December 8, 2022

CARDIOCON-2022, Day-2, Session: 22

My respected teachers dignified faculties and their fellows uh good morning this is dr said rahman khan from nsbt welcome you all to my presentation this is a topic of my paper that is molecular analysis of c2c19 alleles and global resistance among bangladeshi patients with echoed coronary syndrome antiplatelet therapy is a cornerstone in the management of aquat

Coronary syndrome and the prevention of eastern thrombosis after pci after aspirin globally the widely used independent drug in our country many studies showed that true particle resistance is the emerging problem for managing acs patient and after coronary intervention currently available laboratory testing for global resistance are platelet function test

And genotyping for c2c19 variants drug levels and interpretable effects of tropical differ depending on the genotype of c2c19 enzyme based on c2c19 genotype individuals are categorized in different phenotype ultrarapid metabolizer extensive metabolizer intermittent metabolism and poor metabolism a study by shantung at all has shown about 90 percent patient

Or work particle resistant in india according to hawk at all about 46.7 percent and moon or at all about 56.6 percent bangladeshi population are group critical resistance which is higher when compared with other study but exact data about global resistance of bangladeshi population is still unknown so this study was conducted to determine the prevalence

Of global resistance by ship to c19 essay among the bangladeshi patients with acute coronary syndrome this observation study was returned deeper depending on cardiology nacvt from july 2019 to june 2020 total 200 patients with echoed coronary syndrome are enrolled to see the prevalence of empirical resistance the patient was diagnosed with unstable angina

Non-still deviation mi hd elevation mi as per clinical representation ecg changes and cardiac marker blood sample was collected and sent for biochemical investigation as popular pharmacogenetic dna extraction from whole blood was done using dna extraction kit quantification of dna was done using qantas fluorometer pcr was done using applied biosystem 2720

Then final analysis is done now result the mean age of the study population was 52 years and the study showed male p dominance among the study population 49 percent was still a mi patient 31 percent was non hdmi patient and 20 percent was unstable angela patient female patient the smoker patient had higher incidence of propitical resistance this bird diagram

Showing frequency of c2 c90 alliance in acs patient and dominion c2c19 ls was one by two that was 52 percent of all study population this picture showing frequency of ship to c19 phenotype in acs patient interpreted metabolism was 55 percent excellency metabolism was 33 percent ultradependent metabolizer was 11 percent and poor metabolizer was only one person

The stable showing frequency of clopidogrel resistance in unstable angina non hdmi and hdmi patient the treatment expense for acs and pieces is still too high for our people aging neurodepleted drug add more expense to the treatment cost resulting premature discontinuation of depth ultimately end up with more adverse cardiovascular event and eastern thrombosis

In this study we found 56 percent study population has grow particular resistance since we found that 55 percent of our population is intermediate metabolizer so we can overcome this resistance by increasing the dose of the chlorophyll from 75 to 150 milligram current guidelines do not advise routine platelet function testing to identify the true particle but

It is good to do a particular genotyping of a patient with acs especially high risk patient and who will undergo pci we also suggest using double dose of chlorophytic when clopal resistance is not possible to evaluate though we have alternative pentibulated drugs like placebo real anticoagulant but increased breeding risk in his treatment expense as well as

Two times daily dosing of picabillon make this interpreter less confident for many patients also had some limitation this was a single century study study population was small only genotyping was done but other pattern function tests were not used thank you thank you for your patience hearing

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Session: 22 – Molecular analysis of CYP2C19 Alleles & Clopidogrel Resistance among Bangladeshi By IPDI Foundation