June 4, 2023

Hi, everyone! Today, I’m sharing with you my experience on the medicine spironolactone and how it’s helped with my hormonal acne. Find all the products I used below. Note these are affiliate links!

Everyone its meaghan welcome back to my youtube channel in today’s video i am so excited to share with you my personal experience taking the drug spironolactone to treat my hormonal acne so i have been on the drug for about a year and a half now at this point and every time i bring it up on instagram i get a lot of questions a lot of replies on how it’s helped me

So today’s video is gonna address all of that i’m gonna explain what the drug is what it does how it works tips and tricks just kind of an overall 101 in my own experience with it and then at the end i’ll also answer some questions that you guys submitted via instagram and i will also share some product recommendations that you can use with or without this drug it

Used remotely similar types of acne so if you’re interested keep on watching okay so first of all disclaimer obviously i am not a doctor by any means so please first before you do anything please consult your physician and/or your dermatologist about taking ferony lactone or if you’re just curious about it or whatever talk to your doctor first i am simply talking

From my personal experience and that is really important to know obviously everyone’s results are gonna vary from person to person this drug might not even be right for you so definitely talk to your doctor first i mean very least you can learn more online and bring it up to them but i am by no means a doctor so now that we got that little disclaimer out of the

Way let’s talk about what exactly spironolactone is now you know that it’s a drug it’s a medicine that you take it is oral and hormonal it’s only for women mine unfortunately cannot use this as a treatment for though their cystic or hormonal acne it was originally used to treat hypertension and other cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure and things like

That but in a lower dosage it actually doctors found that it’s great at treating hormonal acne let’s talk about how it exactly works so the first thing is that it blocks androgen so androgens are responsible for those more masculine leanin traits like body hair growth and sebum production something oil clogging your pores and creating said acne and i do want to

Note that this particular information i am grabbing from into the class’s article all about spironolactone that i actually read when i first went on the drug about a year ago it’s super helpful whether you are on it or considering going on it it’s really it has a lot of really really great information and the purse testimony actually about the woman who wrote and

How it affected her and helped her with her acne i approached my dermatologist just looking for answers not even with spiro in mind i had never heard of it at that point my skin was just in a really bad place that was super abnormal for me i had never broken out like that before and i just wanted a some sort of solution because at that point they’re also really

Painful deep cystic pimple it’s very hormonal i knew that they were hormonal and i just it was not fun if you ever had i think some skincare trouble then you know that acne is not fun in any way shape or form so i’m gonna insert a clip here so you can kind of see where my skin was at when i around the time that i approached my derm looking for a solution and you

Might look at this and think that my skin doesn’t look that bad but to me it was so terrible and not only that but i’d had no self-confidence it was painful it just it was not great i needed something to fix it so i went to the dermis to go to in high school and my mom also goes to see and my mom was on the dark spiral which i had no idea until i even one time the

Dermatologist did she also recommended that i go on it so i did and it’s important to note that i actually didn’t see any sort of result or resolution until about two or three months into taking the drug and that’s very normal and even then i would notice i would still get little pimples even just last week i had one right here that i have covered up my makeup that’s

Healing but you don’t get an entire situation on your face just like into the gloss says in that article you just get one or two manageable pimples and they go away in a few days well it’s not a quick fix by any means you do have to be incredibly patient it can be kind of frustrating because you want it to be a quick fix but i still suffered with those same deep and

Cystic pimples for about two months before i saw any sort of difference at all um and that’s not ideal obviously but that’s like so um after i started to see my skin clear up i felt so much more confident that i hadn’t even realized before how much my acne was actually affecting my self-confidence so that i remember like feeling that i remember like being able to

Walk around without makeup on and just feeling great about it that was pretty pretty liberating and if you’ve been through something similar i’m sure you can relate through dress why i have gone on and off of the drug first of all i’m not really great about consistently taking it which is a big no-no but just to be upfront some days i will miss a dose or two a

Day in a row or whatever however many times a week trying to get better at it so then second i intentionally went off of it because i wasn’t sure i don’t even need it anymore my skin had gotten in such a good place and i guess i thought it was because of my skincare but no it was because of my medicine so i went off of it and about a month after being off of it

I started to break out really really badly again and i realized that i need to get back on the medicine so i did and then again it took from going back home on it it took like in another two months to really see results again so after going off of it once i have decided i will never go off of it again or at least not until i need to i’m pretty sure that you can’t

Take this drug while you’re pregnant or trying to become pregnant so that’s another important thing to note as well a few days ago i posted on my instagram stories asking you guys to share some questions for me about the drug and my experience with it so i am going to go ahead and answer those the first one i have here is how did i know that i was the right fit for

Me the answer to that is i didn’t actually like i said i didn’t even know that it existed or was an option so i let my dermatologist even bring it up to me and suggest that it was the right option for me in my specific acne and skin so i would recommend going to your physician or your number teller just letting them decide that for you okay the second question i

Have here is what dosage are you taking i was and still am taking 50 milligrams i know some people take 50 milligrams twice a day so 100 milligrams in one day but 50 milligrams is pretty standard to my knowledge did you have to get blood work done in order to be prescribed yes i’m pretty sure that i did either had blood work ahead of time or i had it after i had

Been on the pill for a month or so because it does affect your potassium levels so they need to make sure that your blood work is completely normal and whatnot and that i think i still have to get it done like once a year now when i go into my turf to get a refill they still want to check your blood and just make sure everything is okay you’ve no side effects etc

