March 22, 2023

In this gout series today, I’ll tell you how does allopurinol works, and what are the side effects you should be looking out for if you’re taking it for your gout!

Says! in this gout series today i’ll tell   you how does allopurinol works and what are the  side effects you should be looking out for if   out on my previous video where i talk about   home remedies for the treatment of gout, you can  click on the link above. now, let’s get on to it.   briefly see how does allopurinol

Works.   if you watched my previous videos, you should know  by now that gout is caused by high levels of uric   acid in your body. allopurinol works by inhibiting  an enzyme known as xanthine oxidase which is   responsible for the conversion of purine to uric  acid. hence it is also known as a urate-lowering  

Drug. allopurinol is mainly used by doctors in  three conditions. the first and most obvious is   for the treatment of gout second, it is used to  prevent calcium and uric acid stone formation in   stone one must also drink plenty of water   and lastly, allopurinol is also commonly used  in blood cancer patients to prevent tumor

Lysis   syndrome. a condition where after chemotherapy a  large number of tumor cells are killed and plenty   of uric acids is released into the bloodstream  causing complications. those who are familiar   with allopurinol should know that it comes in two  formulations, 100 milligrams and 300 milligrams.   our patients

With a low dose of 100 milligrams   and slowly titrate up by 100 milligrams every  two to four weeks, depending on the uric acid   levels. the aim is to reach and maintain uric  acid levels of less than six milligrams per   deciliter or in the case of tophaceous gouts,  the ones with lumps and bumps over the body,   a

Lower level of less than five milligrams per  deciliter. the maximum dose one can go to is up   to 800 milligrams per day. when one is taking more  than 300 milligrams per day, it is recommended   day rather than to take it all at once. now,   what you may not know and is super important is  the dosage of patients with chronic

Kidney disease   is way much lower! this is a table of suggested  initial doses for patients with kidney disease   depending on their kidney function levels. as  you can see, the poorer your kidney function is,   the lesser the dose. patients with gout usually  have some sort of chronic kidney disease, and any  

Monitored for side effects by your treating   physician. so, the question is, do you know your  kidney function if you are on allopurinol? now,   let’s move on to the side effects. the number  acute gout attack! yes, you heard me right!  i’m not pulling your leg. let me explain the   usually happens when one is first started

On   caused by uric acid crystals known as monosodium   urate crystals in your joint. allopurinol will  dissolve these crystals deposited in your joints,   and when this happens it causes a paradoxical  effect of gout flare. this is especially true   begin with. this is why allopurinol must never   and your doctor

Will usually co-prescribe   anti-inflammatory drugs like nsaids or colchicine  after a few weeks or months, so be patient!   do not stop this drug prematurely if you don’t  see any improvement within the first few weeks,   give it some time to do its job! the second side  effect is delayed hypersensitivity reaction.  

Adverse reactions like steven johnson syndrome,   toxic epidermal necrolysis, and dress aka drug  reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms.   the risk factor to develop this hypersensitivity  is the presence of a gene called hla-b*5801. it is   quite common in the asian population especially  korean, han chinese, or thai

Descent. so,   if you are asian it is advisable to undergo this  gene testing before starting on allopurinol. the   risk is also higher if one has kidney impairment,  to begin with. the third and last side effect is   hepatotoxicity, which means toxic to your liver.  it will cause your liver enzymes to be raised or  

Deranged and the risk factors are african american  descent or pre-existing kidney disease. so,   there you have it guys, that’s all you need to  know about allopurinol! don’t forget to leave a   comment down below if any of you develop any side  effects while on allopurinol. i’ll be grateful if   you can smash the like button,

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SIDE EFFECTS of taking Allopurinol (Zyloprim) in GOUT | Allopurinol DOSAGE and mechanism of action By Doctor Says