June 4, 2023

Here is my eighth Spironolactone update at 10 weeks of taking it plus an update on my Birth Control effects! Please watch my other updates, if you haven’t already (linked below)! 😀

Good morning everybody well it’s morning for me but good afternoon and good night to those of you watching this in different time zones anyway welcome back to my channel and welcome to my office i don’t think you guys have been in here before for those of you that don’t know my name is shelby and today i’m going to be giving you another update on my skin journey

Tomorrow marks 10 weeks of taking sparano lactone and as i mentioned in my other video i did start taking birth control along with it so i’ll give you an update on that as well let’s get into it i have been taking sparano lactone for ten weeks now just two and a half months i take 50 milligrams in the morning and i take 50 milligrams at night totalling to 100

Milligrams a day and honestly i do feel like i’ve been plateauing a little bit at least for the last couple weeks i’m still getting these deep underneath the skin bumps and then they take days to come up and then days to go away and when they leave they still leave a red mark and this is even without picking at them i know that sounds really bad because you

Shouldn’t pick at them but even if i just leave them alone they still kind of like leave a dark red mark and it’s super annoying so if you guys have any tips on how to get rid of that leave them in the comments down below now i’m not saying this to discourage any of you that are currently or thinking about taking spironolactone because as i’ve said in the

Past you do have to be patient but let me tell you it is definitely testing my patience at this point but one thing that i do that helps me and that i recommend to anybody else taking spiro and you think that it is taking a long time for you to see results as well is i take weekly pictures on the same day i try to take them every friday or saturday and i take

Weekly pictures and when i see to feel a little bit down or a little too bit discouraged or like it’s not working i will go back and look at prior weeks pictures and i can actually see a difference so i do recommend taking weekly pictures and see if it helps you as well okay so for the birth control pill i was prescribed a brand called let’s see where did that

Go really i lost it oh here it is okay so for the birth control pill i was actually prescribed a brand called latina and it came in a little blue packet like this i took it out because i took all the pills out and put them in my big pill container that i showed in my first video and it’s just a tiny little round of pill that you take every morning well i take

Mine every morning and it says in the instructions to take it around the same time every single day it doesn’t have to be in the morning but it is most effective if you take it around the same time every single day so the reason i started taking birth control along with the spiro is my doctor and every review that i have seen and read says that spiro and birth

Control go hand-in-hand so it might be worth talking to your doctor about now this doesn’t mean that you should get discouraged if you’re only taking spyro by itself because it does work alone i’m just trying to speed up the process because my wedding is one and a half months away so exciting and if any of you are trying to speed up the process as well again i

Would recommend talking to your doctor and see if they recommend prescribing birth control along with your sparano lap tone i don’t know if any other forms of birth control work with it i think it’s just the pill but again i’m not a doctor so i don’t know i’m just giving you information based off of what i’ve learned and what i’m taking right now so another cool

Thing that i saw was an article and it looks like scientists are actually trying to create a vaccine to get rid of and prevent acne which would be so cool i am assuming it is certain types of acne it does say let me see i looked it up it says scientists believe a vaccine to cure acne could be available within as little as five years which would be super awesome

For generations to come and for even current generations i am assuming that it is only geared towards a specific kind of acne but still how cool is that how cool would that be to just go get a shot and then it clears up your acne so maybe i will do research further on that and do another video okay so i think that it’s time for a close-up of my skin let’s see

If i can get this to focus so i am getting like this strip right here and these big heart bumps some of them are just scars but some of them like this one right here anew and then they like we’re moving down my face this is all scarring this one was new i have one in my eyebrow look at this look at that i hate getting them in my eyebrow and then i had this one

Up here and all these freckles i did kind of have one right here but not really so that’s what my skin is looking like right now fun huh let me know what you guys think in the comments down below let me know what you guys are doing to aid in your sparano lactone journey is it working for you what’s your time frame how quick is it moving for you i’d love to hear

About you guys too stories i also wanted to mention that some of you have been so sweet and so encouraging in the comments i truly appreciate it more than you can understand i love getting on every day and looking to see if people have commented on my videos because it is seriously encouraging seeing such positivity in the comments it is really scary to get on

Here and show you guys all of my flaws but knowing that i’m helping people is just super awesome so please keep commenting i really do love it and keep sharing your knowledge with the rest of the commenters and the rest of the viewers and with me anyway that’s all i have for this time i will see you guys next week with another update of my sparano lactone and

Now birth-control have a great day everybody and i’ll see you next time bye

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Spironolactone for Acne! 10 WEEK UPDATE (+ Birth Control Update!) – Episode #8 By Shelby Manns