June 3, 2023

Episode 36

What is up guys and welcome back or welcome to my channel today i’m going to talk about the medication i am on i’ve talked about the one i was on before venlo vaccine but i actually switched medications because that one was causing me to have weird nightmares and um when i switched what they did is they lowered it down from i was at 110 or something like that and

They lowered it down to 37.5 and then they put me on 150 uh milligrams of uh it’s called bupropion xl i’ve been taking this drug for about a month now maybe a little bit longer i think it’s been um three weeks with just being on this drug um for the first few days of fully coming off of venlafaxine i had really bad withdrawals in my body i think i talked about

That before in the one video how it felt like i could feel like my heartbeat it would go it wasn’t actually my heartbeat though this weird thing is like but it was like that part of my chest kind of area and it’d go up my throat and it was just like the worst feeling ever um i think it’s been a couple days now so it took about three weeks for that drug to fully

Come out of my body but now it’s out of my body i’m not really getting that feeling um actually no like the very odd odd time i get a little bit of a feeling but it’s so so tiny that is completely doable um so this drug produces dopamine and adrenaline they decided to put me on this instead of a serotonin booster because both times i’ve taken serotonin boosters

It actually has given me the one time i was getting me night terrors and then lots of nightmares and then this last time it was giving me a lot of weird dreams as well as nightmares as well um but no night terrors which was nice um but the only side effect is i cannot have caffeine on it no there’s a couple side effects side effects but the one is i can barely

Have any caffeine on it um i lowered my coffee down to one one cup a day and um the one day i had i went out for coffee and um i went to a place and they had drip coffee and i had a large coffee instead of a medium coffee and it still gave me chest pains and then i also one day had two cups of coffee instead of one and again it was like really bad chest pains

Um so now i’m down to one cup of coffee um i’m lowering my coffee starting yesterday i lowered it a little bit and then usually i make my coffee with two tablespoons of coffee beans and then ground it but now i’m going to try one and kind of separate it a little bit further from um i was taking my medication and drinking coffee around the same time or at the

Same time sometimes i take my medication with coffee but honestly it’s too much for my body because it’s two stimulants it’s you have adrenaline which is obviously a stimulant and then also on top of that you have the caffeine um so i had to separate them a little bit and lower the coffee again um that’s kind of hard for me because i do really like caffeine but

If that’s the only big side effect then i can deal with it um the other side effect is um your throat’s a lot more dry except to drink so much more water and sometimes it’s to the point where you’re just like almost like choking because like the back your throat gets so so dry so i just have to keep my um water intake but the issue with that is as i drink more

Water throughout the day then i get thirsty and thirsty and thirstier it’s not like it hydrates me i’m gonna try to start having maybe like some kind of uh what’s the word of some kind of electrolytes such as maybe just like a glass of orange juice with a pinch of salt in it actually works well for electrolytes then your body starts absorbing more water although

Like i do salt some of my meals or have sodium in my meals so that shouldn’t be an issue but i’m going to test that out and see if that helps the other side effects is loss of appetite so this drug is actually used with something else as a weight loss thing for like severely overweight people i believe is what i read but um so sometimes it makes it harder for me

To eat so when i can eat i try to eat like a sufficient amount but i do find myself having lots of smoothies because it’s something that i can just drink um and then sometimes i just really cannot physically eat uh which could be combined with something else it could not be just medication it could be like other things i’m going through at the moment but um i

Find i’m not nowhere near as hungry i set a timer because i always talk too long i’m trying to shorten my videos but i find that i’m not as hungry on this medication so i do try when i’m hungry to eat either larger meals or drink smoothies throughout the day just so that i can actually get enough calories in my body because if i only ate when i was hungry at the

Moment i probably wouldn’t get enough food in which doesn’t give me enough energy which doesn’t give me the mind power to be able to you know make videos do my instagram stuff do my job talk like just human things that you need to do every day but so far i do like the drug i do find that my like i do feel better but honestly i’m not on it long enough to actually

Have the full effects it usually takes minimum of three weeks for it to actually start working when you’re on a proper dose so um it probably will start working like basically now ish is when the real side effects kick in of how your you are but i’ve said it before in other videos you cannot just take a drug and it fixes all your problems you have to do all the

Other little things that are going on such as um making sure you’re kind of having somewhat nutritious nutrition diet like you know vegetables some fruit and vegetables and fruit and stuff and then you have to make sure you’re getting some exercise in and then you have to make sure that you’re like meditating and journaling and all that kind of stuff so there

Are a lot of little other factors that you have to add in to it for it to fully work but so far i like it and those are all the side effects i’m gonna stop the video here so my videos are not too long and i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you do give a big thumbs up if you don’t give a big thumbs down if you have any questions about the drug at all or any

Other antidepressants i’ve ever been on let me know drop it in the comments below and i will catch you guys in the next one

Transcribed from video