But it is all for your health it’s not as much of a pain in the butt as it may seem what effects the sides less acne did you notice some spray on a lock down that is a great question the only effect that i really notice is that i do go to the bathroom a lot and you need to drink more and that is because it is a diuretic so i already drink a lot of water anyways

Though especially when i am in my normal fitness routine i try to drink 80 ounces of water a day so to me it really didn’t feel abnormal but that’s really the only effect that i have experience whatsoever besides less acne less acne and you flew the bathroom or you should drink more water than normal that’s it have you bought an extraction before if so do you mind

Share your experience no no i’m always happy to share if you ever have any questions about acne or spironolactone please ask me but regarding extractions i’ve never gone into my way to get an extraction but what i have gotten facials i have gotten extractions of course because they’re a part of the facial but i’ve never got an extraction like for assistant pimple

Or pimples i’ve never really gotten a facial because of my cystic acne if that makes any sense i’m sure it could be beneficial where i find extractions most helpful for me is actually my nose because my pores are always huge there and they need help if you’re looking for a great facialist in the city i love and see a beauty bar she is absolutely incredible she’s

Right in river north downtown and she is just above the various boot camp she’s just such an incredible job she is such a sweetheart and she will definitely help you with all of your skin glows okay i got this question a few times a few of you asked what products that i have found help to assisting pimples especially along your jaw line so i’m just gonna go over

And do a little sort of mini review and recommendation on what products you should be using or purchasing if you’re struggling with cystic acne so first up i would recommend two masks the first is for say beauty’s ginger and turmeric vitamin c jelly mask – a little dirty has not been used in a little while thankfully cuz i haven’t needed to but this stuff is so

So good i mean obviously i feel that way about every product they use but like if you even if you don’t have cystic acne if you just struggle with pimples in general this is such a great mass so the ginger turmeric and the ginger and the tumeric and this do burn a little and if you don’t like the smell of dinner i would not recommend it but it is like really

Anti-inflammatory i find that it really just like calms down my skin which is really helpful when you have an inflamed pimple that is like taking over your face and second of all i feel the same way about tata harper’s purifying mask i’m pretty sure this has a cheese in it i could be wrong i’m almost out of it actually as you can see here and this guy’s expensive

But i love it it is clean eauty if they’re into all of that but this saved me – and this really comment on my skin and made me feel like it got hold on all of my acne when i was really really struggling with that now let’s talk spa treatments because spa treatments are so so important especially when you’re struggling with acne so the first is renee relays anti sis

Treatment pretty sure out let’s see you say how you say her name if you don’t say it like that then i don’t know any specter day but this is great as well especially for sis this is pricey though i will say i think this cost me like $50 but i was just searching for a solution like i said of any kind and this has come highly recommended especially in the fun it to

The gloss and i really value their opinion so i went ahead and got it and it does help but the only thing that do you want to mention about this is that you have to get that timing right so as soon literally as soon as you see or feel a cystic pimple develop throw this guy on there like a few times a day because otherwise you’re not gonna get it you know it’s not

Gonna it’s not gonna work at that point you can keep applying it but in my opinion that this has always worked right when i catch the cyst when it’s forming if you tend to have whiteheads glossies that stick is so great such cute packaging – only $14 it is a benzoyl peroxide acne treatment shelf so like your typical pharmacy sort of like um acne treatment which

Is why i love it they call it their breakout eraser i think it’s pretty affordable for what it is i have found it to work very well but my favorite part about it is that has this like cooling tip it’s like metal and this actually itself helps with inflammation which is great when you have cystic pimples and last but not least i always recommend s mario badescu

Drying lotion spot treatment if you are looking for something cleaner than this i would recommend in the leaves version it is the same in this sense that it works just as well but it doesn’t have talked so if you’re concerned with telc or clean beauty that is a great option it might feel a little bit more expensive but totally worth it if that’s your sort of

Thing so i love using this and cystic pimples it does say that it’s meant for whiteheads and just drawing out pore clogging impurities you shouldn’t ever put an unbroken skin i would be lying if i said that i’ve never done that it does really burn because of the alcohol in it but i find that this cuts down the size and the redness of a pimple and half overnight

No exaggeration and so you get rid of your pimples or you’re left with just a few you are likely going to have a lot of scarring especially if you were or our picker like i was slashes oh yeah not i could have it definitely need to break it don’t touch your face it’s bad for you but in that sense i would recommend a vitamin c serum i really really love this one

From advanced clinicals it is their vitamin c anti-aging serum not only is it incredibly affordable i think it’s like $12.99 on their website and even cheaper name was on like eight bucks or something i’ll link it below for you guys but it is also effective it actually works it feels so nice to it smells so nice it’s so great and it vansickle is is actually one

Of our clients at the agency that i work at it’s a part of communications the hyatts who love love love this coffee and that is it for my video all that makes is very selective you guys have any other questions below please feel free to comment them below email me dm me on instagram whatever you want to do i am more than happy to answer anything just didn’t cover

Into these videos but i do hope that you enjoyed it and that it helps you a little bit in your struggle with acne and resisting simple it does get better i promise especially if you want spectra so feel free to subscribe like this video and i hope i’ll see you guys next time bye

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Spironolactone for Hormonal Acne: My Experience & Thoughts By Meghan McAllister