March 28, 2023

I review the antidepressant Sertraline, generic for Zoloft.

Hi i’m here to give an honest review of zoloft and as the generic name for it is called sertraline and i took it for two months and i’m gonna tell you exactly what it did to me oh how it affected my brain and physical body and everything now it was about two months ago or a little more than that and i was having anxiety and depression and just like overwhelming

Negative thoughts coming into my mind and it was stopping me from being productive and in working hard and um so i i needed something to stop and i was getting some depressed thoughts cuz over the anxiety because the anxiety wouldn’t go away and um and um so i talked to my psyche cop my psychiatrist and um he said to take i need an antidepressant he kind of picked it

Out of a hat which one would work with me because they all work about the same um and i took i could have taken lexapro i could have taken some other ones and um i had decided to take or he thought zoloft would work best with me he knows that each one is subtly different so he chose zoloft or sertraline as i was taking so um what it did was after a few days or about

A week it was like it was truly amazing like the negative thoughts and the anxiety went away it was like amazing like um it was it was the best the first month that i had on the medicine was the best month or the best time i just felt like mentally well adjusted and my anxiety and depression almost completely went away i mean it was it was great and it was like it

Was the best time i had in years um not necessarily what i well actually what i was doing in life well what i was doing in life was great i mean i was like i started being really productive like i’m making all these songs and music videos in my band and that’s what this stuff is for i’m gonna be like a do a pee-wee herman parody in the home so that’s that’s like

A fun thing that i was doing and then with my day job that brings the money in i was being much more productive and i actually enjoyed it whereas before i was getting so sick of it and i just kind of hated my work and and um this made it so like i enjoyed it and i worked harder and i was more um eager to um get success within my job and with this creative stuff

That i pour my soul and life and everything into that i want to make really work and i and i was spending time with family my two kids spending a little at time with family and i stopped wasting time like going on facebook and just doing random you know not not good stuff on facebook but just wasting time on facebook i stopped that type of stuff and um i was just

So productive it was like about a month and then um the medicine and i got healthy and i got in better shape because i had i was on this other minute i was on risperdal on a very high high dose and it caused me to gain like 50 pounds i was on 4 milligrams of risperdal and it caused me to gain like 48 pounds before that so i finally adjusted it took the risperdal

Down and got me on this zoloft and um that’s a great thing about antidepressants they cause your appetite to go down they’re commonly not with every single person but commonly hey baby kitty what’s up so he wants attention my cat um so own so they cause your anxiety later your own well this caused my anxiety to go away and it also caused me to lose weight so

I was like getting in shape and everything i lost like 15 to maybe 20 or 25 pounds i’d say about 15 to 20 pounds of you know bad fat and everything so um so it was amazing the first month but then um baby kitty what do you want he wants constant attention while i’m trying to you know do things um but um so um after that it stopped working it just i just i don’t

Know what it was it just um i started getting anxiety again but i kept the weight off that was good that was good like i still have some more weight to lose again but i lost you know 20 pounds or something i was on my way again and um and so that was that was great that even though i was still taking it that anxiety was coming back but the depression went away it

Caught it kept the depression away but that anxiety started coming back this whole second month was just kind of bad it was like a lot of anxiety i don’t know why so i finally have a psychiatrist appointment tomorrow and he’s gonna adjust the mess and i’m gonna see if i can get on lexapro instead since this one didn’t really work with me but the first month was

Like amazing it just had me so mentally well adjusted and um it just depends you have to try different ones and see which one works best with you but the the coolest and best thing about the antidepressants is that they cause you’re at some of them like with me it causes my appetite to go down so that was cool it’s like an easier way to lose weight it’s like much

Easier to lose weight on it for me personally you know so that’s it and um uh if you have any questions or comments you can comment and hopefully i’ll see it um and be able to comment back and respond um and just you know try different antidepressants see which one ones work this one might be perfect for somebody else but it seemed to work well for me for about a

Month and then it stopped working but it kept the depression away which if you’re looking to get rid of depression and you and your similar to me it could you know have a great effect on on getting rid of depression and stuff so ok well that’s that’s the whole review i hope um you make a good decision and go to and go to your psychiatrist and take his advice over

Mine i’m not a doctor at all so this is just a truthful review of the of zoloft and sertraline okay thanks okay bye

Transcribed from video
Sertraline (Zoloft) REVIEW By John Birmingham