January 27, 2023

Here is my second Spironolactone update at 1 month of taking it. Please watch the first one, if you haven’t already! 🙂

Hi friends know every time i do that hi friends welcome back to my channel my name is shelby for those of you that don’t know and this is episode two of my spironolactone update i wanted to let you know some of the side effects that i may be experiencing with taking this medication so if you’re interested stay tuned i’m not wearing any makeup right now because this

Is a video all about my skin so if i cover it up with makeup how are you guys going to see i’ll do a close-up at the end of the video for you so you can see what it looks like today so i have been taking sprout a lactone for about one month now and i wanted to let you know some of the side effects that i may be experiencing i’m not quite sure if they’re related to

Sparano lactone i know that one of them is for sure the first side effect that i noticed about the one weekend two weeks in of taking this medication is i was getting really thirsty and i normally drink a lot of water anyway i’m the type of person that if i don’t have water by me i feel naked i always have to have a water bottle so i normally drink about 62 or so

Give or take ances of water every day and i was doubling that when i started taking this which isn’t necessarily bad i did feel like water heavy after drinking so much water everyday and water was good for you obviously drink water but yeah i just i just noticed that my water intake was increasing so sparano lactone is actually a water pill it’s a diuretic and so

It makes some people have to go use the restroom a lot more often than they normally would i would say that i did experience that but i think it was more so because i was drinking so much more water than i already do but it was making me have to go pee more often so for the second side effect a lot of women say that it affects their menstrual cycle i just finished

My first one while taking spironolactone and i didn’t notice any changes at all it came as normal it came as scheduled it gave me the awful cramps that it normally does so i think we’re good there for side-effect three and this is something that i have been noticing but i don’t know if it’s actually related to taking sparano lactone but i started to crave pickles

And doritos which isn’t super abnormal for me but i’m trying to eat really healthy as healthy as i can at least sometimes it’s really hard to resist the temptation so i’m only human right so i was craving pickles and doritos and i think that it might be because spironolactone is a water pill and it tries to prevent your intake of salt and both of those things are

Salty and crunchy i mean i don’t think the crunch obviously has anything to do with it but both of those things are salty and maybe they went hand in hand maybe there was some sort of relation i don’t know what do you guys think so those are the three side effects that i have heard about that people experience the most and the ones that i have experienced let me

Know if you guys are taking sparano lat tone what side effects you’re experiencing but now let’s get into the skin update and i will do a close-up of my skin to let you know what it’s doing where it’s at honestly i haven’t really noticed a change if you guys haven’t watched my first video go back and watch that and it has some pictures inserted of the first three

Weeks that i’ve been taking sparano laptop so go back and watch that video so you can compare the first picture to what my skin looks like now now i really haven’t noticed much of a change but i hear that it takes about three to four months to actually start noticing something and i’m really hoping that that’s soon because i’m getting married in three months from

Today yay and i really really want my skin i don’t want to have to wear a ton of makeup so let’s get to it so this is my skin right now as you can see there’s a lot of hyperpigmentation a lot of this is flat you can see the raisins the new ones this beast came in all right so that’s the current state of my skin now i would really appreciate it if you guys

Would like comment and subscribe and let me know in the comments down below if any of you are taking sparano lactone what kind of changes you’re seeing with it any side effects you’re having oh and i don’t have an instagram do you guys think i should get one i do have a snapchat i’m thinking about maybe making a new one not quite sure yet but do you guys think i

Should get an instagram if so what should my handle be let me know down below thank you everyone that stopped by today and listen to my update it means a lot to me please be nice to one another we’re all human here we all have feelings show love in the comments don’t be mean and everybody have a great day bye you

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Spironolactone for Acne! 1 MONTH UPDATE! – Episode #2 By Shelby Manns