of a spiral of

Despair and more naturally able to handle those situations so consequently i haven’t felt low i haven’t felt particularly anxious in the situations that normally would drive me there the consequence of that is that have been able to respond more maturely i suppose two situations that might trigger me so say for example having a more difficult conversation with my

Ex-wife about our daughter and normally i would kind of shy away from those things or panic and start to kind of just yeah okay okay try and close the conversation off i felt like in a headspace where i can comprehend what’s being said and respond effectively so it isn’t about arguing back it’s actually about being able to have a conversation rather than me start

Trying to get out of the conversation and causing tension if that makes sense i found that i’m not waking up with worry i’m not going to bed with worry it’s just massive for me and i guess like the big thing everyone associates with depression is feeling sad like i always kind of didn’t equate it like that i always thought it was just like not feeling anything i

Would say the last week or so the last couple of weeks i’ve certainly been able to enjoy things a lot more i had a really fabulous holiday with my daughter and with my mom and we had a great few days away and a few quite like challenging moments there with accommodation mishaps and those sorts of things but they didn’t impact me we just had a really good time and

I was able to really enjoy where i was at and i think another consequence of that is that i’m able to think more productively so perhaps things that i’ve put off or you know ideas that i’ve got in terms of developing my career my business is all of those sorts of things that have been on the backburner for a you know for a long time now i’ve actually been able to

Sort out in my head whoever i want to do them anymore wherever i want to progress with something wherever i want to keep something on the backburner and actually i’ve had more impetus to get stuff done so i’d say the last few weeks i’ve been super productive you know i’m working my full-time job i’ve taken some extra work on and in video editing and i’m also you

Know managing a couple of youtube channels doing blogs etc so got all of these things happening and i’m balancing the time well i’m not spending any time just dwelling on misery which is pretty mega my brain is more organized it’s as simple as that because i’m not having to kind of filter forts through fog and through mess and through like miswired store i’m able

To more effectively work out what i want to prioritize what i want to do and what i want to just scram so i feel like really in control of where i’m at right now which is amazing so i’d be interested to know where you’re at like how has your mood changed over the last month and what changes have you seen in terms of your side effects in terms of your mood one of the

Next steps for me is to get back into talking therapy so i’ve got my counsellor booked in for next week which has been great actually timed really perfectly that the nhs counsellor has an appointment next week just as i’d got to this point where and probably more in a position to talk about things and i would say that if that is something you haven’t considered you

Scared about it’s a good thing to do i’ve you know i’ve had these things happen before and it’s been a really useful experience and never combined it with with medication before so what’s happened previously is the because there hasn’t been a sort of chemical change there’s been a point where the counselor has lost effectiveness for me whereas i now feel that i’m in

A position to talk about the things are more equipped to be able to talk about the things that are stressful for me upsetting for me and hopefully find solutions that allow me to kind of move past that’s that mindset i suppose in the future whether that’s with medication on without interestingly when i spoke to my gp most recently they talked about having sertraline

In their mind as like a 12-month minimum which i think was quite different from the first time i was prescribed it where it was seen as something to be on and then reviewed quite short-term the doctor was quite adamant that actually 12 months and then we’ll know whether or not we continue whether we reduce the dose up the dose etc a few people have messaged me

On instagram or left comments about the fact they’ve been bumped from fifty to a hundred i would say that if you’re in that position you know it’s not a bad one you’re still on the road to recovery it’s just the doctors seen that there’s not portunity there to enhance things and make things a bit smoother if you go from 50 to 100 you might have a little bump in

Side-effects that’s one of the questions i haven’t really been able to answer with authority so if you’ve moved from our low dose to a high dose it’d be really useful the people watching that an expert so that to you share their experience of what happens whether it kind of hit reset on the side effects whether there were any things that were new any experiences

That were unusual just so anyone who’s in that position is maybe feeling a bit anxious about it can be reassured or at least know what to expect so like i say i’m fast approaching 1,000 subscribers if you are watching this and you haven’t subscribed i will like quite a little slice on my birthday cake for you and like preserve it and if we ever meet you can have

Some birthday cake how about that that is a good deal thanks so much for watching it means a lot to me and i’ll see you soon

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Sertraline Vlog 1 Month – First Month on Zoloft By Alex Robb