March 24, 2023

Here is my sixteenth Spironolactone update at 18 weeks of taking it! This one was recorded in Hawaii! Please watch my other updates, if you haven’t already (linked below)! 😀

Everybody i’m at a very very different setting today i have to record when i can because we are in maui hawaii sorry camera shaking i’m in a car for our honeymoon look at the view i’ll show you in a second when we see the ocean again anyway this is my 18 weeks per ono lactone update and i don’t have too much to talk about i feel like i always say oh look there

We go and again i’ll just make sure we get a super clear view before i should turn the camera around but anyway we i don’t have too much to talk about i got kind of sunburn on this trip you can see my nose is all brown freckles yeah it’s making my freckles that’s my husband all right and my skin has been great and i think that it’s just because i’m in maui and

It’s really humid here in humidity from what i hear and have experiences really good for your skin when i got here when i landed i had this big one right here and then a big one right here and it was under than under the skin it was an underneath one and it was fine it didn’t really like turn into a people who’s just the gross hard bump still has a scarring that

I always talk about i haven’t been the best about taking my spironolactone here i’ve been taking it when i remember it i have missed a couple times but i have been at least taking it in the morning and then i take one at night and it hasn’t been too crazy i happen for remembering to take my birth control so that’s good and overall i think my skin is looking

Great i’m curious to see what it looks like when i get back home because the heat there is really dry and it’s not humid like it is here and i’ve been also eating like crazy here because when on vacation we eat the food and we eat a lot of it and so i don’t know if that’s going to us affect my skin at all i really hope not but i will give you a close-up of my

Skin see the big one was right here and now it’s not anymore but you can see my freckles look at all these freckles aka sun scars and then there’s this one and all this is flat this is some scarring my chin looks good everything feels great overall though i mean my texture the texture of my skin looks really good and i’ve been wearing lots of sunscreen i still

Managed to get a little bit dark slightly burnt on my shoulder like i was saying but other than that everything’s looking great and i don’t know if i set it in the beginning but this is my 18 week update of taking spironolactone which means four and a half months i don’t know what i’m going to end these i am going to keep doing them to see probably at least

For six months so you guys can keep following along so at least another month and a half and then if i decide if and when and i decide to wean myself off sounds terrible if everyone i decided to stop taking the spironolactone or the birth control i’m definitely going to record that and record the process some of you have been asking about a skincare routine of

Taking spironolactone i actually have a skincare routine a morning and a nighttime one on my channel and it hasn’t changed for taking screw naloxone i’ll probably rerecord it though and actually one thing has changed with the night time i put the ultra now on so that’s about it i mean and that’s basically what i do i have been pretty good about washing my face

While we’re here because i get really sweaty it’s kind of fought here and humid but i will stop talking now it looks like we turned inland a little bit so i can’t show you guys the ocean i will have a honeymoon vlog though and there will be a lot of ocean footage so go and watch that when i upload it i’ll talk to you guys next time i’ii say bye

Transcribed from video
Spironolactone for Acne! 18 WEEK UPDATE! (from Hawaii!) – Episode #16 By Shelby Manns