March 28, 2023

Here is my sixth Spironolactone update at 8 weeks of taking it. Please watch the other updates, if you haven’t already! 🙂

I think it’s steaming it’s tough hey everyone welcome back to my channel i am doing week 8 of the sparano lactone update and today is going to be really quick i haven’t noticed a ton of difference from last week i really think i’m starting to see some improvement though which is awesome what do you guys think i mean on camera it actually looks really good don’t

Have any on my forehead and i have still been getting them those weird clusters like right up top on top of my cheekbones just weird and they haven’t been super big i actually had these two kind of big ones pop up last night pretty painful and then i’ve been getting some blackheads around here so i was derma planing my face and for those of you that don’t know

What derma planing is it’s when they take like a blade and they kind of they basically just shave your face and get all the little peach fuzz off and the dead skin and it makes your face feel so smooth i think that was making my skin worse which sucks because i had a lot of peach fuzz like right here and it’s dark and i really want that gone so i’m scared to try

It again before my wedding i don’t know i don’t know what to do it does help makeup apply a lot easier as well so i don’t know i might try it again i might not maybe if i try it now my skin will heal in time i it’s it’s all trial and error i haven’t changed up my skincare routine at all or the supplements that i’m taking i’m still taking the same supplements

And if you want to see my skincare routines i will link those in the description box down below i did a morning one and a night one and i think that those are really helping us well keep my face nice and fresh and clean and so i do highly recommend having some sort of skin skincare routine or face wash regimen it really helps and but you have to stay consistent

With it and like with anything you can’t just try it once or twice and then be done even for a month like i’ve been using this skin care routine for three months now and this brona lock tone for eight weeks now which is two months and these supplements for almost two months now as well or a month and a half and again one is a collagen supplement which helps like

Plump up your skin and then i’m taking a powder that i mix in with cashew milk and put it in a blender every single morning and that’s just some superfoods it has antioxidants it’s like a green superfood supplement maybe i should do a video on those actually that might be helpful for you guys i get them from a website called hum nutrition com sorry if the cameras a

Little shakey you guys i’m holding it one thing i did notice and i don’t know if this is related i did talk about this in a last video but my hair it just seems like my hair is naturally curly it’s a mess right now i need to brush it but i feel i don’t know i i used to be able to like whole go like this with my hair and have it feel really thick and it still feels

Somewhat thick but it’s not growing very well which really sucks because i wanted super long nice beautiful pretty hair for my wedding which i am dying back to my original color this dark brown up here and maybe it’s just from being so blonde i went platinum last year that it like really damaged my hair anyway i’m gonna have to get extensions for my wedding which

Is fine it’ll still look really pretty and you can style them and i’ll get real hair so we’ll see how that goes anyway that is my eight weeks pro on a lactone update let me do a close-up of my skin okay sorry if it’s a little bit blurry but you can see this big monster that came in right here and then right here and they’re like clustering up here on the tops of

My cheekbones they were all the way down here guys and i don’t have any new ones on my chin which is so awesome i get like these weird little bumps underneath and like stuff comes out i don’t know if you would call it a pimple or just a or just uh i don’t even know what you would call it maybe it’s a type of pimple because i know that they’re a bunch of different

Types but you can see like these little tiny bumps they are filled this is all scarring i need to start to try to get rid of that let me know if you guys have any tips on what to use for scarring this is the other side of my face and again like a cluster up here but again scarring like this is pretty nice i think it’s i think it’s doing its job i hope so it’s not

All the way healed yet but it does look better and i’m so excited even even my fiance said that he noticed an improvement and i can still tell in some videos and pictures like when i turn my head that i can see the redness but again it’s it’s a lot of scarring so thanks for coming back to my channel guys and watching my eight-week update stay tuned i will keep

Updating you on my spironolactone journey up until i don’t have anything left to update i’ll let you know these videos are getting a little bit shorter and quicker just because it’s not i don’t have drastic changes from week to week but if you go back and watch my very first video which started at 3 weeks of taking sparano lactone you can see at least i think you

Can see the improvement in the last 5 weeks and i did just wash my hands so touching my face shouldn’t be too big of an issue i mean you shouldn’t touch your face a ton but anyway let me know what you guys think again let me know what you use for scarring down in the comments below and i hope all of you are having a fabulous day and that these updates can help

Somebody else who’s just starting out taking spironolactone anyway have a great day everyone i’ll see you next time

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Spironolactone for Acne! 2 MONTH UPDATE! (Is my hair thinning?!) – Episode #6 By Shelby Manns