March 28, 2023

How long is too long, when it comes to prednisone use in our dogs? Debbie asks, and Dr. Dressler answers.

The dose you’re using is very very modest that’s about 25% of the dose that we would use for treating say for example allergy inflammation welcome to dog cancer answers when we help you help your dog with cancer here’s your host james jacobson thanks for joining us on today’s question the answer show we generally have two shows a week a qa like this one in a

Longer deep-dive episode and this week both on one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in veterinary medicine prednisone today we hear from debbie in nevada who asked dr. dressler about long-term use of prednisone in her occasion ridgeback let’s listen in hello my name is debbie i’m in nevada i have a 75 pound rhodesian ridgeback with intestinal lymphoma as a

Four year old we have been supporting her both with chop protocol and holistic and acupuncture ozone therapy applied water music therapy whole tones essential oil therapy and anything else we could possibly think of she’s almost three years since diagnosis my question regards prednisone she started on thirty milligrams prednisone and been on a decreasing dose and

To this day she is still on prednisone five milligrams every other day my question is at what point do you take them off prednisone at what point did the side effects of press’s own out weren’t the risk-benefit for keeping her on sustained presidents such a low dose thank you so what did i see it for debra good question debra if i were managing your case i would

Probably continue doing exactly what you’re doing perhaps with a couple of exceptions the risk benefited my estimation leans towards the use of chronic low-dose prednisone i actually think that’s a smart thing for you to do however what i would also do based on the treatment philosophies that you had just described in terms of what you’re doing and being consistent

With that kind of guardianship i would definitely be looking to get the silymarin denham aaron is probably your best choice for that so that you can try to minimize some of the liver toxic effects of chronic use of corticosteroids which is prednisone however the dose you’re using is very very modest that’s about 25% of the dose that we would use for treating say

For example allergy inflammation another really good one is the cordyceps mushroom dog of that bodyweight roughly 75 pounds you would be using human doses i think your best source for cordyceps is aloha medicinals osha’s based in nevada discuss all these things of course with your veterinarian – before making changes i’d like to thank dr. dressler for answering

Debbie’s question which is such a common one how long do you use prednisone the side-effects of pred can build with long-term use and wise dog guardians keep that in mind but pratt is such a commonly used drug it’s helpful in so many illnesses that it’s almost considered a miracle drug that’s why we have another veterinarian dr. tammy powell coming on later this

Week in a deep dive episode that explores prednisone in detail its uses benefits and side-effects you won’t want to miss that episode we’ve placed a link to dr. tammy’s article about pred on dog cancer blog com in the show notes which you can find in your podcast app or on dog cancer we you can also listen to or download our hire back catalog that is

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