June 9, 2023

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You simvastatin belongs to a group of drugs called statins which are often prescribed to reduce the level of cholesterol in the body they decrease the patient’s risk of developing heart disease having a heart attack or stroke similar sachin has annual sales of up to five billion dollars in the usa one semi-synthetic process commonly used to synthesize simvastatin

Is shown here it begins with lovastatin which is produced by certain fungus this reaction requires many steps including protecting and deep protecting steps as well as hazardous reagents such as those shown in red here the problems with this process that it produces a yield less than 70 percent uses hazardous and toxic reagents which are corrosive to the skin and

Eyes it involves many steps which in turn make is that five times more expensive than lovastatin in the past simba satan was produced from another drug called lo vas tusen using complex and thetic reactions that produced a relatively low yield so to fix this modifications were made to the fungus aspergillus terrace which was used to produce low basten to allow

To produce investin directly another method was also invented using modified a coli bacteria to achieve the same result and this was done by adding genes that allowed the fungus or bacteria to also produce two to dimethyl butyrate which was added to the compound in order to make the required changes the advantages of this method is that has a over 99% yield in a

Single step reaction which means there can be scaled up very very easily to an industrial scale due to the fact that the reaction occurs at room temperature under neutral conditions and low pressure and the other advantages that come with this is that fewer reagents are needed since there are no protecting groups required due to the fact that the enzyme is highly

Selective towards the desired product because of these changes in the reaction the new method is much more environmentally friendly due to the fact that the reagents used are fairly benign and there are no toxic byproducts and no extreme conditions are required so this is a very safe and non toxic reaction green chemistry principles the byproduct of the reaction

Methyl threema kept the propionic acid is converted back to methyl mercaptan opi innate to be used again through the use of the bio catalyst loved d with monocle and j gave a yield of 99 percent or greater whereas the old methods of direct methylation and hydrolysis gave less than 70 percent because of the ones that nature of using the love deep bio catalyst many

Chemical reaction steps are removed of which used hazardous chemicals such as methyl iodide and in butyl lithium these chemical reactions are obsolete when using a catalyst and therefore reduce hazardous materials used the overall energy requirement of the total reaction is reduced due to the reaction only requiring a temperature of 37 degrees celsius and is

Performed at atmospheric pressure loved either by cows used in the reaction as made from renewable resources lauralee impact on the environment waste that is produced from the reaction as biodegraded and bio treatment facilities as the stock damage to the environment the byproduct of the reaction methyl threema capta propionic acid is converted back to methyl

Threema kappa propionate to be used again by using a bio catalyst many of the steps are removed this decreases the amount of solvents required and used and overall decreases aqueous waste the use of the bikers love d overall improves the reaction from mark hollinger to simvastatin created using powtoon

Transcribed from video
Simvastatin and Biocatalysis By Joanne Low