March 28, 2023

SIDE EFFECTS OF PPIs. Long term side effects of Omeprazole, Nexium, Prilosec.

Hi friends it’s veronica max naturopathic physician happily retired today we are going to talk about potential long-term side effects of proton pump inhibitors or ppis arlene haas writes to me the person was taking ppis for 14 years because the person was told that he has a high stomach acid so she was or he was able to discontinue ppi’s diet supplements digestive

Tract gets better however arlene concerned that person has veins on his lower legs especially around ankles there is some dryness too and veins look a little bit inflamed in some areas little darkness but not bruises i don’t think so so friends let’s talk about long-term side effects of ppis arlene asked me is it possible that such a long-term use of ppis

Created spider veins and my answer was extremely unprofessional i said well you know there is a simple answer to that first of all spiderweight is a multifactorial disease we do not know what may cause liver problem can create that also obesity there is a genetic predisposition however we cannot exclude ppi’s as a possible cause but the true answer we don’t

Know is a true answer why i said so if you do research on medical literature on term what is that long term use of ppi you will find and i will post the link below that long-term use means between six months to two years person took ppis for 14 years it’s a lot of years so it’s possible that ppis create a problem the answer is yes to show you that you need

To understand couple things let’s go and look at slides here we go so first of all to learn more about hi and why hydrochloric what four hydrochloric acid produced in our stomach please see my on my place list list video number six stomach now purpose of this video to explain you how protein is digested by hydrochloric acid so one of the rules of hydrochloric

Acid is to digest protein breakdown long chain of protein the second is conversion of pepsinogen to pepsin which is active form pepsin breaks down the protein here on the side you see a picture this is a protein quarterly structure this is what is muscle this is what beef and pork is that’s what you eat this huge bowl this is the protein when this piece

Of protein gets into now digestive tract in the stomach it’s get broken down by hydrochloric acid and pepsin broke down into tertiary structure easy to digest finally hydrochloric acid and pepsin will break this tertiary structure into secondary structure that looks like a spiral this spiral is made out of individual amino acids like glycine glutamine alanine

Arginine asparagine cysteine those amino acids this primary structure amino acids will be broken down in the digestive tract by um pancreatic enzymes called protease okay now keep in mind point number one roll of hydrochloric acid in the digestive tract to break down the protein second point you need to know how our attributes and veins are made so here you

Look at the simple structure of our arteries so inside there are cells that are lining this cells are on called tunica entema and it’s made out of collagen fibers and smooth muscles around that we have tunica medium again it’s made out of elastic fibers collagen and smooth muscles and then outside cover is tunica externa elastic fibers and collagen fibers now

From this slide you need to understand one important things all of this elastic fibers collagen fibers muscles they are proteins meaning that this proteins the exactly this protein so they are made out of this amino acids now let’s go to the blackboard and i’ll put the whole picture for you together so you will understand how attributes and veins are built

In our body and what happened if you do not have those individual amino acids you are not going to build good veins let’s go to the blackboard as always i already pre-draw for a picture of the digestive tract its mouth with the teeth here you put into your mouth a piece of protein it is meat fish could be dairy products it drops here into the stomach and

Stomach start to digest by me protein start to digest protein by means of hydrochloric acid and pepsin that get pepsinogen per pepsin that get converted from pepsinogen so and it’s broken down then this pre-broken down protein in form of um primary structure remember primary structure when individual amino acids get connected to each other so those long chain

Of amino acids moved into the small intestine and here we have pancreas p stays for pancreas produce pancreatic enzymes amylase that will break down further this connection between amino acids and only then those individual amino acids get absorbed through the digestive tract and they will go let’s draw bloodstream they will go into the bloodstream this is your

Bloodstream they will go with the bloodstream all over the body so here is your individual amino acids and they will go into different cells and this is cells they will assemble those amino acids into primary then into secondary structure to the tertiary and finally we form our own this is the muscle we form our own muscles and connective tissues so when you

Look at the vein here let’s say this is the vein okay you look at that it has several structures and all of those structures are built out of those individual amino acids that’s what happened when the person is healthy if a person does not produce enough hydrochloric acid okay or it’s blocked by proton pump inhibitors so you don’t produce enough hydrochloric

Acid it’s low as a result you don’t produce enough pepsin low pepsin so as a result you do not break down these big pieces of protein into in to a a long chain of amino acids as a result huge piece of protein arrives here pancreas is not equipped to break down secondary and tertiary and quarterly structure as a result a lot of this protein is just get lost

Through the digestive tract out into the bathroom as a result you don’t have enough those amino acids to build muscles and connective tissues as a result they become thinner skin becomes thinner and veins and arteries become thinner so let’s go back back to the power points so what happened if you don’t have enough amino acids to build those internal structures

Such as collagen fibers and smooth muscles here and here and here what body does it does build whatever is available and it makes it very thin as a result arteries and veins do not look that healthy that’s basically it guys that i want to share with you if you have any questions please ask me right here in the uh in the session below like subscribe and if you

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SIDE EFFECTS OF PPIs. Long term side effects of Omeprazole, Nexium, Prilosec. By Acid Reflux and GERD