June 1, 2023

Here are a few things you could try to help shrink your enlarged prostate. Check this out!

Prostate that could potentially affect your   urination now it is true that when men age their  prostate actually does enlarge and take a look at   where the prostate is located it’s a gland that  wraps around this little tube that’s coming from   your urinary bladder so as you increase the size  of that prostate it’s going to

Shut down that tube   and it’s going to affect your ability to urinate  and so the doctor puts you on a certain medication   like flomax an antibiotic and maybe you’ll do some  blood tests and then i’ll see you in six months   a look at all of your hormones they can be  classified really in two different categories  

Now anabolic has everything to do with building  something up and catabolic is breaking something   catabolic effect all these enzymes that   blocks amino acids fatty acids glucose etc   that kick in and take these building blocks   and make body tissue out of them and so when the  prostate enlarges it’s obvious that you have

This   anabolic thing going on right if we take a look  at all the anabolic hormones we have prolactin   which and maybe you’ve heard of prolactin with  women in breastfeeding but men also have prolactin   definitely increase the size of the prostate   and then estrogen itself can increase the size  of the prostate and

Estrogen also increases the   hormones like dht which is a very powerful   growth hormone igf number one which is kind   by the liver it’s stimulated by growth hormone   definitely will increase the prostate and you have  progesterone and insulin which is a very powerful   has the majority of these hormones that  you

Might be consuming on a regular basis   yogurt kefir and milk contains the majority  of these anabolic hormones and so if you   enlarged you need to get off milk and milk   now number two is insulin what triggers insulin   is enlarged or you have urination problems   you need to get off sugar and go on a ketogenic 

Plan if you’re new to my channel i put a link   estrogen can come from many different sources   soy milk or soy protein isolates as a protein  and maybe a diet shake that you’re taking   or you’re not consuming organic foods you just  have commercial vegetables or commercial foods   which have a lot of chemicals that mimic

Estrogen  that could be one big factor that’s increasing the   size of your prostate now a lot of times people  take natural remedies for the prostate like   that is normally converting testosterone  into a very powerful form of testosterone   called dht which can increase the prostate but  here’s the problem if you’re

Taking salt palmetto   eating on sugar potentially consuming some soy   it’s not going to work so i recommend cut out  the dairy get on a keto plan make sure you don’t   in addition to that take some saw palmetto   and lycopene now lycopene also has some great  research that can help shrink the prostate   and that

Would be high in tomatoes so tomatoes  would be a good food to consume if you have an   enlarged prostate so if you’re going to tail or  make a diet to someone with an enlarged prostate   not only healthy keto and intermittent fasting but  i would also consume more cruciferous vegetables   help balance your estrogen and even

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Shrink Your Enlarged Prostate By Dr. Eric Berg DC