February 1, 2023

Here is my third Spironolactone update at 5 weeks of taking it. Please watch the other updates, if you haven’t already! 🙂

Geez how many times did i say week just now hi guys welcome back to my channel my name is chell lead for those of you who haven’t been here before and this is episode 3 of my sparano lactone skin story so i just want to get started by saying that i haven’t really been noticing too many side effects other than the ones i talked about in my last video which i will

Link in the description box down below go watch that if you haven’t yet but something that i did start to notice since the last update is my knees the joints have been a key and i feel like i need to stretch constantly i don’t know if that’s necessarily related to sproat a lactone honestly it probably isn’t i’ve had some knee pain in the past and i have never

Really gotten them checked out i do try to run a lot and exercise so maybe that’s why and i went to a one-year-olds birthday party and i think the adults had a little bit more fun than the kids did we were jumping on trampolines it was like one of those warehouses with trampolines in it that was a ton of fun as for the other side effects i’m not as thirsty as

I was when i first started and i’m not really craving doritos i think i got home to read it out which obviously are not good for your skin because they’re junk food and i’m not really craving pickles as much anymore which is probably a good thing when i was telling people that they were like are you pregnant are you pregnant no i’m not pregnant those were just

Crazy as i was having i don’t know if they had anything to do with the sparano lactone but i was craving them and it was a little strange as far as my skin goes i’m kind of starting to get a little bit defeated because i’ve been taking verona lactone for six weeks now and i’m not noticing any change my fiance says that he is and i don’t know if he’s just trying

To be encouraging what’s his heart or if he really is noticing a change i’ve been trying to take pictures once a week every week for the last six weeks geez how many times did i say we just now but i don’t i don’t know what i don’t know what it is i think i’m just getting a little bit anxious because my wedding is coming up in less than three months it’s on june

1st and i’m recording this today on march 8th on a serious note some people think that worrying about acne and everything on your face makes you vain or conceited or egotistical or self-absorbed it doesn’t acne seriously affects your self-esteem at least for me it has i know when you’re going through those awkward teenage phases when you’re a kid it’s kind of

Expected for some people but i’ve been going through this my whole 20s and it’s only been getting worse so i’m really hoping that this starts to work because future life events are probably going to postpone me taking accutane and obviously i don’t really want to take accutane it sounds like it’s going to be really hard on my body but if it gets the job done and

It makes it permanent then i will i’m all for it i just won’t be able to in the near future for my wedding and some traveling reasons so again acne it really sucks it’s not something that you can just wash your face and it magically disappears because it wouldn’t be existent if that were the case so be nice to people don’t judge people who have acne or any other

Skin disorders or anything like that because everyone’s going through their own struggles and it takes a lot to sit here and talk about this a lot of people that i know my personal life don’t see my face like this when it’s covered in acne and even the people that have didn’t notice it because it wasn’t as bad before but i’ve really started paying attention to it

Lately and i hate waking up in the morning and looking in the mirror and like oh i have a new pimple or i get home from work and i take my makeup off and i’m like oh there are three more pimples per ray it just it really sucks and i hope that i can help somebody on here get through their day or angle through the same issues well that’s my quick update i’m going to

Do another one next week and now i will give you a close-up of my skin oh this hyperpigmentation still getting these deep underneath the skin bumps here and here and here the other side of my face my forehead i don’t normally breakout up here but i did and i’m getting these weird like matching pimples on either side it’s so annoying all along my chin my jawline

Looks like i have a pimple beer so that’s my skin i know that a lot of times prescription medications like this especially the research that i’ve been doing on spironolactone it says that it takes about three or four months to getting our system and really start working but i don’t have that kind of time and i’m really hoping that it starts to show some serious

Results soon because if i get all the way through month two then that’ll make me think that i should have just started accutane because i could have started it earlier this week and i decided to stay on the spur on a lactone so i don’t have to try and go through those side effects while i’m preparing for my wedding and i’m really hoping that i’m making the right

Choice so please verano lactones start working for me let me know in the comments down below and if any of you guys are taking spurinna lactone when did it start working for you or do you have any tips on anything to help it along i have heard about taking birth control i might start that i might not i don’t know let me know your stories if you haven’t already

Like comment and subscribe and hit the notification bell so you can know when i post new videos and i will catch you all in the next video love you all bye i keep shaking the camera i’m sorry hi guys welcome hi guys every time i do my intros she barks when it gets our great dane barking and then you can’t hear anything alright i’m gonna try this again hi guys

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Spironolactone for Acne! 5 WEEK UPDATE! – Episode #3 By Shelby Manns