May 29, 2023

The drugs below are commonly used to treat arthritis. They have some side effects you should be aware of.

My name is alan glasser i’m a pharmacist mark’s pharmacy delta bc in canada and right now i like to review the top prescribed medications and specifically the side effects that you can encounter when you take them you know all prescription drugs have more than one effect there’s the effect the physician wants you to get in terms of reducing your disease state

Reducing pain in this case mostly we’re related with pain with arthritis and they all have side effects so let’s get into the most commonly prescribed drugs by the specialist for control of arthritis vicodin or that’s hydroxy hydrocodone and acetaminophen in canada it’s called an dose at percocets hydrocodone you’re looking at a potent narcotic and of a classic

And it is addictive meaning that you start taking it when you don’t have pain yes you’re addicted to it when you do have pain there’s actually studies proving that you’ve once the pain goes away you can stop your hydrocodone or vicodin horrendous either percocets and there’s no long term addiction to this so typical with hydrocodone or oxycodone nausea vomiting

Constipation those are the top three things that happen if you are constipated you must get a stimulant laxative i strongly recommend the senate cod or senna and a stool softener you can take those safely there is no dependence on stool softeners once you get rid of the cause of your constipation you can stop the stimulant laxatives the next dog is a relatively

New it’s similar to the action of tylenol freeze on the product but it doesn’t have all those side effects which is usually drowsiness nausea constipation addiction again the top three things that happen with people four or five people over 100 the tramadol or ultram is nausea vomiting and constipation yeah doesn’t happen to everybody five or six people of 100

Typically this is either given by itself or along with the sedum in offensive control your pain my only concern if you dose is related with few minutes acetaminophen the max windows for anybody over 65 70 and i strongly recommend is 3,000 milligrams of acetaminophen a day if you’re taking more than that this new studies out saying you’re risking liver damage and

We won’t want you to damage your liver and if you’re concerned about that you get liver enzyme tests to see if there is any liver damage that you’ve suffered oh the next drug we’re going to look at is meloxicam it’s called mobic or in canada you see the generic moloch’s meloxicam it is like aspirin so typical things is upset stomach nausea possibly drowsiness or

Diarrhea this is the top three things five or six people over 100 experienced to reduce that chance you need to take this drug after food or milk unfortunately with this whole class brawl dance aids guarantee the one person per hundred who has a stomach bleed when they’re on these that’s the danger of them that means it’s beyond your stools either turn black or you

Vomit coffee groans it looks like that ever happens to you get to merge because they investigate that make sure it’s not life-threatening a bleeding ulcer the next rugger were looked at is similar to the meloxicam but it’s the next generation so fewer side effects it’s called celebrex and stomach upset or gasps may occur those are most common problems i will tell

You one of the issues here as it does cause blood clots in a small number of people obviously that means stroke heart attack kidney failure and that’s why it is used with caution as a matter of fact any of the nonsteroidal antiinflammatory can cause that problem again it’s a it’s a risk-benefit situation here when you’re using these class of drugs because it’s so

Effective at controlling your pain we want to give you mobility and a life even if you have arthritis part of arthritis is a muscle or joint pain that’s why the next drug that’s given is cyclobenzaprine which is called brand-name flexeril typical things with this is drowsiness dry mouth fatigue dizziness lightheadedness because it’s changing those areas again five

Or six people it’s not everybody who experiences this i think the most common side effect is the dry mouth and drowsiness drowsiness could be up to fifty percent in this particular case so avoid driving avoid alcohol over other drugs increase your drowsiness because it’ll just get worse again it’s a relatively safe drug but you got to watch the side effects when

You’re taking this with there’s a dry possible drug interaction with antidepressants so check with you you’re taking any depressants you may not want to take too high a dose of flexeril because it increases the potency of your energies impressing the top-selling pain control agents or tylenol number one i strongly recommend you take no more than 3,000 milligrams a

Day if you’re over 65 and that’s because the latest information is telling me that patients are taking over 3,000 milligrams of acetaminophen or tylenol daily are suffering liver damage it increases your risk of liver damage i know that we do not no longer give our patients in nursing homes more than 3,000 milligrams a day we use other means to control the pain

