March 22, 2023

Sinvastatina para que serve? O que diz na Bula? Como funciona?

Simvastatin what is it for? how does it act? what are the side effects? and why does it have to be used at night? follow this video until the end and you will see all these answers and also a lot of information contained in the leaflet i will explain them all to you here i am doctor joão endocrinologist, if you do not know me i invite you to subscribe to my channel and also

Follow following here i talk about the thyroid diabetes prolactin hormone in general testosterone menopause, if that interests you subscribe and follow my content. simvastatin is a medication of the statin class that has the function of reducing bad cholesterol, ldl, ldl is responsible for accumulating in the arteries after a certain level of cholesterol induces, for example,

Coronary heart disease such as a heart attack, the level of cholesterol suitable for each person is individualized, each person will have their level that they consider high or very high or adequate… so, this is important, there are many discussions about the level of cholesterol that you have to use the statin that the doctor will prescribe already feeling, but the main

Thing is to focus that it will be very different, it will depend on the cardiovascular risk of each patient so, for example, there are patients that 70 would already be a level considered high for another 100 would be an adequate value so this will vary this is the first point, there is no kabbalistic level for ldl. how does she act? now that we’ve seen that the function

Is to reduce bad cholesterol, ldl it works by inhibiting an enzyme called hmg co-a reductase, this enzyme participates in the formation of cholesterol in the liver, about 70-80% of the cholesterol it is produced by ours body in the liver and 20-30% comes from the diet which is called endogenous cholesterol when the body itself produces and exogenous when it comes from the

Diet, and the statin simvastatin would act by inhibiting this enzyme that produces cholesterol, therefore the body produces less cholesterol synthesizes less cholesterol that helps lower blood levels that’s the first. cholesterol serves to form hormones so it is a precursor for example of sex hormones, testosterone, cortisol itself. s-dhea are several fundamental hormones

That the body also vitamin d, including cholesterol, it needs to be at the appropriate level, neither too low nor too high that’s why i said it has to be individualized for each person. drug interactions with simvastatin and medications that when combined with simvastatin are contraindicated, for example, some antiretroviral medications for the treatment of hiv medications

For the treatment of fungi such as ketoconazole, itraconazole and even antibiotics with erythromycin and clarithromycin these medications must always be weighed and it is worth using and the doctor can do this, during pregnancy and during breastfeeding, simvastatin is also contraindicated and for children it should not be used either. the onset of action of simvastatin is

Not immediate, it starts from two weeks, from 14 days you already have the benefits of reducing cholesterol and action it is reversible after you stop using that enzyme hmg co-a reductase it the situation returns and cholesterol tends to return to previous levels, so the decision to suspend treatment is evaluated at each appointment by the doctor and there is no possibility

Of the action being maintained because it has a reversible action. if you forget to use simvastatin one day you should not take it doubled the other day, you remain exactly the same as the prescription so you have to take a pill and you forget about the inside the other day you start with a pill, never double the dose and you can do it an overload mainly at the liver level

There are some side effects you have to pay close attention any of these send me an immediate contact a prescriber you have to seek help first that extreme fatigue, jaundice yellowing in the skin and also in the eyes, pain in the abdomen mainly in the upper region and dark urine these side effects need medical evaluation. why do you have to use the night? is this true? it

Is true yes, because the cholesterol cycle is at night the time that it is mostly produced during the night so this is true you have to use it at night to have a greater benefit. a hug!

Transcribed from video
Sinvastatina, para que serve? Efeitos colaterais? Bula explicada By Dr. João Sório Endocrinologista