November 29, 2022

Hi my name is olivia and i’m the pharmacist and you’re here to pick up medication today yeah perfect what is your name and date of birth for me yeah my name is caitlin walker and my date of birth is 11 1 of 54. perfect do you have a couple minutes to discuss this medication i sure do awesome do you have any new allergies that i need to be aware of um not that

I know of okay and are you taking any over-the-counter medications or prescription medications that um are not currently being filled at the pharmacy um no not that i know of um just a multivitamin usually so oh perfect all right so today i have you picking up a spirana lactone what did the doctor tell you about this medication all i know is that it’s for my

Blood pressure okay so that is correct uh spironolactone is for your blood pressure i see on your profile here that you do have um some other medications for that so this is one to also help control it so today what you’re picking up is spironolactone 25 milligrams uh the other name for this is all dactone although you will be seeing spironolactone mostly for

It the directions for you are to take one tablet by mouth once daily and if you look here um there are kind of oblong pills they’re kind of a tan color so you just want to make sure that whenever you pick this up from the pharmacy that this is what you’re going to be taking okay and you do have 30 uh you do have 30 tablets per prescription so today you’re going

To have 30 days worth of medication whenever you start to see about four or five in your in your bottle that’s when you would just call us and let us know that you need a refill and you do have two refills oh okay awesome yeah so some things to note about this medication we want to make sure that you’re taking it safely and effectively you are going to want to

Avoid nsaids with this medication are you familiar with nsaids um kind of is that something like tylenol so yeah so like your ibuprofen or naproxen is what you’ll see it um they are typically over the counter you’re going to want to avoid that with spironolactone okay um it’s there they don’t they don’t mix well so you’re one of going to want to make sure not

To be taking those without asking either your pharmacist or your doctor okay some things to look out for with this medication some side effects you might have some breast tenderness um and kind of in more rare cases breast growth if that does happen it’s there’s no need to worry you’ll just want to let your doctor know and if it does become too cumbersome then

We can talk about switching therapies but something to look out for also um if you have any changes in heart rate or um or anything like that also notify your doctor this medication can raise your potassium levels so you’re also going to want to watch you know just keep keep even your potassium foods so bananas for example okay but yeah does that does that all

Sound okay do you have any questions for me yeah i i guess my only question is like i don’t know i’m not really excited to start another medication for my blood pressure you know it’s my third medication for this so i guess is there really anything else i can do to help my blood pressure to lower it and stay controlled yeah absolutely and i’m so glad you asked so

There are a lot of non-met non-medication changes that you can make that could increase that could um include adding more vegetables and fruits in your diet lowering sodium containing foods or highly processed foods it’s like your mcdonald’s um and things like that i know that they can be a treat but if you can limit those that lowers your sodium intake as well

And that can really help with blood pressure oh okay that makes sense yeah and then um not sure if you do but if you smoke as well you’ll that’s one of the biggest modifiable factors for lowering blood pressure so yeah i don’t have a history of smoking so i don’t have to worry about that i don’t awesome well that’s great yep and then also exercise exercise is

Always good even if that’s just a brisk walk around the neighborhood or if that means going to the gym and working out you know whatever um whatever works for you but any movement is better than no movement so okay thank you for answering my question i appreciate it yeah and you you will just want to store this in a cold dry place make sure that it’s away from

Children and pets um we don’t want anyone getting into this that aren’t supposed to be if you do miss a dose you’ll want to make sure to take it as soon as you remember um but you don’t want to take two at the same time you don’t want to stack your doses so just knock it on your calendar that you missed it and just notify your provider the next time you see them

Um but you just don’t want to take 201. oh okay perfect yeah any other questions for me no i don’t think so all right well thanks for coming in um once again my name is olivia i’m the pharmacist here if you have any questions feel free to give us a call or stop by um and if you have any over-the-counter medications as well we’d love to help you navigate that as

Well okay awesome thank you so much all right thank you thank you

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Spironolactone Counseling By Liv Swonger