March 28, 2023

Finally an update on my bacne and spironolactone journey

What’s up you guys um i’m finally what’s up you guys welcome back to my channel i know i know it’s been a while we’re not gonna talk about that i have tried a thousand and one times to figure out a way to bring you guys an update i literally still get questions on my skincare videos about whether spiro works the products that i use for my back acne work is my

Back acne cleared i was going to do separate videos for both of those but i figure i’ll just do a two-in-one because it’s simpler and it kind of all goes together anyway like the products that i use on my deck i use on my face and body as well so i thought i would just do that what’s up you guys welcome back to my channel my name is shay nicole if you’re new here

Definitely go ahead and hit that subscribe button give me a like on this video and hit that notification bell so that you’re notified whenever i upload because i’m around people all day when i work i get so many questions and compliments about my skin like literally if i had a dollar for every time somebody tells me i should model or that my skin is amazing like i

Would be rich i wish that could make me rich yeah i was at work yesterday i was in the bathroom washing my hands a customer was like oh my gosh what do you use on your skin and i was just i literally gave her a rundown list of all of my prescriptions that i got from the dermatologist i told her that i use sunscreen i use retinols day and night and that is how i’m

Able to get my skin where it is and i of course i told her i used to have acne because i love to tell people i used to have the action because if i can get if i can achieve this level of skin i think anybody can especially because how bad my acne used to be so that’s definitely a tidbit i like to give people so let’s start with does spironolactone work so when i

First started on spiro i started on the 50 milligram dose and then earlier this year i upped my milligram dosage to 75. i’ve been on spiro since 2019 and i would say it absolutely works there’s a learning curve to it there are side effects that you can kind of get past in the first six to ten months like you’re gonna be using the bathroom a lot you may you know

Just feel changes within your body but that’s honestly any medicine even like supplements it’s it’s meant to change the way your body functions so yes there are side effects it just depends on what you’re willing to deal with what what you can put up with and what your the length you’re you’re willing to go to get your skin clear i’m on the 75 milligram dosage

I take it more or less every day for the most part if i’m not taking it every day i’m at least taking it every two days and that’s just my topical i definitely recommend it if you’re if you’ve never been on it and you have like hormonal recurring acne i have hormonal acne and it’s something that i’m gonna have to manage for the rest of my life so being on spirit

And lactone is what works for me as far as my back acne i still use plexion i still use my fabular foam i’m scrubbing it a few nights out of the week just to get that extra oil and dirt off so i have very oily skin and that is one of the contributing factors to my acne and so every a few days i have to go go in and do a scrub because the oil will genuinely sit on my

Face um like i’ve known some people who don’t have skin problems that don’t have to wash their face sometimes but that is not the case for me like the oil is always building up and like i can literally sometimes like scrape um the dirt that’s collected onto my face and i have to either chemically exfoliate it off and sometimes i’ll go and i won’t i don’t usually do

A physical exfoliant on my face just because my face is too sensitive but on my body i can because it’s not as sensitive so like i said on my back in addition to washing it with plexion and rush hour and using my fabular foam treatment at night i sometimes go in with this scrub net and i like it because it’s long it’s just one of those scrub nets that is really

Gonna get in there and i’ll insert clips of what my back looks like now it was maybe a few months ago i do i still get breakouts on my back yes but do i manage them with my oral medication and my topical medications yes and then also the dark marks don’t really show up in photos so that’s just i don’t know if that happens for everybody i don’t know if it’s because

Of my complexion that it just doesn’t show up well when i photograph but i do still have a few marks here and there but it’s nothing compared to what my back used to look like so i would say yes the products that i used on my back still work and i think in conjunction with the oral medication it has me in a good place with my skin i felt a little conflicted coming

To you guys with makeup on but honestly i don’t wear that much makeup i would say overall it took my skin probably six months to a year to get it to where i really wanted so when you’re trying to clear your acne or when you’re trying to work on your skin you definitely have to be diligent that’s one of the things that i told um the young lady who i spoke to at my

Job yesterday like i was i use retinols like epiduo and fabular foam are both um retinols and so i i use retinols in my day daytime skincare routine as well as my nighttime skincare routine and then i’m also using sunscreen in the daytime as well and so i think that those combined with the oral medication have kind of um sped up my process but honestly no it hasn’t

Sped up my process because when i first got on my topicals i was not on spiro but using the topicals with the oral medication it just makes for a better experience and i would totally recommend it if you are really struggling with your acne it’s definitely a combination that works for me that i’m probably not going to stop using until it stops working and i fingers

Crossed it never stops working i think that was all that i had please let me know if you have any questions leave them down below follow me on instagram by shea nicole subscribe to this page and i’ll see you guys in my next video bye foreign

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