January 26, 2023

Hi guys! So far now I’ve been taking spiro for 1 week, my skin is still looking terrible but I’m gonna keep pushing through!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel it’s justly so i know i’ve been gone for a very long time and then when i come back i decide to have acne i guess i guess that’s cool right yeah like you know the big elephant in the room i got a whole bunch of acne on my face i don’t know what’s been going on but about four months ago i would say my skin decided to just really

Decide to act out act all crazy do my own thing she don’t care about me all that kind of stuff i don’t know what it is i don’t know if it’s stress i don’t know i don’t know i don’t know like i’m just really really trying my hardest not to let it affect me but it has been affecting me okay so that’s why i decided you know i wanted to you know get a dermatologist

Or something but my dermatologist was booked out and i couldn’t make time off like take the time off from work anyways so what i decided to do i went on to google and i found this thing called apostrophe this website called apostrophe and this is about a week ago um i sent them my pictures for the consultation and then within like two days they sent me the regimen

That they wanted me to be on and i took i ordered the spironolactone for like 25 and the other regiment i actually just ordered yesterday and that will be my clindamycin gel the tretinoin cream for a three month a three month supply for 75 dollars great fantastic i’m super excited and i actually have been taking my apostrophe um my spironolactone ah if you guys

Can see that they give you this cute little pillow bottle and some stickers to decorate it with so i think that’s super duper cute and fun um but yeah they’ve given me spironolactone and i’m taking spyro 100 milligrams um they said on here you can take one half to one tablet by mouth daily once daily um i didn’t start by taking the half i honestly just started

Taking 100 milligrams like right away and i have been on spironolactone for four days now and um in the box it gives you like side effects and treatments i guess and just to be wary of pregnancy like during this time of being on spinal lactone which doesn’t really pertain to me but then again i also got on um my yaz birth control i’ve been on that for two months

And the reason why i got on yaz and this rhino lactone is because um i thought the yards would help clear my skin still hasn’t done that so that’s why i got the spironolactone and i’m hoping that those two together will really clear up all these breakouts this hormonal acne i think it’s hormonal acne um if you look back at my videos back in 2018 i suffered from

Acne just like this and i was on spironolactone and i was on yes and it really did clear my skin um if you guys go back i think there’s like seven months worth of you know updates maybe not seven months worth of updates but up to month seven where my skin was like super duper clear so i’m really hoping that this time around same thing will happen my skin will

Clear up again i don’t know what’s going to happen we’ll see but that’s why i just want to keep you guys updated on everything so just so you know it’s only been four months of my spironolactone and two months on the yas um also big big big big life updates your girl is engaged focus guys okay but yeah so your girl is engaged so yeah that is honestly one of the

Main reasons why i want to work on getting my skin clear because during this time in my life like we got to be taking pictures like and i don’t like looking back on the pictures and being like dang what a huge pimple or saying you could see all them little bumps like some of our engagement pictures you could see all the little bumps all on my jawline and i’m like

This is so embarrassing i don’t know like i don’t want to be like that like i don’t want to keep looking like this so that’s what really made me want to like seriously try to find something that’s going to help my skin get better so like i said i will be updating you guys and um let me know if you what you guys want to see i guess i of course i’ll be updating you

Guys about um my acne and all that kind of stuff i will talk to you guys another time bye

Transcribed from video
Spironolactone 100 mg for cystic/hormonal acne | Life Update 🎉 By ItsSheslie