Below with 65 is safe to take 4000 milligrams of acetaminophen or tylenol daily and that’s the biggest concern is liver damage over long-term chronic use ask your doctor to be tested to see if you’re suffering anything like that the other three drugs are advil or ibuprofen aspirin or a sa and a leave which is naproxen these are over-the-counter drugs for all the

Same class of drugs there have similar side effects in terms of upset stomach you know stomach pain diarrhea the long term problem with these drugs if you take this every day of your life is it’s guaranteed one in a hundred patients who are taking this will have a stomach leak that means you end up with a bleeding ulcer in emerg the typical symptoms that you see

If you have to do have a stomach bleed is if you’re nauseous and throw out they look like coffee grounds otherwise your stools turn black the only other time your stools turn black is when you’re bleeding internally or you’re taking iron pills iron pills will make your stools black if you see those symptoms and you with or without you know stomach pain definitely

Get a holder your physician get in to get tested you’re just taking the medications the advil the astronaut in two directions you still may have this stomach bleeding the newest drugs in the market it’s extremely effective at controlling pain and with the fewer side-effects drowsiness dizziness confusion to go with the pre gabilan or lyrica unfortunately it’s

Not normally covered by pharma care where the drug plans and most provinces now non drug means to control the paint number one that i found is the far infrared saunas i know you can look it up on the net and buy them they range anywhere from a thousand to five thousand dollars typically and they do a phenomenal job at control typically in your local area some

Naturopath homeopathy occasionally health and stores have some as you can visit even spas have saunas that you can visit and test it out see if it does control your pain before you buy now if you can’t carry us on around with you because it works so well we have a long extension cord i do have a product called thermal flow it’s a made of a material that inside

The thread is little ceramic beads that reflect your body’s own heat back into your body they look like these it’s thermal flow and how this product works again with the surrounding beads in the threads it reflects the body’s own heat at the right frequency because your body’s heat is the perfect frequency to reflect back and your body and just like the desana it

Stimulates blood flow to the area the thermal flow of the song and it helps get oxygen into the cells for the healing brings nutrients to the area at the same time it open opens up the body sewer system called the lymphatic drainage system and drains away the pain chemicals you know how that if you twist your wrist it blows up if you put a thermal wrap on on your

Wrist i know that within a weekend that the swelling goes down it’s just a phenomenal product works on great on any other swelling that happens in the body either from arthritis or varicose veins or injuries another non drug means of controlling pain is and by using an enzyme called faraday’s now faraday’s has been around for many many years and it is able to eat

Up the dead tissue that happens when you have an injury or arthritis so you’ve got arthritis the body’s attacks itself kills the cells and instantly once there’s dead cells there the body has a response that’s an inflammatory response i mean the area swells up it triggers the pain nerves and you feel pain in that area and that’s what this thera tase does it eats up

That there tissue that triggered the pain which caused the swelling which gave you the you know triggers your pain sensors so by getting rid of the cause we’ve now stopped your pain you take the advils of the world or leaves or a sa all that’s interfering with is the body’s inflammatory response it’s like putting perfume on top of a bad smell what really works is

Having a bath with soap and water getting rid of the smell that’s what faraday’s is it’s the soap that gets rid of the dead tissue inside your body now the next thing is typically there’s muscle and joint pain part of your pain may be due to tight or cramp muscles if you have an injury and the trauma is still there your muscles are so tight one of the best tools

That i’ve ever seen is called the stick and this stick is anywhere from 20 to 30 inches long this is a marathon stick it’s 20 inches long as is what 90% of my clients purchased to control the pain you just roll it and you roll it over the muscles and you’ll see how it how it’s to be used with the website so this is the stick and typically all you ever do is you can

Just gently roll it up and down on the area and i’m just doing my arm is if you got neck pain you’ve got a frozen shoulder or shoulder injury using one and two pounds of pressure you just roll this area up and down for 30 seconds and i absolutely guarantee that you will increase the range of motion you can only lift it you can only lift it this high you lift it to

Reach your head you can i have clients do that in the first application of using it the stick okay it’s 100% money back guarantee 90 day money back guarantee on the stick thank you for watching this video my name is alan glasser pharmacist mark’s pharmacy in delta bc you can visit the website at triple w fast – arthritis relief dot-com that’s fast – arthritis –

Relief com yeah and again you can get ahold of me directly at one eight seven seven five nine is six one seven seven four i do do personal consultations 20 minutes is $50 please call to inquire

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