June 3, 2023

Hey! When you are struggling with Mental Health you can find yourself isolated at the time you need friends the most. It is fairly normal that you will find it more challenging to maintain relationships and losing friends can seem like an unspoken side effect of depression. If you are on the road to recovery with your mental health now is the time to think about your potential isolation and any loneliness you might be experiencing. In this video, I set a task for you that might allow you to make contact with a friend and feel less isolated. Keep moving forward!

Welcome back to a happy change and thank you for tuning in if you’ve been following along with my journey so far you’ll know that i am recovering from depression and anxiety and in order to achieve that i am taking a medication so i take sertraline sometimes known as sola and i’m also making other changes in my life and what i want this channel to do is hopefully

Inspire you to make some changes that allow you to move forward allow you to feel better and progress so over the first week you’ve taken search raeleen i did a daily vlog checked in told people where i was at and what i was feeling at that time and one of the things that i thought about was having this sudden headspace because you’re not worrying about how am i

Going to get better it’s kind of in the hands now at the doctor you’ve had that brave step of speaking to someone you know the medication is gonna kick in at some point down the line and you have this weight off your shoulders but also room left in your brain to think about office stuff and i talked about the positive things that you can fill that space with but

Inevitably if there’s a vacuum to be filled there could be negative things that creep in as well and one of the things that i wanted to just briefly talk about and hopefully san action for you ser tasks a challenge if you like is this idea of isolation and loneliness so we live in a society where mental health issues whilst lots of people struggle with them the

Sharing of those challenges is still something that is quite rare in the last week i’ve had more conversations with strangers on the internet through my youtube comments than i have with the people that i’ve known for years because it just feels safer i feel less vulnerable those things can snowball if i think about my social life the way it’s declined over the

Last two years why i can put it down to is i never tried and eventually people gave up you’re on your road to recovery now and actually it’s a great opportunity to just be honest and be open about the struggles that you’ve had i’m gonna ask you to do that in a moment i’m gonna ask you to think someone that you can speak to about the way that you felt and about your

Hopes for the future and ask you to be honest and open with them in order to do that i’m gonna share what happened to me today i’ve got that one friend that reaches how often that’s messages me regularly checks in with me invites me to everything even though i say no every time and i thought actually that’s the person that i need to speak to today so i send them

A message today hey man i know i am super unreliable and you’ve made loads of effort to see me in chat i just wanted to say i really appreciate it i’ve not been too good lately and for a long time so whilst i’m trying to get better it means a lot that you keep checking in and suggesting things and just that openness alleviated that fear i have of of losing someone

Of loserman of a friend of this now on future opportunities because i still say no actually what it’s meant is that i don’t have that fear anymore because i know this person will be there and i now know that they have a better understanding of what it is that i’m going through so i want you to have a think if you are feeling brave enough about how open you are

About the conversations that you have with the people around you who is it that’s probably worrying about you right now or who is it that’s always offering new social opportunities that maybe you turn down that you feel comfortable checking in with and just letting them know what it is that you’ve gone through and the direction that you’re headed you don’t have

To do it like it’s not an obligation if you watch this video but i do want you to think about it as an opportunity who’s that person who reaches out to you and perhaps they know the full story but send them a message just to say hi and just to say thanks for checking in on me i really appreciate it and i will see you next time

Transcribed from video
Sertraline Vlog Day 8 – Depression and Loneliness By Alex Robb