February 1, 2023

Sorry for the late post! Here is week 4 update on my spironolactone and differin journey. If you haven’t seen week 1-3 click the links below

Hey what’s up you guys thanks for tuning into my video today so i’m sorry i forgot to post my visits my fourth week video on last friday my husband stayed home from work or heavy day off and we have been very very busy redoing our inside of the house so we’ve been scraping 2231 square feet of popcorn ceiling off our group um and that has been a hassle extension

A long time it is messy oh man we’re getting ready to put new windows in the house and yeah i’m really excited um but it’s just it’s like living in a construction home i mean you can’t really see it right here we haven’t actually gotten to this side of the house we’ve only gotten to like that part of the uh dining room the living room the kids rooms whatever

Anyway so this isn’t about that so today is my well friday would have been my fourth week whatever um it’s my fourth week on front electone for a hormonal acne and my third week on different so if you haven’t seen my first couple videos you should check those out first and i’ll put the links in the description below but so um last week i don’t know if you guys

Saw my video but my face was not happy i mean i was in that second week of using different which they say is like i’ve heard when you start purging if you don’t know what purging is it’s basically your skin since it’s uh resurfacing with the difference it’s bringing up every clog for all at once so it’s constantly getting these pimples there but they were like

Servicing really fast like i would get a pimple that usually would last like week weeks at a time or like even a month and with the different bringing them up and they’d be gone in one week at the most so that was really cool visually weird arm and my skin was like shedding like crazy i mean it still does a little bit but um not as bad it was yeah my skin is like

Super bad so i’m hoping like because everything is healed right now everything that you see on my skin is um just scars from previous acne which does fade in time um so i’m just hoping that it’s going to continue to stay uh better i don’t know how to say it but um just clear just want clear frickin skin i actually went to my dermatologist on one was it i think it

Was thursday i went on thursday and um she is giving me antibiotics but i’m not taking them the only reason we’re doing that is if i choose to do accutane i have to take three months of biotics beforehand so she just wants to give them to me she said just put them away somewhere and just in case we can just start advocating like right away if this isn’t working

But um she thinks it will and i actually think it will i mean especially using the stock town plus the difference i think it’s really helping because this for a lifetime is like i mean i am i don’t i don’t get oily like it used to which is crazy because i always get really oily and i always thought that fast break now so it’s not like tony’s just like taking that

Away so i’m really hoping that what’s mine he’s got six week month they said after that then you’re skinny it wouldn’t keep your skin clear but we’ll see my dermatologist also said that i could double my dose if i notice on my periods or my cycle that i start to break out since my acne is hormonal it usually flares up even worse around my cycle so she said if this

Next cycle if i notice i’m breaking out for the next one to double my dose while on during my cycle i’m on 100 milligrams a day which is i didn’t ask her but god every one of men is like on 25 milligrams or 50 milligrams or just something really low but i’ve also met someone 3 hello today so i don’t know how they dose it or whatever but so far no side effects and

Want any side effects um if i’m going to be taking a long term i’m really hoping that i don’t see any weird stuff though anything i’ve really read it it shouldn’t mess with your cycle i don’t know yet like barely been a month so we’ll see um yeah i know else to report on and that’s basically it but pretty excited um my skin just feels a lot better i have makeup

On my eyebrows and see that but other than that i have no makeup on and normally like before i started this different and it’s bro otto what freaking never ever ever post or even up video but put a picture or anything of me without makeup because i don’t know well it was resting was really bad it wasn’t like this i think now that my skin isn’t like in flames and

Gross and open and all that um i don’t feel as bad but i don’t know the series been uh freaking crazy feeling so crazy i don’t know some of you may know you probably do um but if you’re new if you don’t know me i was living in the city in phoenix arizona and my family my husband and our two babies we moved to tonopah arizona in the middle of nowhere huh we live

On a little over acre of land um we live in the farm land like there’s horses and cows and chickens and roosters all around us all around us coyotes at night i mean coral snake it’s crazy yeah but it’s it’s really cool huh i got a goby mom mommy cuz i get okay so yeah so we live in the middle nowhere and i don’t know i feel like being out here it’s just changed me

So many different ways um i want to make a video about that because it’s like a whole other story i’m trying to keep these just my ak movie videos um but i do want to make some more video for you guys about what i do at home we have four pigs we have five chickens you have a turkey so i think it’d be able to show you some of those videos of that but anyway if you

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Spironolactone + Differin gel Week 4 update! By Pilar Elena