March 24, 2023

This video talks about Spironolactone. Spironolactone is marketed in the market in a few different brands, such as Aldactone, Spiractin.

Hi it’s your pharmacist son kia today we’re talking about spironolactone make sure you stay on to the very end so you don’t miss out on any essential information about taking spironolactone without further ado let’s rocket spironolactone is used for conditions like hyperaldosteronism where there’s too much aldosterone in your body which leads to high blood pressure

And low blood potassium levels refractory edema associated with hyperaldosteronism such as cirrhosis of the liver refractory edema means food retention in the body that does not respond to dietary sodium restriction and combined water pill treatment cirrhosis of the liver means irreversible scarring of the liver out on treatment for resistant hypertension where

Blood pressure that remains above goal despite already using three anti hypertensive agents from different drug class heart failure which triggers fluid retention hirsutism in females hirsutism is a conditioned of unwanted male pattern hair growth in women hormonal acne female pattern alopecia which is female pattern hair loss so how does spironolactone work for

High blood pressure and in food buildup spiner elect owned works in your kidneys to increased amount of the urine production this also helps to lower blood pressure to further explain this let me tell your story before the story starts let me introduce all our characters kidney is the factory the nucleus in the kidney cells is the control center of the factory

Aldosterone is the key for the control center of the factory sodium is the husband water is the wife potassium is the money urine is the outside world of the factory blood vessels in the body is the other side of the factory the rule in the story is water wife is in love with sodium of the husband wherever sodium goes water will follow and wherever water the wife

Goes blood pressure increases sorry i hope i haven’t offended anyone this is purely for illustration purposes not meant to offend anyone so let’s move on sodium is the table salt that you consume every day and it can be found in many food especially your processed food it’s not very healthy for you because water follows it and increases your blood pressure all

Right now let’s dive into our story this is the kidney cells which is our factory this is the outside of the cell which is you ryan this is the other side of the cell which is the blood vessels in our body in the factory there is a control center which is our nucleus when the key comes to bind with the control center it makes husband gateways called sodium channels

For the husbands to get reabsorb back from the outside world into the body and as the husbands come back the wives follow the binding of the key to the control center also triggers the manufacture of husband money exchange machines called the sodium-potassium exchange pump where it is used to exchange for husband with money for the factory wherever the husband’s

Go the wives fall thus increases the blood pressure of the body so spironolactone comes into act where it binds as the key to the control center and stops the real key from binding to the keyhole because it’s the wrong key the factory stops making more husband gateways and husband money exchange machines thus stopping the kidney from taking in husband’s and his

Wives to reduce the blood pressure off the body while spironolactone is doing this it retains its money which is the potassium levels in the body by looking at this story we can also see how spinal electone is used to treat hyperaldosteronism which is too much keys in the factories spironolactone acts as the wrong key and just do not let the right key bind to the

Center control thus chopping all the effects that hyperaldosteronism will cause spironolactone also has anti androgenic effects androgens are male hormones in the body like testosterones and the androgenic effects means anti testosterone effects all women produce small amounts of testosterone women with hirsutism which is excessive facial or body hair hormonal

Acne or alopecia female pattern halos are especially sensitive to the action of testosterone spironolactone works by blocking androgen receptors in the cell to reduce testosterone formation thus treating these conditions increased urine flow is unlikely to be a problem when spironolactone is used in these patients because aldosterone levels are not normally high

In these patients now before you start to take spironolactone tell your doctor if you have any allergies to any other medicines foods dyes or preservatives tell your doctor if you have any liver problems kidney problems or severe heart failure tell your doctor if you plan to become pregnant or breastfeed tell your doctor if you plan to have surgery tear a doctor

Or pharmacist if you are taking any other medicines including any that you buy with or without a prescription from a pharmacy supermarket or a health food shop some medicines and spironolactone may interfere with each other such as medicines used to treat high blood pressure like ace inhibitors diuretics digoxin potassium supplements or potassium containing salt

Substitutes ammonium chloride which is contained in some cough and cold medicines aspirin non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and safes regional or general anesthetics now how to take spironolactone swallow the tablets with a glass of water with or immediately after food depending on the dose and your condition spironolactone may be taken once a day or divided

Into separate doses follow the instructions of your doctor and pharmacist continue taking spironolactone for as long as your doctor tells you to the length of the treatment will depend on your condition and it’s usually taken long term if you forget to take it and if it is almost time for your next dose skip the dose you missed and take your next dose when you

Are meant to otherwise take it as soon as you remember and then go back to taking your medicines as you would normally do not take a double dose to make up for the dose that you missed if you overdose immediately call your doctor or your closest to emergency department of the hospital things to be careful of be careful driving or operating machinery until you

Know how spironolactone affects you this medicine may cause drowsiness or dizziness in some people if you have any of these do not drive operate machineries or do anything else that could be dangerous things you must do if you’re about to start on a new medication remind your doctor or pharmacist that you are taking spironolactone tell any other doctors dentist

And pharmacist who treat you that you are taking this medicine this is especially important if you are going to receive an anesthetic agent while being treated with spironolactone if you become pregnant while taking this medicine tell your doctor immediately if it is possible for you to become pregnant you should use adequate contraception while you are taking

Spironolactone examples of adequate contraception are oral contraceptives the pill or intrauterine devices also known as i you dee stop taking spironolactone if you become pregnant or you think you may become pregnant if you’re about to have any blood test tell your doctor that you are taking this medicine it may interfere with the results of some tests keep all

Your doctor’s appointments so that your progress can be checked your doctor may ask you to have blood test to check your sodium and potassium levels and see how your kidneys are working things you must not do do not take spironolactone to treat any other complaints unless your doctor tells you to do not give your medicine to anyone else even if they has the same

Condition as you do not stop taking your medicine or lower dose without checking with your doctor do not take potassium supplements or use salt substitutes that contain potassium do not consume a diet rich in potassium dried fruits bananas oranges are some foods that contain high amounts of potassium consuming some of these foods is usually safe but do not consume

Excessive amounts if you’re taking spironolactone too much potassium can cause serious problems such as disturbance of the heart rhythm remember all my medicine information are for general educational purposes only it does not replace the need for a doctor or a physician so please do not diy buying medicines from an online pharmacy and treating yourself at home it

Is very dangerous okay i think that’s all for a quick summary of spironolactone today if i haven’t covered anything that you want to know about spironolactone please let me know down in a comment section below please give me a thumbs up if you find value in this video and subscribe to my channel to keep it alive so i can keep making these free videos for everyone

Who needs it comment down below about your experience with spironolactone or if you have any other questions for me about this medication or what other medication videos you wanted me to make next all the best with everything it’s single cell right a pharmacist seung-ki here live life to the fullest i shall see you around you

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Spironolactone | Aldactone | Spiractin|Things you MUST KNOW before starting – Pharmacist Counselling By Soonkie the pharmacist