June 9, 2023

Hey y’all open me up!

Me hey y’all it’s your girl joy back with another video and in this video i’m just going to update you guys on my six months of being on the pill spironolactone and the topical cream trying to know in point zero two five percent um for the last six months i’ve been taking 50 milligrams of spina lactone which is commonly used for people with high blood pressure

But my doctor prescribed it to me for my acne and that’s the only reason why i’ve been using it and i just kind of wanted to update you guys for my last video if you want a more in-depth video about my experience being on it click the link down below to see my three month update so this is three months later so you guys this is what my face looks like without any

Makeup after six months of being on both medications i’ve been taking spirit and lactone consistently since i think april there’s only been a few days that i’ve missed probably like less than three trenton known on the other hand i didn’t use that every single day but i was really consistent with that as well um on top of both of these medications i have had a an

In-depth skin care routine with a cleanser um eye cream moisturizer different types of masks like bentonite clay um serums like vitamin c all of that and like like i said if you want more in depth watch that video i link down below um so yeah and this is just what it looks like right now like i said i’m not wearing any makeup so um as you can see i have a few

Um what’s called pimples that are about to be pimples if you say but a lot of this redness is just like acne marks left over from acne so it’s like scarring but these scars will fade over time so a little bit about my experience so um i would definitely say after three months of being on this pill you do see a difference however since i’m on a low dosage and

I wanted to see if i could get by with a low dosage after six months i’ve come to realize that my acne is caused by overproduction of sebum which is oil on the face that clogs my pores which spirinolactone took care of because my oil production is significantly lower but the other thing is that i believe my acne is also called i also believe my acne is caused

By like a hormone imbalance because whatever my period is about to start the days leading up to it my face breaks out even on both of these medications so i’ve come to learn that 50 milligrams is not enough for me or my skin because even though my face is significantly clearer than it was back in november december of 2020 i have i have yet to see my face be

Completely clear at least for one day it’s always there’s active pimples with the combination of the hyperpigmentation left over from the acne or one or the other and the issue that i was dealing with is that every month so like for a month four five and six i would have maybe a week and a half of my face being clear with just like some pigmentation left over

That was going away with the tren and knowing but the days leading up to my period boom acne and then i would go on this constant cycle of acne breakouts to acne breakouts going away to the marks being left and it just starts all over again and so at that point none of them neither of the medications like really matter because it’s like my face is never clear

Like because if you think about it my period is a week so i only have three other weeks it takes like a week or two weeks for acne to go away so i only have one week of clear clear according to my standards clear skin a month so i knew i needed to increase my dosage but i wanted to make this video for you guys so i haven’t had any side effects really um i have

I get dehydrated really easily on this medication there was a time where i didn’t really drink a lot of water and i actually like threw up because i was dehydrated and i was nauseous i couldn’t eat so it was not good so you need to make sure that you drink water a lot consistently so you don’t get to that point um what else um i still pee a lot it’s a it’s

A difficult battle of like do i want to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated but have to pee a lot or do you want to drink less water and not have to pee like every five seconds my skin is drier but i’ve really overcome that with like body lotion and a body oil and like all that type of stuff so it’s not really that big of a concern um it’s a lot easier to get

Light-headed because my blood pressure is like on the low end of normal being on this but i would say it’s a pretty safe drug i really haven’t had any complications um yeah so no nothing new has come up my period actually started going back to regular i remember my last video i was saying how my period would like be weird on the pill and how like it would make

It like start but not start and then it would delay it i really haven’t noticed that um recently i think it’s my period has stabilized like i like usual so anyways that was my experience my six-month update on spinolactone and trinidoin i hope you guys enjoyed this video i just got done with my appointment with my doctor and um i am increasing my dosage to 100

Milligrams for spironolactone and my doctor is increasing my trenanon percentage to i think 0.5 or no 0.5 i i don’t know if it’s 50 or like 0.05 i think it’s point five percent so i might update you guys on that later so i’ll talk to you guys again bye y’all this acne needs to go away go away bye you

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Spironolactone 50mg & tretinoin .025% experience | 6 month acne update By Joy Isabel