June 4, 2023

We have made it past the 1 year mark of my prescription of spironolactone for acne. Skin is looking so clear! The spironolactone pill has been helping speed up the process but all my other skincare is still so important! I have a current skincare routine video that I will link below so you can see all the products I use.

Hi guys welcome back to my channel i hope you’re doing well shout out to the festive nails that i did because i think they came out really cute today i have no makeup on besides a little bit of under eye concealer and my brows and my lashes because we are going to be talking about my spironolactone update i’ve been taking this medication for a little over a year

Now which is really crazy so for all of 2021 i was taking 100 milligrams of spirinolactone each and every day we are close friends now me in this bottle if you are new to my channel hi my name is prisca i’ve been taking this medication up to help clear my acne for a little over a year i have a lot of other videos about it and they all show really in-depth progress

Videos and all of that good stuff my first one in particular has a lot of info about the drug so if you’re curious about that that would be a good place to get more information but yes as you can see my skin is looking very good right now i’m very happy with it last week and a little the week before i was having a couple like problem areas but right now it looks

Really good i will do some close-ups and stuff in a little bit but everything’s been going great i’m still experiencing no negative side effects or anything like that my prescription cream is currently tretinoin point zero two five percent sparing lactone five percent and tran examic acid at five percent and i put that on every night and i take this every night

I don’t know if i mentioned in my last video that i had this cleanser that i had been using but if not i’ll just shout it out now it’s the cerave hydrating cream to foam cleanser for normal to dry skin i like it it hasn’t broken me out or given me any weird issues it’s very gentle it does foam a little and i have a little mini one that is in my shower a fun

New gadget that i got and have been using a little bit i need to get back on it because it was actually really good is the light stem i saw this in someone’s youtube video about their acne and i was really intrigued because i had been looking into dermatologists that do facials and stuff like that and light therapy that was within those facials and you know all

Those little things and i feel like to actually get the benefits of light therapy you’re not gonna reap the benefits just from doing one visit or yes they’re using a professional-grade machine but doing it at home with an at-home machine and being able to do it multiple times a week versus doing it once or a couple times paying a lot of money for it and using a

Professional grade machine so yeah i felt like this was kind of a really good middle ground i got mine from amazon so i will leave a link below for anyone who’s interested um it just comes with a little cord obviously and then this is the little machine and it’s not plugged in right now but you click it and it turns on and it is blue and red light they also have

One for wrinkles i believe which is just a red light one so every time i use this i wipe it down with some alcohol just to make sure that is extra clean before i put it on my face and then i’ll just click it on and it has a set timer i think for like 30 seconds i can’t remember and i’ll just hold it on like the problem area and then i’ll just move on to the next

After it gives me a beep and i think it auto shuts off after three minutes when i was using it i found that it was really helping my spots to heal faster if that makes sense problem areas that would have taken much longer to resolve i felt that doing this on it just sped up that process which is really helpful and i think that if i were to use it routinely over

A period of time it could help prevent those things from even ever coming to a head for me it was definitely worth the investment because i’ve used it many times and i will continue to use it there are a lot of skin care gimmicky kind of items but i really don’t think that this is one of them this is pretty quality and i do find that it helps other than that i’ve

Just been keeping my skincare really basic really simple and using my prescription medications um whenever i wear makeup i take it off basically as soon as i get home because it just feels more comfortable but also that way my skin just doesn’t have that on it when i’m just at home relaxing other than that there’s not much more to report which is honestly a very

Good thing i’m just so happy that i did start taking this medication in late 2020 and all throughout 2021 because it really has turned around my skin and kind of reset it to the equilibrium that it used to be at before i had like the horrible hormonal breakout that i’ve been fighting for years finally finding something that worked and that wasn’t like a pain to

Get and was affordable um has been fantastic and thank you if you have been watching like all of these updates it’s been wonderful to have you here on my channel and i will continue to update as anything changes and improves and good luck to anyone who is also starting this medication or has been on this medication because it is like the type of medication that does

Take a while to really see the effects um so yeah stick with it and take progress pictures i feel like that is a really good way to see like how much better your skin is doing throughout time so thank you so much for watching this video i hope you enjoyed it if you did you can give it a like and subscribe down below so you know every time i post i will see you in the next video bye

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Spironolactone for acne 1 year update- skin is so clear! By Prisca L