November 29, 2022

Sertraline withdrawal and its side effects. How to quit antidepressants. (SSRI’S) Reducing your sertraline dose and if you have side effects. How I reduced my my sertraline dosage that I had been taking to cope with Social anxiety. I stopped during covid 19 lockdown. This video tells the symptoms I had when and after I gave up using antidepressants, and the dose from 200mg to zero antidepressants in 6 weeks..

I decided to document reducing my sertraline dose in case other people wanted to but were worried about the side effects after a month in lockdown i started to worry about prescriptions running out this was when everyone started panic buying so i started thinking the worst and i didn’t want to go cold turkey also social anxiety sufferers know that we keep having

To force ourselves to do general sociable things in order to stay calm and not to hide away so now that i have the perfect excuse to hide away i started worrying that when society goes back to normal search really won’t work for me anymore plus i’m on the highest dose so at least if i manage to lower the dose these coming months i’ll have the option to up the

Dose again when things go back to normal after having been on search lean for three years i’d gradually gained weight and hoped quitting would help to get me back to my normal weight i was a bit scared after reading about other people’s withdrawal symptoms but week one went well with no noticeable side effects i decided to take another 25 milligrams off in week

Two and this is when i noticed a few small changes at week three i felt confident enough to go down to 100 milligrams half of my original dose so this is when i started to experience some of my old anxiety symptoms pre-surgery for example when making general conversation with the till lady in the supermarket i started to get all hot and sweaty and red-faced

And more self-conscious i thought i was going to have a panic attack but i managed to shake off the feeling and rationalize my behavior from learned habits over the last three years being more calm whilst on circulane also cognitive behaviour therapy i had in the first year helped too at week four i was down to 50 milligrams and this was my worst week yet i get

Indigestion but now it was full on gerd and i was vomiting sometimes from the acid reflux i experienced a few what i can only describe as mild hallucinations and i was feeling more emotional had some tearful angry outbursts and was feeling a little paranoid and generally a bit down i had all these symptoms before i started taking search lean apart from the gerd

So i thought my old problems returning may stay or get worse however i noticed it was a full moon and my period was due at this time which always heightens my emotions the last week my well-being calmed down a bit and i started to feel okay i’d completed my reduction from 200 milligrams to zero in six weeks there was a bit more disturbed sleep with nightmares

Which passed after about a month and now six months on i’ve managed to keep my social anxiety under control but we are still experienced lockdowns at the moment so life’s a lot easier for me as i’m living in my own little bubble i’ve still got gerd and i haven’t lost any weight but personally for me reducing search lean over a period of six weeks wasn’t that bad

At all i didn’t experience any brain zaps thankfully but i do know what they feel like as i had a few whilst uncirculating for some reason and it jolted me awake at night it was a very strange experience and i’m thankful i didn’t get these when i quit so to conclude i would definitely take search lean again if i felt i needed it and i do miss the way it stunted

My emotions so let’s see how i go after lockdown thanks for listening and i hope this helps someone

Transcribed from video
Sertraline withdrawal. Zoloft. By Notes Neary