March 28, 2023

Hi guys how are you today it’s a glorious sunday day i haven’t really done much today i went for a nice walk to the countryside which is nice i just wanted to talk about my skincare routine because like the past few months my skin has been absolutely horrific horrendous from the age of 16 my skin was always quite bad i’m 26 now but at the last few months has just

Got worse i think it may be because i’ve started a new job and with all the stress of that it’s just shown on my face but like the past week seems to have improved a little bit i had like this acne rash around my mouth and it’s kind of disappeared i think it could be with the help of these tablets i’ve been taken course spironolactone and i take one a day 100

Milligrams and they’ve actually been quite effective they’re quite easy to take because i’ve got like a sort of a minty taste in which was actually quite nice and i think they’re just a water tablet i don’t think i’m not sure women are that dangerous but i have actually been having blood tests regular blood tests which i think it’s because i’m diabetic as well so

They have to be extra careful but yeah i would if you have been suffering with acne i think it might be worth giving these a try because i’ve tried dinette i’ve tried lots of different creams different aperture oh jack i’ve tried different pills diyanet yes-men and in fact it just irritated my skin even more so i’m actually quite happy with this and i’ve also been

Using no raw i think it’s no rush per se i don’t know how to pronounce it correctly but it’s a deep cleansing foam which is for sensitive skin and so put a bit of that on every night and it seems to have worked just cheap and just effective i mean i’ve tried lots of different brands including dr. lancer and i didn’t really think that much to it so you so this has

Been good and i also wash that off with the sperm will spring water for sensitive skin which is also quite effective because i thought maybe it’s the water that’s been affecting my skin but i’m not too sure i think we just become a bit paranoid so yeah i have been trying i’ve also been trying a special milk from the chuckling goat i don’t know whether you’ve heard

Of it i think it’s a farm based on whales and yeah there you have this farm and they have these goats and they produce this this amazing sort of milk you need drink like a third of it a day for 21 days and it’s just really effective i feel like it’s just me my stomach feel a lot better and it’s sort of cleared my skin up a bit so i’m going to keep trying that if

You could like advise me on any great products which are great for acne and pigmentation then just let me know because i’m always really interested and i look forward to hearing from your i hope you have a great day thanks for listening bye

Transcribed from video
Spironolactone for acne? By Abby Kat