January 26, 2023

It’s now day 14 of taking Sertraline, that’s 2 weeks of side effects and progress! So how do I feel? When I took Sertraline for the 1st time I felt that the second week was the hardest. This might sound strange if you have experienced side effects of SSRIs but I saw week 2 as a psychological battle. The side effects had pretty much gone but the Sertraline/Zoloft wasn’t working yet (it can take 6 weeks!) so I had to keep busy to stay positive. If you have just started taking sertraline or zoloft (or any SSRI) I recommend listening to the advice I share in this video.

Welcome back to a happy change it is day 14 of taking sertraline that’s two whole weeks so i wanted to make this video for two types of people those people that have just been prescribed the search lean or similar ssri or those people that are at the same point as me and a wondering am i alone in this who else can i speak to and hopefully find that there are other

People who are experiencing the same things as you and feel reassured by that so hello if we’ve not met my name is alex and i’ve been prescribed 50 milligrams of sertraline daily to help with my mental health challenges so in my case that’s anxiety and depression if you watch my previous videos you know that this is the second time that i’ve been on the medication

And i thought it would be really useful just to document at milestones how things are going so in the previous videos i thought about how after you’ve sought help and you started to kind of feel like you’re on this journey to recovery you peak a little bit and then has the realization it’s going to be a long journey you can slowly start to dip down and in that dip

Things can happen you can start to forget to take your medication you can start to get those feelings of worry or hopelessness because it seems like a long time until actually the medication is gonna start kicking in and that happens really around this second week and actually despite the fact that i’m talking about this and i’m making videos i’ve struggled with

That as well the difference is that i knew it was coming i was prepared for it so if you watch some of the previous videos you’ll see that i talked about putting in place some things to help me feel better this last week has actually been full of anxiety i’ve felt quite low on occasions and it’s been much more challenging than last week as or i was prepared for it

So it meant that despite feeling quite low and despite feeling quite anxious in that first week and i did talk about doing this i suggested this is the thing to do i made contact with people and i set some plans in place and held myself accountable to still go to those things so for example on the friday just gone i went and met one of my friends after work and we

Just hung out for a couple of hours had something to eat had a little walk around and it was nice and actually was good to nathie because i was able to share with him the way i was feeling the struggles that i had had and it just meant that we made a connection that i’d been missing you know it was just an opportunity to talk and to share and like i say i suppose

Even though i am making these videos i forgot to take the medication twice on two occasions so in only seven days i forgot to take the medication so i had to catch up you know i took it later than i planned or had realized in the middle of the night and took it i don’t know if that’s a normal way to do it where were you supposed to just wait for the next dose but i

Know you’re not supposed to double up your doses that’s all i know so i guess i’m speaking to those people that are in their first few days i’ve taken the medication and i just want to reiterate this idea that you’re gonna feel like you’re moving forward and then you might feel this little dip you know this kind of decline as things haven’t moved forward and you’re

Like oh god i feel i feel the same again and you start to get into that cycle of worry please please please get things in place and that is easier said than done but it might be as simple as make a promise to yourself that you’re gonna get out more and walk so one of the things that i did on my fitbit because my daughter has a fitbit as well is we’ve synced them

Up together and we challenge each other so we’ve got a daily challenge so me at work and here at school we’ve got a certain amount of steps that we need to reach by the end of the day and there’s some little prizes that we’ve put in place she said she is going to buy me a chocolate verified vita put in those things in place is really important what are the things

That you can do that are gonna make you feel a little bit better when this decline hits so giving you some examples of the way that i’ve managed this week of worry i’ve already told you about me you’re not with one of my friends i’ve told you about walking more exercising more the other thing is like really cutting back on the my financial are going so money is a

Big stress for me so going through my bank statement which i hidden from and just making sure that i really had removed all of the things that were superfluous like did i need that extra extra netflix subscription did i need those sports channels did i need that subscription to the online learning platform all of those things that were just like 100 150 pounds a

Month something like that 200 dollars maybe outgoings that who cut back on and i found that this month this paycheck i haven’t crawled to it as much as i normally would particularly given that we’ve just had christmas you know that was an amazing feeling this morning i did the final payments on one of my loans which is an amazing feeling as well just to take that

Box i went to the cinema so i went to see 1917 by sam mendes which was insane and was an incredible film so you can see that i knew this dip was gonna happen so at the end of week one i put some things in place i set some dates or i set some time to see people and i set these challenges up with my kid so things were going to happen so it’s a difficult habit to get

Into because when we have worry and when we have anxiety and depression we tend to think of like things that have already happened we dwell on the past rather than set actions for the future and that’s a bit of a shift that i want you to kind of consider the importance of making that actually what you should be doing right now whether this is day zero week one week

Two is thinking okay what can i be doing in a week’s time that’s gonna make me feel a little bit better i know i’m gonna plan tag on a bike ride with my kid or with my brother or with my dad or with my cousin or whoever it might be finding an activity that you can do so in a week’s time you won’t look back at a week and go oh it was wasted you’ll have had that thing

Where you can go oh we’re so fun we i went to the pub for an hour i want on watch the football game or went on that bike ride went on a hike walk the dog had a shower whatever it might be that can make you feel like you’ve achieved something this week so you need to start flipping your mindset i suppose from reflecting on what’s gone wrong in the previous week to

What can go right in the week ahead and that’s the point that i want you to start making with me but it’s as hard for me as it is for you and actually the important thing is that you know if we’re doing this together that actually i don’t want to be doing this alone because it’s hard to be thinking make plans do that put myself in situations maybe i find myself

More vulnerable but actually i can then reflect back on the really positive things because if i hadn’t done those things right now this video would be me reflecting on week two as being one that was quite low where i felt vulnerable and i felt anxious and i felt down instead i can say okay yeah i did feel those things but also i did this i did this and i did this

And it was great so genuinely wish you like the best of luck i am gonna check in regularly and update when i hit these milestone dates if you’ve got anything you want to share please do leave a comment you know it’s really important that people engage share their stories you never know who it’s going to help and i shall see you next time and if you want to watch

Another video this should be one here

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Sertraline Vlog Day 14 – Zoloft Second Week Review Side Effects and Next Steps By Alex Robb