May 29, 2023

Here is my fifteenth Spironolactone update at 17 weeks of taking it! This one is special because it was the morning of my wedding! Please watch my other updates, if you haven’t already (linked below)! 😀

Good morning you guys i’m going to do a holy crap my voice i’ve been trying to talk this morning in oh anyway um good morning you guys so today is my wedding day um woody my fiancee actually decided to stay in a hotel last night because he wanted to be all traditional and cute and it was part of the wedding package that we won a free hotel free nights hotel i

Thought i would do a quick update for you guys i am on my week 17 i’ve been taking verona locke’s home for 17 weeks now and i just wanted to show you guys my skin on my wedding day because that was my goals to have clear skin and it’s obviously not clear but it’s way way better than it used to be so i’ll give you a close-up really quick i have this one this is

My biggest problem right here it’s like a big underneath the skin pimple and it’s not terrible like i’ve had worse if this is my biggest problem these are scars that looks good my chin looks great a little bit of hyperpigmentation and then i broke out over here you can see i don’t know what it is about this area but it’s the worst my period i did just recently

Like a couple days ago and then stress of the wedding and honestly the biggest thing that’s been stressing me out is the freaking weather it is overcast and our ceremony is supposed to be outside next to this vineyard and it’s supposed to be super pretty whoever might have to move it inside and don’t get me wrong it’ll still be beautiful i’m just a little bummed

Because that’s not what i’ve been picturing for the last year and a half sorry so yeah as far as the spyro though i haven’t had any crazy side effects or anything i’ve still been using the ultra now so i’m getting emotional you i’ve still been using this the l-train oh and it’s still been working really great great for me i do i still recommend that i’ve been

Taking the birth control for over two months now i just started my third pack a couple days ago so i think that’s helping i’m gonna see how my skin goes over the next couple weeks after the wedding and see if these sporadic breakouts are just period slash stress breakouts i’m still on 100 milligrams a day 50 in the morning and 50 at night and i’m going to go

Talk to my dermatologist i think in a couple weeks or a couple months to see if my skin has just started to plateau and i want to see what she wants to do she wants to up my dose which i’m already on a pretty high dose oh i don’t know she would up it or if i try something else or if i just leave it be my biggest concern at this point is what’s going to happen to

My skin when i do get off of the birth control in the sparano lockdown so i’ll definitely document that for you guys anyway i do have to keep this really short i have a lot to do still i need to go finish some things for my bridesmaids and i need to get ready and i need to get to the venue i will see you guys as a married woman next time okay bye

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Spironolactone for Acne! 17 WEEK UPDATE! (My Wedding Day Skin!!) – Episode #15 By Shelby Manns