June 1, 2023

Should I take fluoxetine? I’m assuming this is a question you are asking yourself if you’ve come across this video. My answer isn’t simple, as it’s a deep topic but before you take the decision to start taking medication for reasons related to mental health I invite you to try some of the methods talked about in this video. Medication can be great for some but if some of your other lifestyle choices are poor maybe there is some things you want to consider. In my humble opinion a pill isn’t the answer in the majority of cases but what do i know? I’m just sharing my experience and hoping to help people make a more informed decision.

Yes everyone thanks for tuning in it’s a pleasure as always i hope you’re having a great day before i get into the video i’d just like to say if you get any value from this or you agree like subscribe if you’ve got any views or comments please share them down below and i’d also just like to say before i get into this video i’m not a healthcare professional i’m

Not a doctor i’m not a psychiatrist i’m just a guy with some experience about these subjects and someone who likes to share them so hopefully i can help people make more informed decisions because i feel like there’s not really a lot of information out there about the subjects i’m going to explore which is should you take floor citing or for that matter any

Other ssri or prozac antidepressant now i only took i’ve only taken fluoxetine so obviously that’s the only thing i can share my experience on but if you’re considering taking an antidepressant or ssri what i’d like to invite you to do is think about really focusing on the following five things i’m going to explore in this video before you resort to that so an

Antidepressant should be the last resort you should that shouldn’t be your go-to because from my experience in the long run they actually really hindered me and brought some quite negative qualities into my life i would say so now i have got bipolar cyclothymia so maybe it just wasn’t the right medication for me but people’s automatic response these days tends

To be let me give let me take this pill rather than address what’s really going on in their life that’s just my perspective anyway so the first thing is how is your diet now this is a really obvious one but it never ceases to amaze me that people eat absolutely and then wonder why they feel like so you know just on a really basic level uh you know are you

Eating lots of refined sugars are you eating lots of chocolate biscuits things of that nature are you eating loads of breads now i don’t think bread’s gonna cause you depression but from again from my own perspective eating bread and lots of carbs make me feel eating sugar definitely makes me feel like anything of that nature what should you base your diet on

In my opinion meat and vegetables and some fruit i eat a very very low carb diet and a very very high a very very high fat diet and that just works for me my mind works better and it helps my mind just feel a little bit more steady if you’re sitting there eating popcorn drinking coke and then wondering why you feel like well just just think about it for a second

So number one is address your diet number two is exercise are you exercising i think people again this is really obvious but people don’t people don’t take action on this as much as i feel that they should now i i train a lot uh you know when i say exercise that can be whatever it is to you just get moving resistance training maybe some sort of combat sports

Like uh i do boxing and jujitsu maybe you just want to run maybe you want to swim maybe you want to do yoga which i also do so i just think you want to get yours get your body moving again if you’re sitting at home not moving for the day and then eating that is not going to be good for your mental health the third one is get outside now if you if you think

About how much time we spend inside now compared to say 100 years ago it’s kind of crazy i try to go outside at least once every two hours even if it’s just for a walk around the block for 10 minutes but i think people again underestimate how important getting outside is you want to get outside even if it’s the weather’s not good you just want to get that natural

Light into your eyes get the uv rays on your skin especially when the sun’s out i like to just walk around in just shorts and just get as much sun on my skin as possible we’re not built to be inside all the time so number three get outside number four are you breathing correctly now this one’s possibly a little bit unusual or one that most people wouldn’t have

Of considered but i’m a yoga instructor so i’m really into breath activities or you know things of that nature and i’ve you know there’s a great book by a guy called james nestor called breath or breathe which talks a lot about the aspects of breathing and i’m also reading this at the moment called the breathing cure which talks a lot about breath as well and i

Just think people underestimate the impact that breathing correctly can have on you it’s kind of funny because breathing is probably the single most important thing we do you can go a few days without water you can go a few weeks without food you’re not going longer than 20 minutes without breathing so you want to breathe deeply get that air into your lungs and

You’d be amazed you know and i’ve heard people make comments before like no one can teach me how to breathe of course they can dig deep into the subject because if you dig deep into your breath it might change your life if you’re breathing through your mouth all the time and you’re taking short shallow breaths of course you’re not going to be feeling good because

That contributes to activating like a flight or fight response within the body and the mind so number four is breathe breathe number five the last one i’m going to explore today is are you regularly getting out of your comfort zone you can probably refer this point to a couple of the things i’ve already mentioned such as exercise so when i say get out your comfort

Zone what i mean are are you taking part in activities which in the present moment when you take part in them you it’s you’re not really enjoying it but then the more you get into it the more you are enjoying it and then by the time you’re finished you’re really happy that you did it so you know for example exercise is a great one if someone says oh if you say

You’re going to run two miles before you run the two miles you’re like oh i don’t want to do it or you know but then you firm for it you run that two miles and i guarantee you after you run the two miles you’ll be feeling better things that i like to do i do a lot of cold water swimming and cold exposure stuff and that helps me get out of my comfort zone for

Example before i get in the freezing water i don’t want to get in it i jump in it i’m in there for five minutes i get out and then i feel great i think as well things like social situations maybe you know i’m i’m a male obviously you know if you’re male when you’re watching this and you see an attractive woman maybe go up and strike a conversation with her of some

Sort you know things of that nature do things which are going to get you out your comfort zone and push your boundaries because therefore you’re going to grow and personally when i feel like i’m not growing i’ve i feel like i’m i’m almost getting smaller and that contributes to you know my depressive phases and things of that nature so to recap before you decide

To take a fluoxetine fluoxetine sorry or any other antidepressant ssri whatever address these five things and ask yourself honestly have you got these things on point have you got these things in a good rhythm because if you haven’t if all of them are out of whack and you’re gonna go take a pill you need to seriously question what your what your outlook on life

Is so to recap the five things are your diet fix your diet up number two get moving number three get outside number four breathe number five your comfort zones anyway if you’re feeling that video uh let me know have an awesome day wherever you are and i’ll see you in the next one peace

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Should you take fluoxetine? (or any other SSRI, Prozac or antidepressant). Try this first!! By Lifting Out of the Lows