February 1, 2023

Here is my fourth Spironolactone update at 6 weeks of taking it. Please watch the other updates, if you haven’t already! 🙂

I don’t want that gunk in my skin anymore hey everyone this is shelby here welcome back to my channel today i’m going to be giving you my fourth spironolactone update i have actually been taking it for six weeks now and at the end of the video i will give you a close-up of my skin as always so you can judge the progress for yourself so if you’d like to hear more

About that keep watching so this is going to be a quick update because i haven’t really noticed much of a difference yet i’m getting pretty impatient i really want this to start working and my doctor said that it doesn’t start to work until about month three so i’m halfway there i’m just really wanting to see some results i will go ahead and insert the pictures

That i’ve taken from week one to week six which is current and maybe you guys can notice some progress i don’t know one thing i did notice is on my cheeks my pores are getting bigger or maybe they’ve always been that size and i’m just noticing it now for some reason i’m being hyper sensitive about my skin and just looking so closely at it every night because i’m

Really wanting results and i think that i might be getting more blackheads but i’m really not sure so have any of you noticed pore size difference while taking spray on a lactone is that a thing speaking of breaking out i am so breaking out and getting them on my cheeks which is where i’ve been getting them normally and they break out like little clusters and again

They’re like i just had three right here as i’m sure you can see and they were like deep underneath and they got all hard and we’re super painful and they were just in a little cluster and then they didn’t even come to a head which is super unsatisfying and you shouldn’t pop your pimples i know but i do it because i don’t want that gunk in my skin anymore and i tried

To do it in a way that is best for my skin to alleviate scarring but these ones just like formed a bump and got all hard underneath and they hurt and then it went away and now they’re like they’ve left red marks and brown mark so that’s frustrating and then i did breakout up here above my eyebrow and i got one in my eyebrow which is the weirdest thing there’s like

A little cluster of them right here and i don’t know if that has anything to do with the spur on a lactone again it’s just something that i noticed because i wasn’t breaking out on my forehead at all and now i’ve noticed a few blackheads and then that little cluster right there and it went away pretty quickly it could be because i’m planning a wedding right now and

We actually won this cool wedding package at this beautiful restaurant where i live and honestly i’ve been pretty stressed out lately which obviously doesn’t help with breaking out in fact it’s probably contributing to it a lot and planning a wedding guys can be so stressful it can be so fun but they’re just like thinking about every little thing in every little

Detail you don’t really realize how much goes into a wedding until you start planning one and people kept telling me this and i was like now it’ll be fine it’s okay it’s it’s pretty stressful so i think that has a lot to do with some of my breakouts as well so hopefully the sparano locked home starts to kick in soon and fights them off a funny thing happened that

I just wanted to share really quick i went to the doctor and it was an my obgyn i just had an annual checkup and they put the cup on my arm and they’re like yeah your blood pressure was fine and i was like it better be fine because i am taking a high blood pressure medication obviously i’m not taking it for high blood pressure but i’m taking it for acne so i just

Thought that was kind of funny so i know i’ve talked about this in my previous videos but i just wanted to give you a little description or background of what sparano lactone actually is it was originally used to treat hypertension and still is and other cardiovascular disorders and they found that in women while taking it a side-effect was clearing up hormonal

Acne and it works by being an androgen blocker which is a male hormone that’s produced in your body and it causes seed sebum to be over which comes into your pores and clogs our pores so technically really only women can take it as far as i’m aware and it’s also a diuretic which makes you use the bathroom more often i talked about some of the side effects that i

Was having in one of my previous videos so go back and watch that if you’re curious about how it’s affected me so far honestly the side effects haven’t been too bad at all but it is not a quick fix unfortunately so here’s what my skin’s looking like right now six weeks on spironolactone i don’t know if you guys can see some of my really big pores these were the

Cluster of super hard pimples that i got that never came to a head right here alright everyone that’s all i have today i’ll see you next week with another spironolactone update i’ve been taking it for seven weeks at that point leave your comments down below like and subscribe and hit that notification bell so you can get notified when i do more updates and let me

Know if you have any questions i’m more than happy to answer please keep in mind i am not a doctor i can’t give you medical advice always talk to your doctor if you’re going to start a new medication but i am more than happy to share the knowledge with you that i’ve acquired over taking this and over research and talking to my doctor so have a good day everybody

Bye whoa oh my gosh so

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Spironolactone for Acne! 6 WEEK UPDATE! – Episode #4 By Shelby Manns