March 28, 2023

In this video i talk about the time i did some really dumb shit. dont do what i talk abt in this video it is very dangerous.

Yo what is up guys it is royal stoners here and i know it’s been a minute since i’ve uploaded about a week i don’t have an excuse for that i’ve just been taking a break from making videos so yeah in today’s video we’re gonna be talking about the time me cody and nathan were at my house and we did some gabapentin well we snorted some gabapent while we were on oxycodone

We were just having a good ass time hanging out me and nathan and cody it was the weekend we don’t usually we never got to see each other until the weekends because they have school i i don’t have school i dropped out but i mean besides that we were chilling in my room doing the usual watching some funny videos and and then we got on the topic of like uh scary

And we started watching some scary videos and i was like okay boys this would be the perfect time for us to play with the ouija board and cody was like nah bruh nah we’re not playing with the damn ouija board that shit’s stupid and i was like why not bro that shit’s awesome why can’t we play with the ouija board and nathan was like yes let’s play with the ouija

Board because it’s so real and like me and nathan don’t really like believe that it it’s real i don’t think cody does either but he khan is a little skeptical you know so we started playing with the ouija board just said what cody’s opinion was and they left out the room for a little bit while they were out of the room i had these gabapentins on the table and

I just started like taking them apart and dumping them out on the ouija board now i was gonna trick them and say i got some cocaine i poured out like maybe about like 10 capsules and made a giant mountain of like gabapentin powder and like maybe 10 minutes later they walked in my room with their drinks and their food and they were like yo what is that and i was

Like guys i got some cocaine for us to do like i got a special thing for this night and he was like they were like what they were like no way and nathan was just like yep okay let’s do it nathan was just immediately down to do it and cody was like yes let’s do it then i was like no guys it’s just gabapentin and then they started asking me what would happen if you

Snorted it no i i didn’t really know to be honest but i think i told them it would just hit them harder and uh so we started chopping up lines of gabapentin for all of us to take because like with no hesitation just impulse we were like you know what let’s do this we got like maybe four lines no we got like maybe six lines actually chopped up on this ouija board

And we’re sitting there and we’re like okay so we’re gonna take pictures of this first because this looks lit as cody gets the idea he was like yo don’t you have a dog skull you should put that there and we should snort lines of gabapentin with a dog skull and a ouija board i was like yes that would be the most epic thing ever so we grabbed the dog school put it

On the ouija board we lit some candles and we started snorting lines again have a pit and off of the ouija board and after that i was like yo guys i just realized that i have like an ox no i have two oxys that i had been saving because i was prescribed them at the time for my pain because i got hit by a car you know and i was like okay you know what cody you

Can take one and he took one i took one too they were just 10 milligram oxies but 10 milligram oxys and gabapentin mixed together you’re in for a good time let’s just say that after that started playing with the ouija board right me nathan and cody we started playing with the ouija board and about like maybe five or six minutes in nathan gives me this look like

Like he just winks at me and i’m like okay you know what i guess that means we’re with cody and we started pretending like it was actually working and it’s funny because cody’s sitting right beside me and he remembers this people started pretending like it was actually working and it started freaking cody out a tiny bit and we’re like writing down like the name

Of the demon that we made cody believe was possessing the ouija board and about like maybe i don’t know how long later nathan goes yo there’s something behind you and cody was up against the wall and he he freaked out still even though he’s up against the wall and there was nothing behind him except for a wall but he started having a panic attack and then we

Felt bad but like after that and then we were like you know what let’s put away the ouija board and then nathan goes let’s watch some scary videos and me and cody are just like no like no not no more scary like wrong timing man but yeah after that we i was just chilling in the room my body felt like it was buzzing and vibrating from the gabapentin or the oxy

Excuse my language i almost said norco’s my drug of choice but um yeah i was just laying in the bed we were watching like trailer park boys or some and it felt like my body was vibrating and melting and i was enjoying my life i was like hell yeah this feels amazing bro and i don’t know what cody felt how did you feel that night cody you don’t even remember felt

Good that’s all that matters you know but anyways i i’m pretty sure i just ended up going to sleep or some i know that uh nathan was awake the whole entire night but i think cody fell asleep first actually he passed out and i was like you know what i’m gonna go to sleep too and nathan just stayed awake and we woke up the next day feeling fresh as now if you

Guys did enjoy this video leave a like comment down below and subscribe if you’re new i’m gonna be posting a couple more videos here soon not a lot but like a couple more and then i’m gonna take a week break again i’ll see you guys in the next one peace

Transcribed from video
Snorting gabepentin then taking oxycodone(story time) By RoyaL Stonerz